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Andrey2003: Hello, could you tell me the dimensions IXI43737 / Article: IXI43737

Length 20, diameter 5

Sergi: Great extender at a great price, thank you very much, once You have found the right product. / Article: IXI11632

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We apologize for this situation. Sorry but lining sometimes happen.


vasiliy78: Hello.How do I bonuses tied to my account ? register after purchase.Received an SMS about the bonus - order # 55730

Ready, orders attached to the account automatically within one day after registration.

Alena: whats the address? / Article: IXI44478

Delivery is possible only for New Mail.

Vitaly: where are my bonuses? and why my page has disappeared from your site?

Inform Your login.

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We are glad to see among our regular customers

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Not only S/M

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The Ukrainian national currency, 5 UAH = 1usd

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We try to do everything that depends on us, unfortunately the speed of delivery we can not influence.

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Hello ! Bonuses are awarded only after payment and after New Mail will transfer the money. Wait !

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Length 8, diameter 3

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