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Electro sex / Chastity belt Microphone with shock

Chastity belt Microphone with shock. Артикул: IXI34127

122 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
Артикул: IXI34127
Weight: 0.4 kg
Material: medical steel
Color: silver
Chastity belt in the form of a microphone with shock. Made from medical steel.

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In a recent issue of electrosex is gaining popularity due to the versatility of the theme. You can get pleasure in it, or Vice versa to torture your partner discharges. There are people who love pleasure, and there are couples where one dominates the other. The popularity of electrical stimulation is that it expands the boundaries of pleasure and domination. Electrosex useful for the correct and adequate approach, but harmful in the absence of any common sense. Also strongly advise you to use homemade devices with different electrical circuits. And the last warning factor - dont get too manic stimulation. Because pleasure is different and we should not forget about other types of stimulation and pleasure. This is the versatility this field. Everyone chooses for themselves their own form of electrosex: powerful and adjustable orgasm, muscle stimulation, weight loss or dominance over an intimate partner. To buy in the store for search queries: electrical stimulation of a sexual member, anal and vaginal electro sex, Electro-sex sleeve for the fingers, Chastity belt with electric shock, Electro-press of the scrotum.


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