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Sanitizer toy Cleaner Sprey
18 USD
under the order
Vagina and sex is comfortable and practical sexy toy for every man, especially when he is not able to meet their needs with a woman. In the modern world this kind of intimate product is very popular and in demand. In our online store offers a wide range of vaginas and masturbators for every taste. This product is fairly realistic and fully resembles a womans genitals. Vaginas are divided into the following types: vibrating motor, pumps for suction, vibration. Therefore the vagina which are equipped with additional stimulants can easily bring a man to orgasm and to deliver unforgettable pleasure. Vaginas and masturbators it is necessary to use antiseptic. To buy in the store Vaginas, masturbators, Vibromaster, Stimulants penis for search queries: .


Pavelv07: how to get rid of the smell?
→ Recommend for a day to leave to breathe in the fresh air.

Natalia: Paid

Ummah: And what material is this suit? it needs somewhere lock? how to wear it?
→ It is stretchy and wears like a skirt.

Yuri: Good day! Please answer: 1. What is the difference between PeniMaster and functional Andro-Penis? 2. Why such a big difference in price? P. S. the Previous order received, satisfied, thank you. Just great.
→ Hello. Describe the difference makes no sense as the Peni-Master for over a year not made and will not be made.

Inna: I received my order. Thank you so much!

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