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Vibrators / Vibrator-best remote remote The Ultra Soft Dude

Vibrator-best remote remote The Ultra Soft Dude. Артикул: IXI46740

48 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
Артикул: IXI46740
Brand: Lovetoy
Weight: 0.3 kg
Diameter: 4 cm
Length: 22 cm
Material: cyber-skin
Production: China
Color: corporal
The Ultra Soft Dude will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of its execution. The toy has a realistic appearance, no different from a real penis. The Ultra Soft Dude clearly defined head, veins and scrotum. Also a nice feature of the vibrator is a powerful suction Cup on its base. So you can attach it to any surface - horizontal and vertical. The toy will hold fast even at the maximum speed of vibration. The vibrator is conveniently controlled using the small wired remote control. The Ultra Soft Dudel will give a truly memorable stimulation of his mistress, will last long and will always be ready to please her. The vibrator is a good choice for experienced users who are willing to big-sized sex toys. Care and hygiene: Before and after use, wash the toy in warm water with antibacterial soap, avoiding contact with the control panel. You can also edit the toy special antibacterial sprays for intimate products that do not contain alcohol. Dimensions: length - 22.3 cm used length - 16.5 cm, diameter - 4.3 cm Controls: wired remote control, 10 vibration modes feed Type: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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Vibrators play a very important role in peoples sex lives. They are a complement to ordinary sex, as well as replace the single women evening and bring new feelings. Vibrators also have a positive effect on the female body, which is the prevention of cancer and nervous disorders. Being alone You can relax and more free to realize their secret fantasies. Using vibrators woman will easily be able to orgasm, and to get to know your body and find the most erogenous points. This kind of intimate apparel helps to get rid of many complexes and to diversify the sexual life. In our store You can choose to have a vibrator for every taste: large and small, soft and hard, smooth and textured. To buy in the store for search queries: Vibrostimulator clitoral, vaginal vibrostimulator Nude, double vibrator, vibro egg, silicone vibrator with testicles, .


Мур: Ordered night the next day in the evening already brought ) the price is good and quality standards. a discount card given )) already think to buy .

Марк: What is included in the order under this article IXI51634? On the website you can see the different combinations.
→ The set includes handcuffs with anonyymi and collar.

Андрій: Good day. Order No. 66677.__This purchase was a disaster so much that its hard to imagine worse. With me its never happened yet in any store. Of such negligence, had not even heard.____First. Lets start with the delivery:__We have agreed on courier delivery to 5ту hour. In 4 hours I get a call the courier and says that he is near and can deliver the goods now. As well as following its delivery at the other end of the city -- very asked to be in place. Said suit within 15 minutes. I was in a meeting, but close to the house -- I agreed hoping that hed actually come in for 15 minutes. Me on my appointment waited an hour via your courier. For he has delivered the package to the 5th hours, as agreed from the beginning. By this time my meeting would have ended(!!!). Samco that your courier also did not have change, so I have paid extra somewhere for 10 UAH more. Additional mnusic in your direction.__Of course in this situation the rights I dont have time to check everything-waiting for me.____And when I came home I was waiting for further surprises. Continue.____The Second: Package.__I bought the item for a gift. For the action item. And you brought me a product with absolutely no marketable packaging. And Im supposed to give? The packaging looks like on it first chougule sandpaper, and then another pililis year in the warehouse. With bad derdim price tag.__You HAVE to warn about is not commodity packaging on the phone, not in there to sell this under protest. In normal stores do. I write markdown for marriage: a marriage or a markdown due to bad/missing packaging. And this... this is just awful.____Think: okay, we need to check the product itself. But the surprises did not end there. So...____ Third: the battery compartment.__In the cassette for batteries these batteries barely fit. And when fit is one of the transfer plates, the current is shifting. And there are 2 options: either to straighten the plate (to make efforts), or closes the battery compartment in the product. __Beauty.____Fourth: the lack of firmware. __There are 2 motor. One of the engines cannot be disabled through marriage in the firmware. Another smooth can be translated into off mode.____I demand replacement of the goods to another delivery at your expense and refund the difference in price. What that would be at this time with the appropriate delivery, and not as it was today. __And if this happens again, youre losing loyalty, which I am. And I wanted to spit at a discount of 10 percent, which you handed me.

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