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Elixir of confidence, 50 ml.
РњРёРєСЃ Magical Potion POPULARYTY POTION, 5 РјР».
Pheromone spray for two 50ml.

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Flavored water for bed linen in DANCE WILD rose, 250 ml.
Room Shiatsu perfume for men 100 ml.
Phero Master 50 ml
Love MUSK for unisex, 5 ml
Flavored water for linen WILD DANCE with pheromones, 250 ml.
MUSK hot unisex, 5 ml
Flavored water for linen Wild Dance vanilla, 250 ml.
Flavored water with pheromones for bedding Musk, 100 ml
Erotic MUSK for unisex, 5 ml

DUEJIiST: Hello.How do I bonuses tied to my account ? register after purchase.Received an SMS about the bonus allocation - order No. 57128


Let Your login in the system.

karpa: Is the zipper promezhnost? Vdova please email. / Article: IXI12345


Only solid clasp as in the photo.

zni: If I order 2-4 inexpensive products, with Express shipping Ill pay 15 UAH or more.


The charge for courier delivery is fixed and does not depend on the number of items in the order.

Ira-P: Tell the goods by mail, delivered in an opaque package? Want to order but worried about privacy.


Hello, all the goods are Packed in a cardboard box, open it, You will need to after its delivery.

Name: Thank you for the prompt delivery, but shortages ixi 15734 (vinyl panties included)


please specify the order number and phone number.

Natalie: I also sent a completely different set, although similar to this. Bra quite small Breasts and a different design. The picture a completely different kit. Im in shock. The mood is completely ruined. / Article: IXI14386


Hi, we will check the goods and contact You to resolve the problem.

Costa: Guys, respect to You!!! Very quickly arranged for delivery to Odessa, closely approached the problem, misjudged the size of the sandals for a friend, recommend what to replace and kratchaishie time sent! Thank you!


Thank you.

FREENAS: when will it be available? ) I really want to buy... / Article: IXI12040


Expected within 2 weeks.

Anonymous: Paid order No. 100086

Xenia: Great shop! Thank you for a quality product, useful articles, short terms and good privacy. Operators have not personally seen, but on the phone the voices are pleasant! Thank you for what you have!


Thank You, from the pleasant customer to work with.

Lena: Parcel received today! Came very quickly! Thank you for your promptness! Quality happy 80%! Well, this is my personal opinion! I will continue you to buy something! By the way the packaging was not at all clear what is inside and who is very good! Thank you very much!


Thank you for the positive feedback.

Agentnikita: Please specify that kimono consists of two parts. And it came as a surprise to instead of her robe skirt and jacket. Ordering 74316. __And describe Bathrobe-kimono 22574, there is also two parts, not counting the belt?


Yes, kimono IXI22574 consists of 2 parts a belt.

Vitaly: Want to buy a token to remove scratches on cars in Vinnitsa__0936468952 / Article: IXI11765


You need to place your order on the website.

Natalia: Thank you order received very happy. Happy New year!!!

Sergey: Ordered a Dildo DEL4290 with tinted head. Sent plain suction Cup holds weakly. And like in price inflated plain such are cheaper.


Hello. We sent You exactly DEL4290, sometimes the photo is not fully conveys the appearance of the product. Do not worry about this, Youve gotten exactly what I ordered and for the same price.

РІРІ75: what he is growing ? / Article: IXI19077


160-175 cm

Anonymous: Awesome! / Article: DEL7022

Music: I want to try with a girl, strap on(double) help in the selection.


The quality of all strap-ons are almost identical, see for yourself, here it is for external shapes and sizes which will attract more members, specifically to You, and worth taking.

Anonymous: You ordered the black male chastity belt CB-6000, yesterday, wore, want to thank you for the awesome experience! Thank you!

Andrew: Thank you very much! All quickly and accurately. Well done.


And thank You for the kind review.

Sirius: I live in the suburbs of Kiev. Is it possible to meet the courier in Kiev?__


Yes, of course.

SERGE: I thank all the employees of your company on the good work and good attitude to customers, I am especially pleased to see how conscientiously the guys are working, got the gift, very unexpected and very nice, heartfelt thank You. Sincerely Sergei.


Sergey thank you very much for such a nice review, for us is very important the opinion of customers. We will be glad to continue to delight You with our goods, products and services.

Nicholas: Message content:__ and how many strips of the Flogger? their length? and arm length?__Thanks for the reply! / Article: IXI14294


Arm length 13 cm, total length 40 cm, consists of 25 items.

Sergey: A photo from behind ? Thank you ! / Article: IXI13619


Hello photo the back is missing !

Anonymous: Cant figure out how to make a legal order.


Start ordering, then everything will be intuitive.

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