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Alexander: Methods of delivery in Sebastopol?

Hello. In Sevastopol, no delivery.

Alexander: what sudiya order 58158

Expect a call operator, SUNDAY - day off.

Alena: whats the address? / Article: IXI44478

Delivery is possible only for New Mail.

Oleg: Answer, please, the product DEL3977 a diameter of 4 or 5 cm? / Article: DEL3977

From 4 to 5 cm In some places 4 and some 5.

borusik: Thank you for taken order for the purchase of goods. I really want to get a discount.

Name: Growth very small child. Navel exactly in the cutout is not seen, the cut ends under the breast. Width - on the contrary, in XXL size. The skirt is not sewn as in the picture - frilling only 1 layer. Not returned just because the kind of sex the product is not refundable. / Article: IXI12527

Hello ! We apologize for the defected product, we suggest you to make exchange for any other commodity is not below cost. Send marriage, you can address: __Kyiv, New Mail warehouse No. 12, Kordybach, 0931514822 WITHOUT cod. Inform the Manager code invoice after dispatch. Thank you

Natalia: Tell me, upon receipt of the goods by mail will respect the anonymity of the resulting product?

No, since we cant without Your full name to send a parcel. But from where the parcel is and whats in it, nobody will know about it.

Tatiana Mikitenko: Hello! Fill, please, my account bonuses. The first order number I do not remember , and the second order # 59989. Help)))

If you provide the correct contact information in the registration form, attachment orders automatically during the day.

Natalia: On the back you can? panties or Thong? / Article: IXI17111


@: Good day!You have ordered MIL37 it doesnt say to put on a Horny dick or not? And apply on the head or on the foreskin?

It does not matter in what condition the penis, but it is necessary to apply the crown.

Marina: Order No. 43125, you promised me tonight but at the post office said it would be tomorrow!!!!! I apologize, but Im leaving tomorrow on a business trip and wont be able to pick up your order!!! I hope this is not povleyaet on my future orders!!!

Hello, the cited warning of New Mail In connection with difficult weather conditions across the territory of Ukraine of possible delay in delivery. Your parcel in the warehouse will be more than 10 days, hope You can pick it up on arrival.

Natalie: Thank You very much for your promptness, great range and low prices! my parcel came to me a day after ordering! You are the best! Keep it up guys!

Andrei: and the Pope just seamless or seam is not visible? / Article: IXI35575

they are not available, they are on the priest without a seam

Julia: order No. 61698 back. my bonuses I counted back to the account?

bonuses are only for plachenov orders!

Sergey: A super gift for your girlfriend! / Article: DEL4843

rashad276: certainly no effect gave her see it as an oak drank myself a headache / Article: DEL391

Please pay Your attention to the fact that alcohol blocks the effects of drugs.

Andrew: Thank you very much. all fine. all super. the quality is also.

Dmitry: Material? And whats this - one size - ? Height, waist, chest? Or synthetic, like sitting down to 50kg and 150kg of live weight? / Article: LEG8315

23: enable the photo gallery due to this, the website is useless - and why should I each time opens a new window.

Thank you for your comment, we have long wanted to improve this function.

Xxx: And the larger they are? Interested in DD or F size (seen at the foreign site of the same manufacturer) / Article: IXI24196

Hello, the sizes are more but the cost due to the weight of products and cost of shipping increases significantly (

Elena: I refuse to make the order is made only because the item was not in stock. How do I know that the order has been cancelled? Phone I dont have to call.

Your order is deleted.

Name: It is unfortunate that there are shown the details of this model, the asymmetry of the cut. Otherwise there would be a refund. / Article: IXI30766

I agree, but unfortunately manufacturers do not always provide comprehensive information on the goods. Check with her managers.

Irisha: Hello,I ordered the product,but a few days later,I received a letter that I was not able to contact to confirm the order,and I had either to call or to answer an email,I replied, but still wanted to clarify my order No. 16509 adopted and I should just order it???

Hello, Your order is confirmed, the expected arrival of the goods in the coming days, the parcel will be sent.

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144


Andrew: Tell me what is the difference drops Love-drops from the Drop-sex?(except prices of course) and which ones are faster?

In principle, anything a little different in different organisms they function better or worse.

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