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Costume adorable Schoolgirls. Артикул: IXI12402

32 USD
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Features: Description:
Артикул: IXI12402
Weight: 0.25 kg
Material: polyester spandex
Model: schoolgirl
Size: one size (S/M)
Color: white
The schoolgirl costume consists of a top and mini skirt with garters for stockings and panties

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Costume sexy schoolgirl
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Sexy student
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Costume adorable Schoolgirls
32 USD
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Costume - Naughty school girl
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→ Recommend MIL37.

Sergey: When payaetsya product?
→ after 2-3 weeks

Stanislav: Diameter please verify?
→ Its diameter is of the order of 5 cm.

Womens size chart
  one size S/M M/L XS
Chest 80-98 80-92 85-101 77-80
Waist 61-78 61-74 69-79 57-61
Hip 89-100 89-100 95-104 83-89
  S М L XL
Chest 80-85 85-92 92-101 101-108
Waist 61-68 68-74 74-79 79-86
Hip 89-95 95-100 100-104 104-112
Chest 108-112 112-117 117-122 122-130
Waist 87-94 94-102 102-110 110-120
Hip 112-119 119-127 127-135 135-150

* The parameters listed in centimeters
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