A scarf is a versatile accessory suitable for any type of clothing. Scarf is a piece of fabric most often rectangular, triangular, or square shape with various decorative patterns or solid colors. scarves are perfectly combined with dresses long and short and pants. Not detachable accessory scarves can be in winter together with warm outer clothing, as as a protective layer of clothing will help to keep neck and chest warm. Scarves can also be used as scarves for the style of clothing also serve as a decoration of the image. The lightness and airiness of the scarf will give you extravagantly and will always be relevant in any styles of clothes. With the help of a scarf can greatly beautify your look making it nearly perfect. Even in business style will look amazing. To buy in the store Scarves, shawls, Kerchiefs, Scarves, handkerchiefs for search queries: .

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Silk scarf with floral print
Silk scarf with floral print
Silk scarf in Oriental style
Silk scarf in vintage style
Black knitted SARS
Silk scarf with floral print
Satin scarf in Oriental style
Chiffon shawl
Silk scarf in vintage style
Silk scarf in vintage style
Satin scarf in vintage style
Stylish silk scarf

Music: I want to try with a girl, strap on(double) help in the selection.


The quality of all strap-ons are almost identical, see for yourself, here it is for external shapes and sizes which will attract more members, specifically to You, and worth taking.

Anonymous: Thank you so much for last order!!! The girl was ecstatic!!! YOU gave us some forgettable days and nights!!!

Sergey: I cant surescripts


Hello, what problem are You facing?

Angelica: Tell 42 the size fits and if today, order it on Saturday will come in the Cretaceous Lugansk region!??? / Article: IXI12437


The dimension table on page

Alex: Ordering from 29.10.2010 No. 22967 arrived in the city of destination Notified 15.11 15.12 mail, but today it turned out that the parcel went back. Can you send it again to include the cost of compensation for previous shipment?


Well, as soon as we receive the parcel we will forward it to You at no extra financial cost.

Fanta: Which type of battery is used? / Article: DEL813


Food: 1С…РђРђ

Michael: Hello, please tell me, when was my order shipped?


Your order was sent on 24 Oct and have long been paid by You. If You are of a different order, please tell us the number.

Xenia: Hi all. Will report how it was with the corset. Yes, been waiting for you need a large size, it happens. After all, for coming to Kiev, I have literally 3 days have already been delivered. So the expectation of absolutely no complaints. __But there is no claim on the other items: first color (!!!!). instead of a brown corset, which I have already picked up clothes, I got... coffee with milk, and milk three-fourths of the coffee... well, look further.... the straps on the top and where the buckle should be semi - circular ends, and came angles.... __Overall disappointed with this product ((( sad. / Article: IXI25236


Hello, please send us a photo of the item that you received & photo of the sticker with their number on perhaps You simply were accidentally sent another corset, we will deal.

Anonymous: Not a sound thing finally did bought did... / Article: DEL4674

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL4150


Diameter 2 cm.

Victoria: I registered, but now how so I enlisted my bonuses?order No. 64866


System within 24 hours synchronizes.

Anya: And Thong panties or closed? / Article: IXI17710



AleXXX: Sent faster than I expected! Thank you very much for such a cool office like this!!!!!


One of our rules is the Promptness of the order:)

Alena: Very interesting about the payment to the courier. If the product has one size (one size) and it isnt working for me - I have the payment going to pay? Although the size chart everything is fine.


Hello, size problems should not arise, all the situation is solved individually as they arise.

strannik2013: I bought a suit IXI15875. Good quality, neatly stitched, perfect sit on the figure, looks great. One problem - is there a bigger size? / Article: IXI15875


One universal size.

hdd2: Im glad that the item is in stock, but how soon will I receive it? when ordering I noted that the payment - cash on delivery. / Article: IXI13302


Delivery today send, days 5-6 can pick up at the post office.

Irina: Good afternoon.Excuse me,may I ask who is the manufacturer?or do You sew? it is exactly the same as the photo? thank you / Article: IXI17712


Made in China, the swimsuit is fully consistent with the image

Pereverzev Yuriy Yu.: Sorry, but I refuse the order. / Article: DEL4180


On time... the product has long been sent.

Ruslan: I would like to buy. Do you plan such a gag to be available in the near future? / Article: IXI13798


You can leave a request for this product and it to be available within 2 weeks.

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL186


Diameter 2 cm.

korkin: Hello! Please enroll my bonuses in the amount of 5 194 order No. 74304

Svetlana: Good order 79835 .the gown is black. It is not kept on the breast lace.can I return an item or exchange for something else.thank you for understanding.the goods you have already sent.

Nastya: Thanks for the quick turnaround, all clearly and quickly, happy with item.

Max: Thank you! got it. Everyone is happy. Great store and service.


Thank You for your positive feedback.

Nataly: Thank you, parcel received 30.03.2013. I liked everything :)

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