Piercing is one of the ways to Express yourself from the grey masses. Colorful earrings for piercings can decorate your face with its uniqueness. Fans to decorate their body with piercings, this section will seem a real boon. All that is needed to meet even the most unusual tastes of the consumer is here. Beautiful multi-colored stones will playfully look at your nose and draw mens attention to your person. And for men there is an unusual decoration in the form of small weights, which will give your eyebrows masculinity. Piercing is a way to Express yourself from the crowd and personalize their personality. With colorful decorations and multi-colored shapes, you can make in your style unusual appearance of your face. That is up to you to choose, the main thing is not to overdo it with decorations. To buy in the store Piercing, Barbell, Pusey, Piercing for search queries: .

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Set of multicolored piercings
Earrings (pierced) with stones
A set of earrings for - 40 pieces
Set of colored earrings - 12 pieces
Body piercing stainless steel
Set of earrings - Dumbbells
Beautiful earrings for piercing
Set of earrings - the Hammers
A set of piercing, Punk
A set of piercing, punk
A set of earrings for piercing - 12 pieces
Jewelry piercing - 12 pieces
Steel earrings for piercing
Set of multicolored earrings
Decoration for piercing - seahorse
Earring for piercing with a bow
Earring for piercing with cubic Zirconia
Earring for piercing
Earrings with rhinestones

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!

Elena: Hello.Skate pojaluisto you have the XS or just the one you write,washes you dlete to order?


Only those sizes which are listed on the website.

Vika: please charge bonuses in order No. 72499 log. Р’РёРєР°8097777


Bonuses are credited !

Eugene: Large selection, reasonable prices,prompt service.


Thank you, I try :)

anonymous: It is possible to walk during the day time? / Article: ORI522902


This product is not intended for such use.

Spartacus: Tell me, doll vagina round or not?


What do you mean?

sector: Hello__is not clear what it includes__Thanks / Article: IXI22337


Hello ! The kit IXI22337 includes top, panties,gloves and collar.

Ann: And the stockings are in the set? / Article: IXI15780


Stockings not included.

Name: Good day! Thanks to the competence responsible for ordering 61624 couldnt pick it up on the new post. WHERE did cash IN the amount of UAH 360 when I clearly wrote that the order is paid by credit card?! It is clear that Private hacks, but to pay twice Im not going. The transaction number on liquida - 27767715 on 24.07.2013.!!!!!!! Ie funds should be obtained!!! WHAT OTHER COD???? Then, the feeling that the comments in the order written in vain: I wrote on the website that sending in Dnepropetrovsk is held on 2 August. Friday next week I will be forced to write a refusal from receipt of the order, with an appropriate refund to my Bank account in the amount of 360 USD.


Hello, operator error, fix abolishing cash on delivery, thanks for the info.

Alena: And you in Odessa?? What is the address of the store? / Article: IXI15732


Hello ! No, he moved to Kiev, shipping 1-2 days.

Anastasia: Good evening! Received an order from 86636 26.11.15. Dress ixi33447 not fit in size-very large. Where to send the refund and how the refund?


We will contact you today

Anonymous: And how is the procedure of confirmation of order and payment through a Bank? How to know where to send the money?


After placing your order You can contact our Manager to confirm your order, after that You by email and SMS are sent details for payment.

Vlad: Hello what is the configuration x of the tender? what nyom maximum tensile strength ? whats Nevo max length ?as in nyom Metal rod ? and how it differs from the Extender ProExtender ? / Article: IXI10380


Equipment as in the photo. The difference in the mounting to the penis.

skretch: when you earn a bonus system?


on the website is moderated, specialists expect the system restore ! thank you for your patience !

Natalie: Want to buy this vacuum massager for Breasts.I already had this, but gave her friend, now Im without it: -(((( / Article: DEL976

Jura: Good day! How provide data confidentiality?


We do not disclose information about goods and activity, but personal information such as name, when sending mail we cant specify.

Ella: it has a slimming effect? / Article: IXI12345


It has a low viscosity.

Daria: Fast payment=fast shipping. All honor to honor, no complaints. Happy with the purchase. S. SW Daria


Thank You for the review.

Max: Ordered tower... was told to wait 1-3 weeks .......its been 6 weeks and nothing....


item (two positions), that wondering will be in stock in late October (30.10)

party: Send overlaps, (5)? / Article: DEL7386


Yes, please make the order through the shopping cart.

Sasha: Thank You for your excellent work! ordered product received and very happy. all conveniently, quickly and honestly.__thank you again for your cooperation and prompt response.

Olga: and he bends in all directions or is it inside the plastic? / Article: DEL4737


Hello Olga. It is flexible.

vrivnt: Hello! No. 37539.Whats wrong with him?


Order shipped on time, should be already at Your post office.

Bugaenko Taras: All received, thank you, quickly and without cheating.

M: I bought the tail IXI40382. No problems with delivery, goods identical pictures. The strength has not yet been tested.

Anonymous: Cant figure out how to make a legal order.


Start ordering, then everything will be intuitive.

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