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Toljan: My wife and I bought a toy, lunch was ordered, the next morning, the parcel was taken to the office near the house. Information on the status of the order comes immediately to e-mails and on mobile. __A huge thank you!__The goods completely correspond to the description, we are very happy. Especially the wife)

Vladimir: Store with good customer service. Work quickly and efficiently.

Thank you, I try..

Anonymous: I cant pay in PrivatBank and any other Bank?

Yes, You can pay at any Bank.

Irina: Good day!As to refund -order No. 73371 from 27.05.14?

Expect 28.05 you will be contacted by the Manager.

Marina: Is in stock? If not - when will they come? / Article: IXI13089

Not available, will be within 10 days.

Kate: Good day, why never specify the material?or Im just not seeing? / Article: IXI31043

Each product has a description, if you problematic to find it, contact our consultants, they will be happy to assist You in any matter.

Rastaman: Ordered a swimsuit and a collar. Got it. My bitch is happy.

Oksana: The view from the back / Article: IXI31549

Image only those represented on the website, additional pictures.

Sergey: Of course you can. My neighbor increased to 56 cm (Accidentally). / Article: Andro-P

Egor: Ordered on a subsite. Delivered on time, no problems arose.

N.: Tell me, to what extent is regulated by the belt? / Article: IXI13962

Name: happy 8th of March!!!thank you that you are!!!

Thank You. Always welcome.

Oksana: The first time used the services of your shop, tell me, please, yesterday when I generate the order and this morning the order status all 3 positions were in stock today after order confirmation, the order status shows that only one position is available , the other under the order. This means that there will be 3 items in one package or just one item and pay for 3 ,then the rest will chamber the next round without paying for shipping? Or your answer?

Hello! Please specify the order number.

Oksana: Liked some vinyl jumpsuits, but did not understand. You have them sewn to order? / Article: IXI15732

Most vinyl coveralls in one universal size - one size (S/M).

Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775

In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Natalia: Good day! Received order IXI23798 / Elegant dress, black / 229 b wanted to return because the size did not fit.

dress big or Malenko?__

Veronica: Good day, please is-it possible to find a swimsuit on - bodice with push up and Thong trusky. Just go through the more than five hundred products for a long time, and not always at the pattern photo, you can define interest parameters. Thank you!

Hello ! Push-up we have.

Irina: Why to remove? Cant do my normal job..

Hello Irina, not one opinion of our visitors has not yet been removed.

Alexander: Hello! Please charge me a bonus for order # 79782 (90 points) on this account (at the time of purchase account was not registered, an order was issued to this mailbox)

You need to register on our website, after registering on the website, the system automatically within 48 hours I will add all your previously issued orders in Your account

Natalia: Thank you order received very happy. Happy New year!!!

Oleg: Order No. 44511 received. Satisfied with the product. Thank you for your service.

Olga: Good shop, but the stockings sent the wrong color, but I wanted just red.

vitaliy: Why not get a free bonus for ordering 55312?

Bonuses are awarded after the delivery and we receive the full payment for the order.

Vika: Skazite as soon as the cakes on zakaz sdelat kuklu - muzchinu v company Abyss Creation and what is the cost ?

Hello, all prices on the website current, please make the order through the shopping cart. Thank you.

Inna: Ordering 87446 Very small size. Want to exchange on Swimwear / Charming swimsuit (SKU: IXI29435) size L

Hi, the courier will contact You today and exchanged.

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