Vacuum tumbler (pump) stimulates circulation,improves the nutrition of tissues and increases the receptor sensitivity of the male sexual organ. The male pump is designed for vacuum massage of the penis of a man with a purpose to have an erection,i.e. is a means of prevention and treatment of disorders in the form of reduced erection in men. The action of the massager is based on a vacuum effect by creating in a special device, the bulb, the area of negative atmospheric pressure is called a rush of blood to the penis men. The penis will significantly increase in size, due to the rush of blood, and you will be able to control the duration of erection. Thus it is possible to train the duration of erection. I think its worth a try. To buy in the store Vacuum pump, Vacuum massagers, Intimate pump for search queries: .

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Pump with pears - Pressure Pleasure Pump purple
Clitoral vacuum pump
Hydraulic pump for penis enlargement Bathmate hercules plastic
Vacuum tumbler New Developer
Vacuum massager penis Developer, 18 cm
Massager - Penis Developer Small
Vacuum massager Power-Piston, 21 cm
Vacuum tumbler Thunder Pump
Pump for penis enlargement BathMate hydromax X30
Vibrator for the clitoris with pear
Vacuum pump Beginners Power Pump for penis enlargement
Vacuum pump Beginners Power Pump purple
Hydraulic pump for penis enlargement Bathmate hercules transparent, 22Х5см
Gidropompa Bathmate hydromax X30 RED
Hydraulic pump for penis enlargement Bathmate hercules red, 22Х5см
SALE! Gasket for pumps hercules Goliath, 1 piece
Vacuum pump VX1-POWER PRO PUMP
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Stretcher Penis Extender Enlarger Vacuum Pump Erection Aid Impotence Subsidiary
Vacuum pump - Silicone Power Pump penis enlargement
Vacuum pump - Silicone Power Pump
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Vacuum pump for clitoral stimulation
Vacuum pump - high Quality fun
A vacuum pump with a power meter
A vacuum pump with a flesh-colored liner Power Pussy Pump - 20.3 cm
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Vacuum pump with vibration - Pw Deluxe Vibrating Power
Gidropompa Bathmate hydromax X40 transparent
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Vacuum pump for penis.
Gidropompa Bathmate hydromax X40 blue
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Vacuum massager Power
Deluxe pressurized penis pump / Enlarger / Vacuum Pump
Power Penispump
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Vacuum pump - Pw Accu Meter Power Pump
Vacuum pump - Rookie Of The Year
Vibrating Man Pump
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The Bathmate shower strap
Maximizer worx VX3-AUTO PRO PUMP
Shower Strap
Power Pump
Vacuum pump Beginners Power Pump red
Auto Pump
Pump with pears - Pressure Pleasure Pump blue
Pump with pears - Pressure Pleasure Pump
Vacuum pump - Beginners
Stallion vacuum pump, 19,5X5,5 cm
Vacuum pump Beginners Power Pump
Vacuum pump - Silicone Power Pump from soft, pleasant silicone
Free Space
Pump Massager Lavender
Free Space
Vagina-Set 5teilig
Air Control
Automatic vacuum pump with gauge
Automatic Pump
Vacuum pump Beginners Power Pump-transparent
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The nozzle on the pump
Vacuum massager Enlarger
Pump with pear Pressure Pleasure Pump
Mega Man Pump
Vacuum pump - Penis Enlarger
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Gidropompa Bathmate hydromax X30 blue
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Vacuum pump Vagina Pump
BK Vagina Sucker
Massager for penis, Penis Developer Large
Set of 4 intimate Saugs

hdd2: 41544 / Article: IXI13302

Within 3-5 working days this product is out of stock.

Oksana: Thank you for your order!Ordered,then received.The next day!You are great!

Thanks for your order, we are happy that You are our customer !

maratka: poor quality.hard bent.why in the graph expanders if there is no function like this.please change to a BUTT PLUG (DEL 22).or SIMPLY ANAL(IXI17660),a regular customer

please indicate your order number

Andrey2003: Hello, can I get the front IXI19553 / Article: IXI19553

added second photo

Elena: Hello.Skate pojaluisto you have the XS or just the one you write,washes you dlete to order?

Only those sizes which are listed on the website.

Ruslan: Very,very quickly worked. Thanks for the product. All came, all arranged))))))

Were glad we brought You enjoy working with us, thank You for being our client !

Galina: I have the same question about bonuses. Paid for product and bonuses are not added..

Bonuses are awarded in the weeks after we receive the payment for the order.

Anonymous: When will sell Durex condoms? Given the normal prices, it would be very interesting.

Prices try to keep at an affordable level, but unfortunately Durex to sell yet do not plan.

ANN: what length and diameter??? well... looks very interesting model :) / Article: DEL94

A 4-5 cm in diameter, length 21 cm Thanks for your question.

Oleg: And this is the original (American) token or Chinese? / Article: IXI11765

Hello, all markers FixItPro are made in Chinese factories by an American license.

Irina: Good evening. received the dress you have ordered as I can to return it. Never worn. The small size (although at your size chart I just. had to enter into it). Received new mail. Cash back sent.

Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

Dmitry: The phallus of gel or latex?__ / Article: DEL7548

The phallus is made of latex.

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Irina: Im 14-but the number has received an order 66413 and Paid for it,today is the 16th, and the bonus is not credited???why?

Hello, we have not received payment for Your order, cash on delivery we receive in 3-5 days.

Helen: Please pull-UPS with my orders order Number: No. 68265 order Number: 68265__Login Ellen emay

Bonuses activated !

Karina: Hello! Ordered a swimsuit, he turned to marriage. I can get it back? The swimsuit was not even measured

Hello, please tell us the order number, the article of swimsuit and details about the marriage.

Novel: Bought just! Awesome! Without a meter of course tight. And first, it is unclear how to promote despite a lot of manuals. It turns out far not at once. / Article: IXI132133

Anonymous: he normally bends? / Article: ORI522902

Yes, it is.

Anonymous: Ordering 99462 paid

Stanislav : Good afternoon. Please cancel order number 97594.

Tarek: I just signed up on the website. How do I enroll bonuses for a previous order ?

The system automatically within 24 hours will do it.

Peter: Where and how can I exchange the points if all goods worth price alone ?

Make sure that You have enough bonuses for purchasing specific products.

Anonymous: Very pleased with the promptness of the order.

serj: Good day, interested in:__1. Whether your office in Odessa __2. Do you cooperate with Moldova, how is delivered a product

Hello, we are based in Kiev but mail from the us CIS. Shipping cost about 15$ timing - a few weeks.

DUEJIiST: Hello.How do I bonuses tied to my account ? register after purchase.Received an SMS about the bonus allocation - order No. 57128

Let Your login in the system.

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