The image of a woman is not complete without high-quality jewelry. An indispensable attribute of a modern woman is a necklace. Beautiful bright necklace go perfectly with monochrome dresses, giving them a bright flavor. Knitted pendants fit for the costume of an Oriental dancer. giving it even more romantic. Decorated with colourful flowers made of satin ribbons pendants blend well with role-playing maid costumes and fancy dress outfits. Beautiful delicate flowers will give you tenderness and decorate the mood. Long necklaces visually pull not only the neck, and give expression to your neckline. Different use of suspensions as non-public clothes and an open neckline. You can also use various pendants and naked body with a variety of love games. It will look very sexy and make your partner. A wide selection of different ornaments for the neck will delight you with its variety of choice and taste. To buy in the store Pendants and necklaces, Chains, necklaces, Podwysocki for search queries: .

★ Available → Pendants and necklaces

Sexy long necklace
Sexy decoration on the neck
Necklace Tie
Sexy necklace in three rows
Shimmering jewelry - tie
Necklace heart with rhinestones
Necklace with cross and skull
Necklace in heart shape with red stone
Necklace with big stones, blue
Extravagant decoration on the neck, rose Red
Stylish decoration on the neck with a cross
An elegant necklace in the shape of a key
Retro necklace with rhinestones
Silver necklace with butterfly
Necklace with pendant in the shape of a ring
Metal necklace with dragon
Pendant with skull
Necklace in retro style
Golden necklace with wings
SALE! Xuping fashion pendant silver
Elegant pendant
Love charms - Gemini
Fashion pendant
Silver chain
Necklace - Pirate octopus
Shimmering decoration - butterfly
Decoration on the neck in the form of a white butterfly
Necklace with big stones
Vintage Gothic Beads
SALE! Necklace
Necklace - Skull
SALE! Stylish pendant
SALE! Suspension black
Silver chain 45 cm
Necklace on leather chain
Classic chain
Beautiful necklace with stones
Set - Romance
Retro necklace with rhinestones and flowers
Retro necklace in the form of a bouquet
Beautiful necklace with black stone
Beautiful necklace with black flowers in the Baroque style
Beautiful necklace with black flowers
Necklace with red lips
Necklace with pendant rhinestones and stones in the shape of ducks
Metal necklace with flower design and shimmering rhinestones
Necklace with beads and stone
Necklace in the shape of a flower with rhinestones
Necklace with cutout heart
Gold necklace with flowers and pearls
Decoration on the neck with spikes
SALE! Xuping fashion pendant silver
SALE! Xuping fashion pendant gold
Love pendant
Pendant with rhinestones
Ribbon pendant
Surround the whole necklace
A thin chain of silver 925
SALE! Silver chain 925 silver
Stylish silver necklace
Necklace pendant-mouse
Double pearl necklace
Necklace and earrings with colored stones
Set with blue stones
A set of earrings with a geometric print
Multi-colored pendant
Necklace - Mother Of Pearl
Evening silver necklace
White fabric necklace with rose pendants
Stylish decoration in a red bow with a rose
Elegant decoration on the neck in the form of a white flower
Elegant necklace with beads
Tri-color necklace
Elegant necklace with stones
An exclusive set of necklace and earrings
Necklace with crown with rhinestones
Ceapchi pendant - Love
Necklace with pendant rhinestones and stones
Necklace in white lace
Necklace with a striking pendant made of rhinestone
Shimmering necklace with flower
Original necklace
Multi-colored necklace
Temperamental necklace
Exotic necklace
Necklace - Aristocrat
Necklace Shooter
Beautiful necklace - Neon
Bohemian necklace
Multi-colored necklace with stones
Exclusive necklace
Necklace with multi-colored flowers
Woven necklace
Cream necklace
Necklace - Small flowers
Necklace with stones made in European style
Necklace in Oriental style
Populance necklace with flowers
Ozelle - Yellow flowers
Necklace - Sweet fresh
Brand jewelry
Spectacular necklace
Turquoise necklace
Original necklace with crosses
Necklace - Skull
Necklace with crosses
Unique necklace
Necklace - Moon
Elegant gold necklace
Set of necklace and earrings - Illusion
Exclusive necklace with flower
Necklace - the Kingdom of Pharaoh
Necklace Charm
Jewelry set retro style
Elegant necklace with rings
Set of earrings and necklace
Necklace with cubic Zirconia
Silver retro necklace
Necklace with rings
Elegant necklace
Set of earrings and necklace
Pendant Skeleton
Necklace with oversized flowers
Set of necklace and earrings multi-colored
Colorful set of jewelry
Set of necklace and earrings - Sunflowers
Elegant black choker with pendants

★ out of stock / on order → Pendants and necklaces

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Fashion Pink Sweater Chains
Necklace in vintage style
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Black Leaf Sweater Chains
Fashion Elephant Sweater Chains
Fashion Gold Leaf Sweater Chains
Fashion heart Sweater Chains
Fashion Bear Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion heart Sweater Chains
Fashion Dragonfly Sweater Chains
Fashion heart Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Peacock Sweater Chains
Ethic Embossed Coin Tassel Chunky Necklace
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Peacock Sweater Chains
Fashion Blue Bear Sweater Chains
Fashion Sliver Leaf Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Peacock Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Gold Sweater Chains
Fashion Bow Sweater Chains
Fashion White Sweater Chains
Fashion Blue Butterfly Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Tortoise Sweater Chains
Fashion heart Sweater Chains
Fashion Owl Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains
Fashion Red heart Sweater Chains
Fashion Sweater Chains

Yana: The description of the vinyl - but the picture on the latex When you receive all three, even the style doesnt match, size is more S than M / Article: IXI16459

Alina: Is it in stock, Panwar SKU: ixi13244? / Article: IXI13244


Hello, under the order within 10-14 days.

Tatiana: Tell me, is it possible to order from Russia, and how much it will go?


Hello, mail delivery takes about 3 weeks by airmail, about 1 week.

hdd2: the color of the crystal, if you make a reservation / Article: IXI13302


Hello, Your choice of color crystal, You can specify in note when ordering.

Marina: Quickly took the order and delivered))) Thank you very much.


Thank you that you are our customer !)

Michael: Hello, I pointed out instead of home. demand, this option is suitable?


You can instead specify a demand but provided a postal code.

pavlentiu: thank you for the parcel.came on time...

Ilya: Please pull up the bonuses with my order 64876. Custom 68890... happy new year! all the best to you!

Anonymous: what is the melting point? / Article: IXI15871


The melting temperature of ~50 В°C.

Elena: Hello,is it possible to this sex machine machine gun article ІХІ13496купить extra nozzles? / Article: IXI13496


Hello ! In the nearest 2-3 weeks it is possible to supply this kind of goods.

Andrew: Discounts are available? Not for the first purchase and not cheap, how much you can expect from scrip purchases over 1500 UAH?


May 1, 2009 we have launched discount system, we ask You to register on the website to receive a discount, will take into account all Your previous orders.

Anonymous: So its a vibrator or faloimitator?? this particular model! / Article: IXI40300



Ltx: Through the groin passes or comes to the groin and ends at the navel? / Article: IXI15506


The castle is from the neck passes through the groin and ends at the waist.

Stranger: Want to order but in the order no column size. Tell me how to order a dress the right size


All additional information on sizes, colors, etc. specified when ordering in the field - review.

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL4150


Diameter 2 cm.

Anonymous: Interesting, now theres an incentive to make orders

Alexander: what sudiya order 58158


Expect a call operator, SUNDAY - day off.

Vyacheslav: How can I order!?


Please add the item to your cart and complete the order form.

Sergey: When payaetsya product? / Article: IXI24196


after 2-3 weeks

zeus: Hello. Interested in product European Lover small (SKU: IXI47770): size(length and thickness), the country of origin. / Article: IXI47770


Added description

Svetlana: Good day! Received the order, thank you very much, excellent quality, completed quickly! )) / Article: IXI12343


Thank you, this makes us very happy :)

Marina: I would like to know the composition. Mean the materials of which made. How much noisy and vibration? / Article: DEL7176


Stopper is made of silicone, the vibration is quite noisy

Oksana: I did not like. Made the order on Sunday, called back Wednesday and was sent on Friday. It is not punctual.

Inna: I received my order. Thank you so much!

Anonymous: I want to say a big thank you! Today I received a parcel by courier. All very quickly, conveniently and without hassle. With respect to You, Tatiana.

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