__In modern society decorations play a major role in the way women. Every girl wants to emphasize their individuality and beauty, and always want to stand out from society. This piece of jewelry will help you to achieve your goal. there is nothing nicer and more beautiful than a gold ring with a diamond. Exquisitely will look at your finger classic gold or silver ring with beautiful sparkly stones. For lovers of the delicate and beautiful there is a beautiful version of rings in the form of butterflies, angel wings, or other animals. To please girls by nature can ring with studs that goes well raskovanno style of clothing. For lovers only large and bright and has a large selection of rings for different tastes of large amounts and different styles of inlay. The evening dresses will look good rings with pearls, will give you sophistication. For lovers only strict, you will appreciate the strict geometric shapes and lines in combination with the ring. You will be surprised the variety of forms and prices in our store, we will be able to please even the most demanding taste of any girl. To buy in the store Ring, Rings, Rings for search queries: .

★ Available → Ring

Long Golden ring with strazikami
Stylish ring Golden color
Double ring with angel wings
Ring nail with rhinestone
Gold ring with rhinestone
Golden ring-spring flowers
Ring with angel wing and rhinestones
Surround the ring with shimmering rhinestones
Long ring with rhinestones
Ring with flowers and black stones
Beautiful Golden ring with rhinestones
Ring with leopard and rhinestones
Ring two fingers LOVE
Charming ring with rhinestones
Ring - gold snake
Long Golden ring with rhinestones
Two-tone ring in the shape of a flower
The oversized ring with rhinestone
Retro ring with rhinestones
Double ring with a big butterfly
Golden ring with beads
Gold double ring with rhinestones
Ring revolver
Stylish triple ring
Silver ring
Stylish metal ring with a cutout
Kaizo - Golden owl
Ring - Rose gold
Double ring - Dragon
Triple ring
White with light gold plated, two rings for her and him
Stylish double ring
Golden ring - Nail
Double ring with stones
Gorgeous ring
Open ring - Silver and gold
Ring with black stone
Ring of steel - Illusion
Colorful ring made of copper
Charming double ring
Massive female ring
Double ring - Diamond
Ring Sky
Double silver ring
Double ring
Elegant ring, the Rapture
Double ring for women
Ring - the Cats nails

★ out of stock / on order → Ring

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Oblong ring with petals
Gold ring with rhinestone
Ring in the form of a starfish
Ring with black and white stones
Ring in the shape of a fingernail with rhinestones silver
Double silver ring.
Engraved Promise Couples Rings
Ring - Silver snake
Ring in the form of a nail with rhinestones
Gold ring with rhinestone
Exquisite couple rings
Double ring - double cross
Classic ring
Double ring with cross and rhinestones
Female ring - Trio
Golden open ring
Ring with big stone
Double ring with rhinestone
Ring with skull and rhinestones
Golden ring-flower
White K Plated Rhinestone Personalized Couple Rings
Ring nail with rhinestone heart
Gorgeous ring - Cocktail
Women Two Round Ball Pt Plating Diamond Engagement Rings
New hot Sale Fashion hollow Flower Rings For Women
Fashion Personalized Gold-Black Alloy Rhinestone Enamel Joint Rings
Ring snake with rhinestones
Silver ring - Cubic
Charming ring with rhinestones and bow
Metal ring geometric shape
Simple Rhinestone Couples Birthstone Rings
Ring - Silver flower
Ring with rabbit and rhinestones
Elegant Golden ring
Fashion Jewelry Rhinestone hollow Flower Gold Silver Plated Women Shield Rings

Xenia: Great shop! Thank you for a quality product, useful articles, short terms and good privacy. Operators have not personally seen, but on the phone the voices are pleasant! Thank you for what you have!


Thank You, from the pleasant customer to work with.

Ira: Suit like, suggest. Like the picture, color is dark blue. The material does not stretch, in my size 86/67/93 too big, the size L will be too small. / Article: IXI12253

Mike: Want to order this dress in size 0734571423 / Article: IXI34718

Oksana: Twice I ordered the overalls.Came different quality.called asked how to find out what will happen this time.The girl does not know what sells!The answer SHINY as in the picture.but nothing in the picture is latex?


Hello ! Latex we have in the store is not for sale and never sold. Please specify the order number?

vrivnt: Hello! No. 37539.Whats wrong with him?


Order shipped on time, should be already at Your post office.

Rita: growth 180 will be short? / Article: IXI18021


No, they are good to go.

Irynka: 1) and can photo szado? 2) the top push-up? / Article: IXI19135


Hello ! Extra photos are not provided, the push-up is missing.

Artem: Ordered by phone Hemp ropes SKU: IXI15934 when to wait? / Article: IXI15934


during the week will be

Natalie: Please tell me, what year is this swimsuit model??__This is the last of the 2011 models?? / Article: IXI11897


Hello, 2010.

Ilya: Please pull up the bonuses with my order 64876. Custom 68890... happy new year! all the best to you!

Angelina: When will I receive my order No. 42682 from 02.02.2012???


Your order was sent on February 5, in principle, should be at Your post office.

Ann: And the stockings are in the set? / Article: IXI15780


Stockings not included.

Andrew: Hello Which tool You can wife and I have no problem in sex and other girls are


Hello, the problem in terms of an erection!? Then You should visit the section products - Sexual stimulants for example recommended ERO SEXIN.

Oksana: The order came almost a week after the deadline, otherwise all is well. Thank you.


There are sometimes glitches in the mail, but we send all parcels the same day.

Vadim: From what Ive seen, this Dildo is the most classy. Want this to give to my wife. I want to find exactly the same, but salatnogo color. / Article: DEL908 I love to wear womens panties, and a silk or satin slips do you have something for me and how much they cost. Or maybe you can order to make.


The entire range is represented on the website under sexy Lingerie.

VINCENTE DEL PUHINI: Hello. I already have a card, and stock in no. I plan to order


At the moment, the only action on the card, the order You placed is not authorized in the system for that would add the order to Your login we need to know Your username.

Daria: When to be available ? ve been waiting 38 days. / Article: IXI15720


The issue in Ukraine, entry of foreign goods into the country, significantly problematic. Wait or cancel Your pre-order ?

Alina: Good day! My order number 79618, vinyl jumpsuit. Large size. Can I return or exchange to another product?

Olga: and he bends in all directions or is it inside the plastic? / Article: DEL4737


Hello Olga. It is flexible.

Natalia: Hello!10.06.13 ordered the swimsuit,the result is disappointing((not my height and quality(((.Tell me how can I possible return.Thank you


You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

Anonymous: Tell me what is their diameter? / Article: DEL4340


Diameter 3.5 cm.

Olga: When the boundary size, for example, I have extreme border M and the initial L, waist - 74, chest: 92 what size should take?


Depends on the group of goods, if the corset is better than L.

anonim: Hello. Tell here you want to choose a vibrator but there are latex and are silicone(gel) how much silicone is less durable (not erased any of them got relief from using) ? Thank you.


Hello, the big differences between latex and silicone is not at the expense of durability, period of use of erotic products is not limited, restricted only by the lifetime of mechanical parts.

katya: into such hryvnia?


The Ukrainian national currency, 5 UAH = 1usd

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