Intimate games intimate gifts are very popular among the population who are active in sex life. There is a huge variety of such games and have just as much fun as the regular game. Intimate games increase the interest of partners and elevate the relationship to a new level. Such intimate games excite the imagination and allow you to refresh your relationship, bring passion into the sexual life, transforming it for the better and add new colors. Such acquisition can also be a great gift to friends or loved one. The range includes various forfeits, in which the number of players is not limited. But couples recommended to play intimate games together. With intimate gifts You will be able to relax, become more confident and better know your partner. To buy in the store Sex games gifts, Sex gifts, Useful items for search queries: .

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Game Erotic dice
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Dice with inscriptions
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Apron with a print of a naked male torso
Sexy apron potholder
SALE! Discovery: Love lab (DVD)
SALE! Discovery: Inventions of the ancients. Sex and love / Discovery: Inventions of Ancient. Sex and Love (DVD)
SALE! Discovery: sex lives of the ancients. Stone age / Discovery: Sex Lives of the Ancients. Stone Age
SALE! The formula of beauty. Harmonious body. (DVD)
SALE! Cards, Money and Two Smoking barrels (2CD)
Apron with Breasts
Cock ring Smile Power Ring
The dice game - Erotic
Rubber doll Midget-Man Nude
Mini vibrator in the form of lipstick
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, 2-3 !
Dark Lotus

Lera: Poster-Tiger received.Thank you!Loved it.And delivered quickly.

Sema: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 69154 Login SemaSTALKER

bonuses are credited !

Elena: for a week waiting for order confirmation...

Please tell us the order number or contact us.

ulya: Hello!15.03.2013 received my order No. 56611,size S, fully rossolovsky corset did not agree on 7 on my settings 90/70/90/. Asking to break the contract and return the money because the exchange I see is not relevant,your table does not match the actual size and I can not for the provided data to determine your size.

Hello, in our dimension table You need M size

Oksana: The order came almost a week after the deadline, otherwise all is well. Thank you.

There are sometimes glitches in the mail, but we send all parcels the same day.


Sergey: Put store 5 out of 5

Vitalik: What is the material? / Article: DEL3091

Material - silicone.

Angela: Always ordered, but this time why it took 40 UAH and is not considered a discount(( though on the website it is written that all acts and free shipping and card

Hello, to receive the discount you must specify or quote your discount card number. The circumstances of the conduct of the courier, relative to the 40 UAH, will be clarified on Monday. Thank you.

Anatoly: Thank you! great product fast shipping.

Anton: Hello! Which tool can You recommend to a super erection and the penis was hard as a rock? Preferably cheto in the drops...But in tablets too! -)__

I think INV142 You.

Natalia: Hello!__I would like to return the red riding hood costume (SKU IXI12534 (DL-LC8553) cost 488 UAH and its accompanying 10% discount card. I havent worn, as the size of the costume more than I do and the quality of the fabric dresses, capes, and especially the corset (a sharp chemical smell and I have allergies) leave much to be desired. As the new year holidays soon, the suit is not dressed. __Yesterday the phone number 099 372 52 06 the return was agreed. I was told to send a suit to the office No. 12 New mail Kiev on the recipient Kordybach Sergei without cod. __When I can after sending to get a refund and how? I have a payment card FUIB and Aval. __Thanks in advance.

Hello ! Specify the number of the Declaration of NP return that wed be able to pick it up. And the order number.

Lily: Hello. Today I received this order and he marriage! How to make a return?

Alex: Please charge bonuses with the order No. 71388 Login alekseyvs

Bonuses accrued !

Marina : In the description of the set s sizes S, M, L. Ie you have 3 different sizes of this costume? / Article: IXI17164

At the moment it is not available when applying for a pre-order You can specify the desired size.

Dmitry: Good afternoon. Order No. 99010 paid screenshot in the attachment

Vlad: And where to take cover? / Article: IXI16012

covers dont sell!

AleXXX: Sent faster than I expected! Thank you very much for such a cool office like this!!!!!

One of our rules is the Promptness of the order:)

GYURZA: Received my order IXI12348 vinyl suit. Good quality,fully consistent with the photos. The size is more consistent with M. All liked me and partner.

Egor: Good evening! This spring I plan to order some BDSM goods( leather mask), but I live in the Donetsk region on the Ukrainian territory (Mariupol). Tell me please, is there any guarantee of delivery to Mariupol?

We ship company of New Mail in those cities in which the offices of the New Mail delivery problems there.

ALB23UA: In buying this Shoe as in the picture? If there is what her article? / Article: IXI15718

Selling it is not.

Max: On the parcel You write the name of the office or premise is, as it from a private person?

From a private person. Complete privacy.

Micah: Hello!You can buy a model of handcuffs clejuso13?

All products presented on the site.

Name: well, if under the order ? / Article: IXI15844

please complete the form near the product AVAILABILITY notification

anonim: Hello. Tell here you want to choose a vibrator but there are latex and are silicone(gel) how much silicone is less durable (not erased any of them got relief from using) ? Thank you.

Hello, the big differences between latex and silicone is not at the expense of durability, period of use of erotic products is not limited, restricted only by the lifetime of mechanical parts.

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