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Dolls for sex / NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany

NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany. : IXI54585

4320 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
: IXI54585
Brand: NextGen
Weight: 30 kg
Production: USA
This realistic sex doll, which is made in human growth. It has a unique design - the body is made of durable polyvinyl chloride, and thermoplastic rubber. 3D technology makes the face is very realistic in appearance and touch. Cute блондинкаTiffany has two tight love holes for vaginal and anal. Moisten love hole lubricants are water or silicone based and the slide will be as pleasant as possible.

NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany. : IXI54585NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany. : IXI54585NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany. : IXI54585NextGen Ultra premium sex doll Tiffany. : IXI54585

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Here You can find a sex doll for every taste and at the same time to diversify their sexual life. Sex dolls are made from soft-touch material quality, hygienic and durable. You will easily be able to orgasm. Sex dolls are very popular, as they are obedient, can listen and not jealous. You can put it in the most unusual poses and bring to life your secret fantasies. There are inflatable doll, luxury sex doll, realistic sex dolls. Buy yourself a doll like and You will be able to regularly meet their needs. It is convenient and comfortable. You will always feel satisfied and happy. Also the sex doll can be a great gift for your friends. Always be in sexy form! To buy in the store for search queries: sex with doll, sex dolls doll, rubber doll, кукла lkz секса, the doll of the sex, ctrc c rerkjq,.


Merlin: The service is good... and couriers are very cute! Thank you!

: You really increase the member and how much?

: tell me does the bodice of the leotard?
→ bones no, but a very dense material with a sealed Cup.

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