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gift bag
Gift paper bag, 50 PCs
A simple gift pouch, 100 PCs
A simple gift pouch, 100 PCs

andry: instead of ordering IXI12175, its not clear what. Such sales is not on the site.


Hello, please tell us Your order number and detail will be amazed what product You received.

crazy: and the crotch has a zipper? / Article: IXI12343


In the perineum there is no neckline and the zipper.

Viktor: Made 2 order. How to know the amount of bonuses and how to combine them?


In order to get the bonuses, you need to register ! And to inform the managers login. After, there will be a bonus.

Galina: Would you like daughter order a dress from her og -98, 103, a t - 80. cant find the size of this dress and other / Article: IXI36542


Using the dimensional table

Svetlana: Tell the difference between anal enema, which is sold on your site, from the enema, which is sold in pharmacies? And what is the difference between anal enema from colon cleanse?


In principle, no different.

Asya: Stockings cool, looks great. Elastic band that holds the stockings, sits securely. For the money is just great!!! / Article: IXI15718

Dmitry: Very beautiful lingerie, the wife loved it!)) Thank you!) / Article: IXI13748

Neraa: Length 16 cm?) And in fact, what is the length (short and long parts)? / Article: IXI11216

Victoria: Thank you))) very happy)))

Lyudmila: ordering 66854, sizes are not true, / Article: IXI15844

MUR: Ordered night the next day in the evening already brought ) the price is good and quality standards. a discount card given )) already think to buy .

Natalia: Good day! Ordering 84699. You sent me the other design of womens leather lingerie. In prolana a bra is no comfortable velvet lining. HB cups, six Central straps. Cup of completely closed design. The picture was presented a different model. Four Central strap and Cup semi-open. Prislanyh the model is different. How to refund?


Hello, return the item to the return address on the warehouse for new mail, we will refund the full amount for the goods. The description and photo of the product necessarily change, it just happens. Please accept our apologies.

Angelica: Tell 42 the size fits and if today, order it on Saturday will come in the Cretaceous Lugansk region!??? / Article: IXI12437


The dimension table on page

irne70: 12.05.2014 ordered the dress 16371 what is the fate of it


currently the item is not in stock, if not will expect, we will cancel the order.

maratka: poor quality.hard bent.why in the graph expanders if there is no function like this.please change to a BUTT PLUG (DEL 22).or SIMPLY ANAL(IXI17660),a regular customer


please indicate your order number

Andrew: Please enroll bonuses with my order 68599 login whiter


bonuses are credited !

nino lomtatidze: zdravstvuite,____ ia interesuius if you dastavka in gruziu.____spasiba


Hello, mail delivery $ 15, 2 weeks at 100 prepayment.

Jura: Please tell me in this bra with ties in / Article: IXI12290


These models are absolutely identical and they have no cups.

Natasha: Thank you! The suit came quickly. Husband happy)))

The secret: What exactly panties it can be used? / Article: IXI30114

Andrey: Zipper goes through the crotch in this 2 runner What material / Article: IXI15875


The material is vinyl, the lightning does not pass through the crotch, one runner.

Andrew: Thank you very much. all fine. all super. the quality is also.

Olga: Is it possible the product to see/feel?


Unfortunately, only on delivery.

Ella: there are 3 images, 1st it tight (as I want), and on 2 others it hangs, what is it actually?)__ / Article: IXI12345


As for the 2nd and 3rd photos.

Natalia: received my order ixi15550 a good swimsuit model,but color is as pictured. I order from You frequently, but with such faced for the first time, warn about such details concerning the goods. a little disappointed (((( / Article: IXI15550


Hello, all monitors adjust the brightness, contrast and colors are completely different, and on different screens the color may appear differently.

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