Thanks to the great location of nerve endings on the female nipples, this erogenous zone is an indispensable object manipulation. Stimulating the nipples is an integral part of different kind of sex. First of all, this is one of the most important preludes for a good warm-up partner. And is also used as a way of achieving orgasm by means of stimulation, but not every woman is able to do so only when exposed to the nipples. More likely, this method is an additional tool of stimulation , method of exposure on one of the erogenous zones. Some women experience pleasure just from squeezing the nipples, and some need even more like pulling with a chain, hanging weights and different weights. And some women sated to the conventional pinching nipples added more sophisticated forms of torture for tender nipples. To buy in the store Nipple clamps, Retainers papillae, Clamps on Breasts for search queries: bdsm clips, clips, vacuum clamps, clips for breast, the latch nipple.

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Nipple clamps steel
Metal jewelry for nipples
Nipple clamps with bells
Nipple clamps with rings
Metal triple clamps
A set of jewelry from metal beads
Nipple clamps white, S size
Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Black chain from Besser with nipple clamps
Jewelry for nipples Nipple Chain
Nipple clamps with vinyl tips
Nipple clamps - Rings
Nipple clamps - Fun
Nipple clamps - alligator
Decoration on nipples
The male retainer
plastic press nipple clamps with metal chain
Nipple clamps - Rod
Nipple clamps white, XL size
Steel nipple clamps
Metal circular nipple clamps
Nipple clamps professional
Nipple clamps in stainless steel
Nipple clamps bells
Elegant Golden earrings
Nipple clamps Tit Tuggers Angel Fish
Clamps on nipples with weights
Nipple clamps - Pump
Clips - Extreme claw
Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps with removable chain
Nipple clamps - New 2016
FF nipple Clamps
Vacuum pump red
Nipple clamps with suspension
Metallic irritants - nipple clamps
Elegant long earrings - Silver
Nipple clamps with unique design
SALE! A set of suction cups for nipples
Nipple clamps and Clit - Torture
Pump for nipple Brustnippel-Sauger
Nipple clamps Tornado
Nipple clamps with vibration iSex
Clamp nipple
Nipple clamps with a suspension.
A pair of clamps on her nipples
Front gasket for breast
Nipple clamps - Web
Nipple clamps with weights
Clamps - Tweezer with weights
Metal nipple clamps
Oval Nipple Clamps
Nipple clamps white, L size
Pump nipple Black Underneath
Heavy duty BDSM nipple clamps
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SX women Bridle
BK chain Schraubzwi
Max Twist Nipple Suc
BK chain with clamps
Bondage breast
Max Twist Nipplesuck
The clamp and chain bondage set (5 PCs)
BK Nipple Pump
Nipple clamps - Chain
BK leash brackets
Nipple clamps white, M size
Tacks nipple - ring
BK silicone nipple c
Vibr. Dreams Sucker
Nipple clamps
BK gag with nipple

strannik2013: I bought a suit IXI15875. Good quality, neatly stitched, perfect sit on the figure, looks great. One problem - is there a bigger size? / Article: IXI15875


One universal size.

Alena: Tell me,please, if I order this swimsuit, during which time he will be back in stock? / Article: IXI11870


In the next 2 weeks.

FREENAS: when will it be available? ) I really want to buy... / Article: IXI12040


Expected within 2 weeks.

Stanislav : Good afternoon. Please cancel order number 97594.

Andrew: And what time of delivery to Kramatorsk Donetsk region?


It all depends on the choice of delivery method: postal delivery to 5 days, Autolux or New Mail is 1-2 days.

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Food: 1С…РђРђ

Alexander: how to specify the address of the new mail order


The warehouse number and the address of the branch You can specify in the note to the order.

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Hello, to receive the discount you must specify or quote your discount card number. The circumstances of the conduct of the courier, relative to the 40 UAH, will be clarified on Monday. Thank you.

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The maximum size of condoms CONTEX XXL

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Hello ! Specify the number of the Declaration of NP return that wed be able to pick it up. And the order number.

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Yes, kimono IXI22574 consists of 2 parts a belt.

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First encounter with this problem, but the essence of Your question did not understand a bit.

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Please review the items in the section Vaginal balls and read the article on this subject on our website.

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Hello ! All goods provided on the website, the availability of specified current. The new maybe a month.

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To place an order as soon as You send an SMS message.

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Unfortunately they are not in stock, Saturday delivery is available upon request on Friday and the fare is slightly higher - 30 UAH.

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Your order was sent with a delay of a few days, expect delivery of the goods.

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Model IXI13073 seedless. Cups IXI13086 and IXI130887

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Yes, all the pictures correspond to the products submitted.

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