Every girl in the locker needed to be a skirt, and not in a single instance. It is very comfortable, practical, and at the same time, seductive and sexy part of the female image. In our time began to make skirts not only casual and classic, and seductive. Only at the sight of the neat buttocks in tight skirts, men lose control. And all attention is focused on Your persona. Great sexy image can be created from mini skirt and top or a corset. In our online shop presented a large selection of skirts and petticoat in different colors, style and material. Skirts are decorated with original prints, lace, tassels, sequins, sparkles, sequins, studs, buckles and lacing. There are also candid skirts with cutouts at the hips. There are skirts made of comfortable knit, chiffon, silk, and leather and latex. To buy in the store Skirts and petticoats, Mini skirts, Skirts, Podyelniki for search queries: .

★ Available → Skirts and petticoats

Sexy skirt
pink shirt fisherwoman
Pink skirt
Lace skirt
Black and pink tulle skirt
Mini skirt red
SALE! The Fluffy Skirt Scent
Transparent skirt
Bodycon skirt
Mini skirt
Mini skirt. White. Air.
Chiffon leopard print shorts with ruffle
Skirt punk
Mini skirt
Maxi skirt pastel colors
Black polka dot skirt
Yellow Maxi skirt with peplum
Elegant peplum skirt Maxi length
Nice skirt
Stylish skirt
Stylish skirt
Sexy red skirt
Mini skirt blue

★ out of stock / on order → Skirts and petticoats

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Summer Dress
hot Pants
Cute skirt
Black mini skirt
Adorable skirt
Candid skirt
Pleated skirt with pea print
Stylish skirt assimetrical cut
hot Pants
Stylish white skirt with lace
Mini skirt. Pale blue.
Pink Asymmetrical Draped Skirt
Amazing skirt
Royalblue Slit Luxe Maxi Skirt
Black Floral Lace Sheer Maxi Skirt
Fashion Woman Skirt
Fashion Woman Skirt
Adorable skirt
Sexy mini skirt
Solid Black high-waisted Bodycon Maxi Skirt
Pencil Dress
The wrap skirt
Solid Green high-waisted Bodycon Maxi Skirt
Stylish skirt
Beautiful skirt
Nude Bandage Arched Mini Skirt
Elegant skirt
Pencil skirt
Gorgeous skirt
White Ruched Slit Maxi Skirt
Mocha Beautiful Stranger Laser Cut Skirt
Grey asymmetrical skirt
Solid Grey high-waisted Bodycon Maxi Skirt
Rose Gold Foil Bandage Skirt with Zip Detail
Beautiful skirt
Adorable skirt
TopMelon G-string
Black Asymmetrical Draped Skirt
Slim Fish Tail high Low Ruffled hemline Midi Skirt
Evening skirt
Skirt - Little Mermaid
Stunning galactic mini skirt
Bohemian Crochet Maxi Skirt
Fashion Woman Skirt
Mini skirt - Punk
Pink Bandage Arched Mini Skirt
Grey Schoolgirl Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt
Erotic skirt
Stylish skirt
Beautiful petticoat
Skirt in the style of a schoolgirl
Fashion Woman Skirt
Gorgeous skirt
Stylish skirt
Leopard skirt
Long pencil skirt
Black Elegant Mesh Maxi Skirt Cool Beachwear
Nice skirt
Black mini skirt with belt.
Draped Knee Length Skirt
Black skirt
Middle Waist Design Skirt
Sexy long skirt
Black Ruched Asymmetrical Draped Sexy Skirt
Seductive mini skirt with spikes.
Skirt Punk
Beautiful skirt
White skirt
Stylish skirt
Sexy black skirt
Mini skirt. Black
Mini skirt. Pale pink.
Grey Bandage Arched Mini Skirt
Sexy Fashion Women Skirt
Bright skirt with sequins
Soft Black Gold Foil Bandage Skirt
Sexy Skirt
Coffee Super Sleek Zipped Bodycon Skirt
Rosy Bandage Arched Mini Skirt
Faux Suede Midi Split Skirt
Roosna mini skirt with zipper chains.
White Fashion Stripes Self-tie Midi Skirt
Sexy white skirt
hot Pants
Beautiful skirt
Beautiful long skirt
Fashionable skirt
Seductive mini skirt with spikes.
Sexy skirt
Red skirt for school girls
Black Silver Zipper Accent Knee Length Skirt
Bright pleated skirt
Sexy Trendy Gray Jersey Drape Front Slit Maxi Skirt
Green skirt
Bright skirt
Cameo Night Swim Overlay Skirt
Skater skirt with floral print
Beautiful skirt
Skirt Egypt
Beautiful skirt
Olive Faux Suede Fringe Skirt
Red skirt high school girls
Black Slit Maxi Skirt
White Sheer Slit Panty Luxe Maxi Skirt
On Sale Leggings
Adorable skirt
Fashion Lady Black Gold Skirt Set
Super Short Gold Metallic Mini Skirt
Stylish skirt
Black and white skirt with lace
Satin skirt with pea print
White Super Sleek Zipped Bodycon Skirt
Cute skirt with lace
Wine Beautiful Stranger Laser Cut Skirt
Sexy skirt
Fashion Women Lace Up Long Trouser
Skirt - London
Stylish skirt
Pencil skirt
Beautiful skirt
Skirt - Pearl
Adorable skirt
Black skirt with pea print
White Skater Skirt
Fashion Sexy Women Summer Skirts
Stylish skirt
Gold Foil Bandage Arched Mini Skirt

Natalia: Hello, I would like to know do I get a discount card, if the amount of my paid orders is more than 1000 UAH? And if so, how do you get it?


Hello, when the next order we put a discount card.

Tostanoski Vladimir: The order was received. Thank you for the good work.

Kate: Hello and it is possible only by Internet order or phone too?

Andrew: Hello.__Tell me, can I pay for my purchases partially bonuses, and the remaining cost is already a standard way...


No, You can use bonuses if they are missing completely on the acquisition of goods.

Anatoly: Good day! On the Internet sell VigRX Plus at a ridiculous price and say buy everything in one place (in China), and then put a big price. What would you say?


Hello, we have original American product, certified in Ukraine, all the documents available. Selling a Chinese fake, we would You the same told.

23: enable the photo gallery due to this, the website is useless - and why should I each time opens a new window.


Thank you for your comment, we have long wanted to improve this function.

Devushka: About erotica on disk - very sorry UAH 35 for this crap,which immediately went into the bucket. Herere adults and buy things for themselves....and do you want to see something, and not we closed because we are ashamed....


We are the only licensed erotica. And its listed on the site!

Yuri: Order No. 98804 paid

Lena: Tell me how tall is this girl and where zip. This latex or vinyl? / Article: IXI19081


The maximum growth for this Romper 170cm, zipper from neck to navel. We have all the models made only of vinyl.

Acne: I would like to know my order was sent or not. Phoned me 10 days ago and still nothing sent. Here is my order number 19660 check please.


Your order was sent on 11 February, if You go to the post office please do so, if You are in the office already had a possible delay UkrPoshta this is to apply again in a few days.

Nicholas: Message content:__ and how many strips of the Flogger? their length? and arm length?__Thanks for the reply! / Article: IXI14294


Arm length 13 cm, total length 40 cm, consists of 25 items.

Eugene : to me very important, the exact INTERNAL diameter of the ring. because 4 cm - it can be outer diameter, then the inner will be slightly less (half a centimeter). in this case my penis into a hole barely passes. You have the ability to measure the exact inner diameter, up to mm? Thanks in advance! / Article: IXI13654


Inner diameter 4 cm 0 ml.

Eugene: Hello, the order number No. 21939 came to the e-mail that is sent. The mail has not yet reached!!!


Maybe You just do not received a notice from the post office, they are very often lost, it is recommended to apply with a passport at Your post office.

Anonymous: Thank you so much for last order!!! The girl was ecstatic!!! YOU gave us some forgettable days and nights!!!

Anonymous: For the prompt delivery very grateful! but I wonder, is it for me I not entitled to a discount? because the cost of my order exceeds UAH 500! I hope the next time will take into account... my order No. 23055


Unfortunately temporarily the discount of the system, for internal reasons, our company will soon be changed the mechanism of the discount and we will post it on the website.

Les: size? / Article: IXI13022


One Size Is universal size which is suitable for any figure and corresponds to the size S, M, L

Alex: Do you have available Dahan Penis Extender Device ? What is included in the complex? What is yevo the real price? Is it possible to order via the Night Express? / Article: IXI11724


Hello. This model we always have in stock. Full size photo Price - 960 UAH, send in any convenient way for You.

Oleg: Order No. 44511 received. Satisfied with the product. Thank you for your service.

Yuri: Cant find in Ukraine, the lubricant J-Lube or Crisco. In Ukraine, not only Im looking for this lubricant. Russia has long been the men have done the business. And as always we have.


Hello, actually in Ukraine yet in the sale of these lubricants, but we hope that soon will appear.

GYURZA: Received my order IXI12348 vinyl suit. Good quality, fully consistent with the photos. The size is more consistent with M. All liked me and partner .New mail in Dnepropetrovsk works just great, and the store is very pleased-quickly and with attention. Thank you, will your regular customers, eyeing the shoes.

Elena: Hello.Skate pojaluisto you have the XS or just the one you write,washes you dlete to order?


Only those sizes which are listed on the website.

Major: Tell me more about the receipt of the goods by means of courier, is it possible to meet the courier for example near the metro station?


Courier delivery we have only to Kiev, at any convenient place (apartment, office, near the entrance to the store, at the bus stop...)

Bogdan: One of the best shops in this thread. You are using the service for many years. Orders sent quickly. Good bonus discounts. Good support.


Thank you.

Irina: Good day!As to refund -order No. 73371 from 27.05.14?


Expect 28.05 you will be contacted by the Manager.

Vladimir: Wrong description / Article: IXI26186

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