Sex kits is an ideal solution for those who wish to obtain multiple varieties of sex toys. This is the solution and at the same time beneficial. With ready-made sexy sets You to spend less time and effort to find each toy individually. These kits are designed for the bold and liberated men and women. The range includes classic, sets, erotic, and even the most unexpected and unpredictable. With these sexy kits You will easily be able to diversify the sexual life and to make vivid impressions in the relationship. These kits are made for both couples and only for girls or men. There are kits for anal sex. With such a gift can excite the imagination and to new thrill. To buy in the store Sets Sex Sets sex sets Sex for search queries: .

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SALE! Vibronabory Duotone Collection
PROFITABLE! A set of latex vibrators
A set of vibrators Fantasy Collection 17Х3,5 cm
SALE! A set of sex toys
Luxury gift set LOVE ME TENDER
PROFITABLE! Magnificent 5
SALE! Gift set Amour
SALE! A set of sex toys Diamond Giftset
A set of sex toys from 5 items
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, 2-3 !
A large set of sexygreek Dirty Dozen
Sex set Clear Pink Vibratorkit of various sex toys pink.
Sex Clear Purple Vibratorkit of various sex toys purple.
Set vibrostimulation Multispeed Stimulator
A set of vibrators 12 in 1 Dirty Dozen
A great set of sex toys Sex Toy Kit
A sex set Casanova Collection
The set of nozzles with the bustline

svyat: I just bought it yesterday. The first such purchase )). In appearance no complaints, soft but holds shape. Put AA batteries - start, went to vibration, the maximum mode - also survived. Of the minuses - there is a peculiar odor, slightly resembling that of rubber. / Article: DEL4549

Bogdan: One of the best shops in this thread. You are using the service for many years. Orders sent quickly. Good bonus discounts. Good support.

Thank you.

Tatiana: Still no my order 62878, but had to get it last week?

Your order You can track the link

Anonymous: if the size L , if the exhaust gas 100, 78, 98?? how long to wait for an order? is there padding in a swimsuit, so Breasts do not show through?? / Article: IXI12236

Yes, Your size L, unlined but not x-rayed.

ky: Good day! tell me all vaginalanal expanders tube for inflating the air located in the butt? is there a model for invisible wearing under clothes?

Hello, unfortunately all the presented models, the handset is in the end product.

Alla: The product is slightly different in appearance from that on the picture. Ordered through a friend vibrator Man Size - sent White Bombastic, and in the photo the difference is noticeable. Even in color.__And so it is very convenient to order and pay, plus very prompt shipping! All the advice!

Most likely this position was not available and Your friend operator offered a replacement, thanks for the feedback about the service.

Stanislav : Good afternoon. Please cancel order number 97594.

Kostya: Are unable to reach You. Want to know the fate of my order, No. 42070. Please call. 0956832452

Your order is awaiting delivery.

Anonymous: I want to say a big thank you! Today I received a parcel by courier. All very quickly, conveniently and without hassle. With respect to You, Tatiana.

Eugene: I the order did not specify a phone number. Then with me via e-mail svjazhutsja? Home address do not have to ukazyvat?

Hello, the answer is Your order already on Your mail, in the future, we recommend to leave a contact phone number. Thank you.

Ella: it looks just like the picture? if I have a size S would not he on me hanging? __ / Article: IXI12332

One size - fits perfectly on the figure S and M. the Picture of this product.

Jura: How and what can be used for washing silicone rings and nozzles?

Recommend washing in warm soapy water.

matilok: Tell me what you need to use and are there any have the goods to exercise the muscles of the vagina.

Please review the items in the section Vaginal balls and read the article on this subject on our website.

berya: Hello, made the order but still didnt come, whats the matter?

Hello. All orders are processed only after customers confirmation, and posters and posters we ship only prepaid.

Anonymous: Ordering 99462 paid

Adeksandr: By order No. 99065 just, 16:48 11.05.17 G. Translated 435 UAH. to card via Privat24 on behalf Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich. The recipient of the order in the Dnieper, in the order form Gel Miroslav.

Alexander: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for order # 79782 (90 points) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)

You need to register on our website, after registering on the website, the system automatically within 48 hours I will add all your previously issued orders in Your account

Anna: Payment by order No. 98687 produced

crazy: I have a question: stockings of vanilla stretch? Where length stockings (mid thigh or upper thigh) and some panties in the kit? / Article: IXI15718

Vinyl material is stretched by 5-10% Thong panties.

dg: working email will know whats in the package or not

No, they know it will not.

Max: Very high quality lubricant, it is unclear why write here is not recommended for anal, different in the no LSH in the ratio of 1 ingredient. / Article: DEL2419

Andrew: Tell me what is the difference drops Love-drops from the Drop-sex?(except prices of course) and which ones are faster?

In principle, anything a little different in different organisms they function better or worse.

Elena: Hello.Skate pojaluisto you have the XS or just the one you write,washes you dlete to order?

Only those sizes which are listed on the website.

troi: when there are active payments in bonuses?

Hello, the end of the month just run.

qwe: Very cool clothing and tchotchke! If you have not tried anything like this - highly recommend this! Nothing special but if you like it, you can buy something more expensive ) / Article: DEL203

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