The use of pheromones for two brings into our lives amazing shades of harmony, happiness and a benevolent mood. Pheromones can even eliminate depression, this is confirmed by numerous research scientists. Pheromones will make you more attractive person, and that will impact on your social success and popularity! You can use pheromones for General purposes to establish a trust relationship when applying for a job at an important business meeting. You can use a perfume with pheromones that already contain an aromatic odorant, or make use of pheromone concentrate. In any case, the effect will not keep itself waiting long! You will always be in the spotlight of your surroundings, regardless of whether you are male or female. Use pheromones and get popular. To buy in the store Pheromones for two, Aphrodisiacs unisex, pheromone Unisex for search queries: .

★ Available → Pheromones for two

РњРёРєСЃ Magical Potion POPULARYTY POTION, 5 РјР».
Pheromone spray for two 50ml.

★ out of stock / on order → Pheromones for two

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Flavored water for linen WILD DANCE with pheromones, 250 ml.
Flavored water for bed linen in DANCE WILD rose, 250 ml.
Room Shiatsu perfume for men 100 ml.
Flavored water for linen Wild Dance vanilla, 250 ml.
Elixir of confidence, 50 ml.
Phero Master 50 ml

Anton: Hello! Which tool can You recommend to a super erection and the penis was hard as a rock? Preferably cheto in the drops...But in tablets too! -)__


I think INV142 You.

Andrew: what inner diameter? / Article: IXI16043


Diameter 5 cm.

Natalia: I would like to know about that order No. 41087 from 11.12.2011 (al gaming body)? It will be or not? / Article: IXI15756


Hello, Yes during the week should be delivery.

Devushka: Could you tell me the name of the vibrator that vibrates and moves?ie not shaking?I once saw on TV that it can be bent?


Maybe you mean computer accessories (hi-tech)?

Andrew: can you mix pheromones with other spirits?? / Article: FEANDM1


Yes, no problem.

Alina: Is it in stock, Panwar SKU: ixi13244? / Article: IXI13244


Hello, under the order within 10-14 days.

Oksana: The order came almost a week after the deadline, otherwise all is well. Thank you.


There are sometimes glitches in the mail, but we send all parcels the same day.

Anastasia: Hello. Lost your discount card. Is there a way to restore it?


The number of Your discount card ****.

Anatoly: Good day! On the Internet sell VigRX Plus at a ridiculous price and say buy everything in one place (in China), and then put a big price. What would you say?


Hello, we have original American product, certified in Ukraine, all the documents available. Selling a Chinese fake, we would You the same told.

Victoria: And I really enjoyed it and the service and promptness, all as ordered and received. Just see, when you order, you need to carefully discuss and ask. People, be careful of Your mistake, not the employee, he just cant think of Your thoughts))Staff site you are very cool. Well, in General satisfied with the order, waiting for the arrival of her husband, so he appreciated))


Thank you very much for the nice words.

mr.M: S/M - more M, height 170-175 (160-165 will be collected). Tailoring - China. Composition: polyester - 35% cotton - 65% / Article: IXI19077


Thanks for the detailed information. Thank you for being our client!

Ann: And the stockings are in the set? / Article: IXI15780


Stockings not included.

Nicholas: Great store. It quickly and efficiently. I would like to see latex clothing in stock.

Sergey: as it is possible to use the bonus.when ordering goods.


When a sufficient quantity of bonuses on your account You can add them to the cart, the cost of the points indicated next to each product in the detailed description.

Inna: I received my order. Thank you so much!

Name: 66854 order number / Article: IXI15844

Anatoly: I want to Express special thanks to the managers of this website, people are really in place.__Ordered a swing set with a discount of -50%, the price really is two times lower than competitors. The order was processed very quickly, in half an hour contacted, confirmed the order and the next morning it was on my post office. The product surpassed all my expectations. High quality product, well equipped with all necessary fasteners.__In General, I recommend!

Anonymous: And what is the cost of delivery in Simferopol.?


Postal delivery 15-25 UAH.

Anonymous: I am very disappointed , bought from You and fragrance smell-good pheromones 10%, and then bought oil - 50% of the pheromone - rezultate 0 . even in your checked - nothing.

Ira: package BMW, thats confidential, toys (for the umpteenth time we order!) love. The managers are lovely: explain everything, tell all)) vossem, very pleased) thank you)


Thank you very much for the nice review.

Victoria: Good afternoon. Question: headband rests on it (ribbon gum)? Thank you in advance. / Article: IXI12635


The elastic band.

Daria: Hello,what is the fate of the order в„–66645???????77


at the moment zatirka at customs, if the item in a week not coming, then discontinued.

Alex: Please enroll bonuses with order 67507. Thank you!



Sergey: A super gift for your girlfriend! / Article: DEL4843

Andrew: Please enroll bonuses with my order 68599 login whiter


bonuses are credited !

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