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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Anal gel lubricant Anal Gel
Polyurethane condoms Sagami Original 0.02 mm, 2 PCs
Mounting for posters, 92 cm (black)
Mounting for posters, 61 cm (transparent)
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Mount posters and photos
Jumpsuit fetish
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GPS/GSM Tracker (a tracker for the protection of the car)
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Bridesmaid costume
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Retainer-strap (pendant not included)
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Vagina Wellness cream (for women)
Ben WA balls of steel
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Andrew: Thank you very much. all fine. all super. the quality is also.

Asya: Stockings cool, looks great. Elastic band that holds the stockings, sits securely. For the money is just great!!! / Article: IXI15718

Rust: As for circumcision loved? / Article: IXI11632


Yes, it doesnt matter.

Jaroslav: Ordered it all perfectly. By the way the ICQ, it was necessary to clarify the account of the order responded within 10 minutes.

Oleg: All quickly and accurately. Well done. Will be a repeat customer...

ulya: Hello!15.03.2013 received my order No. 56611,size S, fully rossolovsky corset did not agree on 7 on my settings 90/70/90/. Asking to break the contract and return the money because the exchange I see is not relevant,your table does not match the actual size and I can not for the provided data to determine your size.


Hello, in our dimension table You need M size

Andrew: Thank you. the product received. thank you for your promptness.

Irina: Order received! Thank you very much! The perfume is simply super! Im really glad I got the smell:) / Article: FECQUE8W

Alena: And you in Odessa?? What is the address of the store? / Article: IXI15732


Hello ! No, he moved to Kiev, shipping 1-2 days.

Kateryna: I like to order from such a sexy girl - courier, it has to continue to order from you! The rest - everything is OK, too! Quickly. Without surprises!


Thank You for Your feedback and Your interest in our store. We will continue to delight You with a pleasant service.

Basil: Hello!! I am very glad that so many goods I have already bought from you perfumes, adult products, lubricants and so on. but I see you have a sexy Monokini is actually no see!! why is it so??


Hello. Good news, we already have a Monokini, more in the LINEN.

Tamarochka: Hello, I place an order, but your response to me did not come...


We have Sent You the details for payment. Sending parcels to Russia only on 100% prepayment.

Vadim: it is there a zipper and how it goes . / Article: IXI16452


Zipper from chest to neck and back.

Peter: order number 60624 and bonuses no


For bonuses You must have an account in our store, please sign up.


Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775


In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Tatiana: Hello. What would You recommend for bisexual oriented girls? Which songs effectively used to arouse sexual interest and attraction from women(straight) to female? As for the gays You have products. Maybe we should think about the compositions for bi and lesbians... What do You recommend?!


Hello Tatiana, we would recommend to use

Ilya: Please pull up the bonuses with my order 64876. Custom 68890... happy new year! all the best to you!

Michael: To use the shop not for the first time and always satisfied with the store employees, goods and of course efficiency !!! This is the best store that Ive met in the net !


Thank you very much for the nice words.

Tata: arrived yesterday, funny, true, and stout slightly)))) / Article: DEL4549

Costa: Guys, respect to You!!! Very quickly arranged for delivery to Odessa, closely approached the problem, misjudged the size of the sandals for a friend, recommend what to replace and kratchaishie time sent! Thank you!


Thank you.

Sasha: Thank You for your excellent work! ordered product received and very happy. all conveniently, quickly and honestly.__thank you again for your cooperation and prompt response.

Oleg: Ordered, very quickly delivered. Tried - liked it. And most importantly the wife is now very happy! (He immediately took away all the keys and spatula) :-))) / Article: IXI13973

Elena: Thanks for the product! As a review I send You my picture in the catsuit) / Article: IXI12345


Thank you very much, added to the website.

Maria : My order number 80798 .Noted mail order shipping!Why do I have to pay without receiving the goods?


We have such conditions of work with mail in CIS, with nalagay we work only in Ukraine

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