In our online store has a huge selection of jewelry for any occasion. A set of jewelry usually includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring. Here You can find a modest, classic, elegant, exclusive, stylish, branded, versatile and eye-catching set of jewelry. The neck is quite intimate and attractive male body part, so by choosing the right necklace, You will easily be able to attract the gaze to that part of the body. Delicate earlobes need to transform with the help of tiny or massive earrings. Also the opposite sex often draws attention to the wrist and fingers that You can decorate with bracelets and a ring. What kind of decoration You choose depends solely on You. But in the set they look much nicer and bring a tangible effect. Emphasize your image of the charming accessory. To buy in the store Sets, Earrings chains, Naborchiki jewelry for search queries: .

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Set of necklace and earrings
Sparkling kit original necklace and earrings

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Wide sparkling necklace and earrings set
Royal set of jewelry with natural stones rubies

Olga: Is it possible the product to see/feel?


Unfortunately, only on delivery.

valentina: Not happy, was delivered in five days absolutely not what I ordered. Maybe I was just unlucky. Yes, and the promised effect is not observed.


Hello, before the holidays delay with Express delivery, the product delivered everything clearly what You ordered.

Vitalik: What is the material? / Article: DEL3091


Material - silicone.

Veronica: Good day, please is-it possible to find a swimsuit on - bodice with push up and Thong trusky. Just go through the more than five hundred products for a long time, and not always at the pattern photo, you can define interest parameters. Thank you!

Irina: please charge bonuses for ordering 71577.Thanks in advance))__


for bonuses you need to register, then give your username to the accruing of bonuses.

Natalia: And back along the panty there is a drape that emphasizes the shape of the buttocks? / Article: IXI15524


Yes, there is.

1878: The figure corresponds to the item? / Article: IXI16439


Yes, all the pictures correspond to the products submitted.

Marina: Two years of wearing only these, very comfortable and nice, or nothing also wear ) / Article: IXI11921

Tanya: Hello, recently I paid for the order, and bonuses never came :(


Bonuses are awarded within 2 weeks after payment is received.

Inna: Ordering 87446 Very small size. Want to exchange on Swimwear / Charming swimsuit (SKU: IXI29435) size L


Hi, the courier will contact You today and exchanged.

Cyril: Thank you very much for your promptness and responsibility in work!


Thank You for your kind review and choosing our shop.

Angela: Always ordered, but this time why it took 40 UAH and is not considered a discount(( though on the website it is written that all acts and free shipping and card


Hello, to receive the discount you must specify or quote your discount card number. The circumstances of the conduct of the courier, relative to the 40 UAH, will be clarified on Monday. Thank you.

Sergey: 5 points! / Article: DEL3073

Sasha: Thank You for your excellent work! ordered product received and very happy. all conveniently, quickly and honestly.__thank you again for your cooperation and prompt response.

Oleg: and when you activate the bonuses on the order 68584


Bonuses are only activated after New Mail we will send and deduct your payment!

Ruslan: overstiya diameter and length of the body? / Article: IXI13954


Inner length 8 cm, diameter 3-4 cm

Andrew: Hello.__Tell me, can I pay for my purchases partially bonuses, and the remaining cost is already a standard way...


No, You can use bonuses if they are missing completely on the acquisition of goods.

Julia: today I received a bathing suit..the color absolutely does not correspond to what was in the directory ..what does that mean?ordered peach came a bright orange...not the same thing.why didnt you warn.


Hello, please tell us Your order number.

Egor: Good evening! This spring I plan to order some BDSM goods( leather mask), but I live in the Donetsk region on the Ukrainian territory (Mariupol). Tell me please, is there any guarantee of delivery to Mariupol?


We ship company of New Mail in those cities in which the offices of the New Mail delivery problems there.

Andrew: And what time of delivery to Kramatorsk Donetsk region?


It all depends on the choice of delivery method: postal delivery to 5 days, Autolux or New Mail is 1-2 days.

M & e: Please tell me how the machine is safe? That would be the desire for longer do not hurt yourself... / Article: Andro-P


Side effects can not be, if you have followed the instructions. Read more on

Nicholas: Great store. It quickly and efficiently. I would like to see latex clothing in stock.

Name: happy 8th of March!!!thank you that you are!!!


Thank You. Always welcome.

Natalia: Please tell me, and stikine a lot of disposable or single use? Just if they consist of self-adhesive material, it can quickly come into disrepair.... / Article: IXI13177


Hello, stikine you can use up to 5-10 times. You can then use a special body glue.

Eugene: Received the order quickly and without incident. Things match the pictures, in General, all satisfied.

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