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★ Available → Sex furniture

Inflatable Ottoman with vibrator
Секс-машина Sex Machine World*s First Portable Infatable
Head of sex machines, 1pc corporal
Sex swing for passionate sex Passion Sex Swing
SALE! A chair for making love Swiss Love Ball
Head of sex machines, 1pcs silicone
SALE! Prehodni for sex machines
SALE! Sex machine black Zebra
Head of sex machines, 1pc silicone
Head of sex machines, 1pc soft silicone
Head of sex machines, 1pc megaregulation
Head of sex machines
Head of sex machines, 1pc realistic
Head of sex machines made of cyber skin, 1pcs
Head of sex machines pink, 1pcs
Head of sex machines, 1pc
Device for bdsm
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★ out of stock / on order → Sex furniture

, 2-3 !
Sex machine gun machine
Inflatable seat, Inflatable hot Seat
Head of sex machines, 1pc purple
Fantasy Door Swing
Passion Sex Swing
Head of sex machines, 1pc delicate black silicone
Sex machine Machine Gun
Sex machine August (Augus Melrose) for female Masturbation vibration
Universal socket for a sex machine, 1pc
Universal Robo fuk Adjustable Sex Machine

Tatiana: What specific metal chains? Art IXI46818 / Article: IXI46818

stainless steel

bbb: Why order No. 37221 is assigned a status of paid if it was paid in August?

At the moment there is a small problem with the transaction fees orders cod, within a month we will fix this problem and all will be credited a welcome bonus.

Natalia: Set very much! It looks great! Especially nice that it has acquired for the bonuses. This bonus system really makes the purchase doubly enjoyable. Thank you!

Alexander: how to specify the address of the new mail order

The warehouse number and the address of the branch You can specify in the note to the order.

ANN: what length and diameter??? well... looks very interesting model :) / Article: DEL94

A 4-5 cm in diameter, length 21 cm Thanks for your question.

Anonymous: Thank you very much for the order.

Daniil145: Already 2 times I order from you. Everything is fine no complaints. The store is always towards the buyer(ie me). I would like to see in the future, the Ability to upload pictures for users to goods(since the real product is better than the kind from the manufacturer). And I would like to see a series of the most powerful vibrating bullets California Novels Sterling Collection. Thats all, thank you for good service)

Thanks for the useful information.

mr.M: In reality, the brilliance is different from the photo. Size S/M (S for plump girls), M (medium complexion), the girl with narrow hips will get together. Tailoring - China. Composition: polyester - 80% (gloss), nylon - 20%(good stretchable) / Article: IXI15727

Julia: Hello , my username on Your website is Luciano, I checked in on February 13 , the day before I received the order and paid for New mail , I would like the system to see their bonuses , thank you )))

Bonuses are awarded within 5 days after the payment order by the customer.

Tamarochka: Hello, I place an order, but your response to me did not come...

We have Sent You the details for payment. Sending parcels to Russia only on 100% prepayment.

Anna: Hello! Id like to return the item (the article IXI42367), why not fit a size S/M is great

Anonymous: test )) / Article: DEL3885

Anonymous: and where did the sex Parfum for women?

You can find on the website at the moment the catalog is updated on the website.

Oksana: The view from the back / Article: IXI31789

Elena: the order is executed very quickly!!!!!!! less than a week. thank you. I hope perfume with pheromones will help me.........

Oksana: if I order the medium size posters for Ukr. mail cash on delivery, how they will be sent so that it does not paolisa???

Hello Oksana. All posters are sent in rigid, resistant to deformation of the cartridge cases. You dont have to worry about their integrity.

Sergey: ooh

mystery: and you can link to it?

Andrew: can you mix pheromones with other spirits?? / Article: FEANDM1

Yes, no problem.

Lena: the bottom zipper ? / Article: IXI19085

lightning this product is from the navel to the coccyx

Max: Wondering how soon to expect the order number 38196 ?

Unfortunately, the earliest date of delivery for the product are planned.

Agentnikita: Please tell me, when you see the prices in the bonuses? And will it be possible to pay for the goods partially local, partially bonuses?

Hello ! Soon edit bonuses. The product can be bought either in bonuses or in UAH.

Alina: I bought perfume oil-based and do not regret it, cheap and very pleasant smell, waiting for the result!

The result will not keep itself waiting

Basil: is there a zipper in the crotch in article IXI15729 / Article: IXI15729

Sorry cant clarify, since this product is no longer available.

Name: Good afternoon. Ordering 64323 from 01.10.13 received. The shortages of goods DEL2422. Product IXI15718 at the time of the order was at a discount, the cost was full? Product IXI11675 clearly not the one in the photo. Comment please.

The question is closed.

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