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SALE! Microfiber glasses cleaner, 1 piece
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Glasses function not only protect the eyes from sunlight and can be used as an accessory to clothing. Different, stylish sunglasses suitable for both men and women. After all, most of the points made in unisex style. all points in section are made of quality materials and real glass, so you can use it for a long time. Beautiful and stylish frames made from metal and quality plastic. Nice glasses with denim or a strong suit. Points also may serve as a reliable protection from the suns rays and protecting drivers eyes in the car or on the beach. Also unusual look glasses when wearing them on the head or on clothing, giving you easy negligence. Glasses is one of the favorite accessories of the modern youth, which will easily blend with any style of clothing. To buy in the store Sunglasses, sunglasses, sun Ochechki for search queries: .


Angelina: When will I receive my order No. 42682 from 02.02.2012???
→ Your order was sent on February 5, in principle, should be at Your post office.

Vyacheslav: How can I order!?
→ Please add the item to your cart and complete the order form.

Major: Tell me more about the receipt of the goods by means of courier, is it possible to meet the courier for example near the metro station?
→ Courier delivery we have only to Kiev, at any convenient place (apartment, office, near the entrance to the store, at the bus stop...)

Dmitry: can I return the order. No. 56336 is not suitable large size
→ You can send the parcel to the return address without cod.

m3dfan: Dont know bought myself a head, I think its not good, especially if the member in diameter big. Nozzle sliset. :( But I use found, put on one thing he now, as a vibrator, for girls:)

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