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Sex machines, furniture / Pogo stick Pleasure Pole

Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602

237 USD
In stock (>5 PCs.)

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Characteristics: Description:
: IXI54602
Brand: NextGen
Weight: 3 kg
Production: USA
Color: black
Indulge yourself with a pogo-stick! Forget about batteries, cords and complex controls ... this device, you can control and it requires very little energy! Just put a rubber sole on the floor or wall, install the chosen Dildo and operate using the handle! Easy to control the speed and depth of penetration. The kit includes two dildos. Realistic Dildo - 16 cm long, 5 cm. wide. Anal Dildo has a length of 12 cm, 4 cm. wide.

Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602Pogo stick Pleasure Pole. : IXI54602

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If You decide to experiment in sex, then sex furniture is the perfect solution for couples. With such furniture You not only will feel comfortable in sexual positions, and will gain inspiration for new ways of satisfaction. The range of sex furniture You can choose for themselves a different device mounts and accessories, which help it easy to try new positions, which are unavailable under normal conditions. Also, these products reduce loads during sexual intercourse. Our online store offers You a variety of beds for sex, inflatable chair, erotic swing chairs and balloons for sex, pillows, clips and the sex machine. This sex furniture can be an interesting gift for couples. To buy in the store for search queries: sex design, a device for sex, sex alone, automatic dildos, pillow with a Dildo, sex mattress, Ottoman with vibrator, swing of love, секс машина, cfvjnsr, .


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: Is it in stock, Panwar SKU: ixi13244?
→ Hello, under the order within 10-14 days.

: Great Dildo - elastic, tight, flexible, and realistic with a large size 19х6см!!! Suction Cup allows mounting on any smooth surface-of-interest. Highly recommend both for vaginal and for anal sex. But only for advanced users.

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