Used to use to love games in the style of bdsm, or for a variety of conventional sex. Try to chain your beloved to a reliable latches for the legs. Also used the clips as a reliable mounting element in the suspension system. Unusual sensations and have sex in zero gravity - an unearthly feeling in your intimate life . You can also immobilize your partner by means of latches for legs or to shackle it to the chain for the feet giving greater realism and harshness in modern sex life. Securely tying your booty you will easily be able to torture her all the different and available for you. The main thing is to know when to stop and not to cross the line and wanton world of sex and love. To buy in the store Narozniki, braces for legs, Locking ankles for search queries: .

★ Available → Narozniki

Black leather narozniki with inner lining
Black leather comfortable narozniki
Black leather narozniki
Black narozniki with fur
Steel narozniki for men and women with chains
Leather narozniki leather
Womens and mens steel narozniki
Steel narozniki for men and women
Leather narozniki-socks
Black leather narozniki - b
Наножники Bondage Fetish Pleasure Ankle Cuffs
FF Metal leg cuffs
Black-and-white narozniki
Leather narozniki for women
Black and red narozniki
White leather narozniki
Leopard narozniki
Black genuine leather narozniki
Dual pink leather narozniki
Black leather narozniki
Leather black narozniki
Black leather narozniki -
Fluffy narozniki
Bracers lined mens
Womens narozniki stainless steel
Leather narozniki
Leather corset and binding foot

★ out of stock / on order → Narozniki

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Sexy Men Tight Sleepwear Blue
Unisex Spiked Stainless Steel heavy Duty leg-iron Dungeon Irons with Allen Key
100% handmade Combination Lock Number Lock Unisex fetter (L Size)
Unisex Irish narozniki
Unisex braces on his legs, under the thigh
Male Stainless Steel All-purpose Bangles with Silicone Lining
Metal cuffs for men and women
Male stainless steel toe handcuffs
Unisex Adjustable Thigh Restraint Thigh Bands Thigh Cuffs Containing metal chain BLACK
Female Stainless Steel Anklets with Silicone Lining
Mens and womens steel narozniki
Mens and womens steel narozniki
Mens steel narozniki

Merlin: The service is good... and couriers are very cute! Thank you!

MONI: I have the same thing my husband wear it when we go to visit. If you have a place, at a party, sure dear will satisky in the corner. Only he presses Willy - neckline. / Article: ROX6173

zni: If I order 2-4 inexpensive products, with Express shipping Ill pay 15 UAH or more.


The charge for courier delivery is fixed and does not depend on the number of items in the order.

Sergi: Great extender at a great price, thank you very much, once You have found the right product. / Article: IXI11632

Name: It is unfortunate that there are shown the details of this model, the asymmetry of the cut. Otherwise there would be a refund. / Article: IXI30766


I agree, but unfortunately manufacturers do not always provide comprehensive information on the goods. Check with her managers.

Peter: how to write the address and postcode when ordering your or mail. thank you.


Hello, address and postcode of Your mail.

acne: I ordered the pills when they come?


Postal delivery takes 5-8 working days

Vladislav: Wow, even cheaper than the market and with cool inscription ))) / Article: IXI0102

Marina : Sent money for order # 70990 in the amount of 2,200 rubles on February 22 when the order will be shipped?


The payment is confirmed. Today ship Your order.

Alex: Ordering from 29.10.2010 No. 22967 arrived in the city of destination Notified 15.11 15.12 mail, but today it turned out that the parcel went back. Can you send it again to include the cost of compensation for previous shipment?


Well, as soon as we receive the parcel we will forward it to You at no extra financial cost.

Fox: What type he need batteries? And is subject to the vibration? / Article: DEL216


2 batteries of medium size and it has Multispeed vibrator.

lola: tell me, is it possible to order on demand post office. dont want the message about the delivery came to the house.


Hello, we can send the parcel to any post office in Ukraine on demand.

Tanya: Hello. 9.01.2012 I received the order the carnival dress, but the size does not match the (very large). I would like to exchange or return?!


Hello, carnival costumes and dresses after the respective holidays, returns and exchanges are not subject.

Acne: I would like to know my order was sent or not. Phoned me 10 days ago and still nothing sent. Here is my order number 19660 check please.


Your order was sent on 11 February, if You go to the post office please do so, if You are in the office already had a possible delay UkrPoshta this is to apply again in a few days.

Elena: IXI15542 one size (S/M) please Tell me I would not do this model,EXHAUST gas FROM ABOUT 74cm 96cm 98cm / Article: IXI15542


Is too small, You need size L, and this model in one universal size.

Andrew: Tell me, what conditions, shelf life, warranty? (if any). Thank you. / Article: DEL38


About the warranty keep silence, and on account of the exploitation that they break down very rarely.

Natalia: How many pieces per pack? / Article: IXI42832


1 piece

Vic: then how to pull??? / Article: IXI14431


the ring is worn UNTIL the erection !

Alexander: But the rope is 100% cotton or what is the composition? / Article: IXI13633


It is completely cotton.

Max: Wondering how soon to expect the order number 38196 ?


Unfortunately, the earliest date of delivery for the product are planned.

Anonymous: a breathing hole is available ? / Article: SS1932


Yes, mandatory, but there is a small hole.

Michael: Hello, I pointed out instead of home. demand, this option is suitable?


You can instead specify a demand but provided a postal code.

Marina: Please, how and where when buying to specify the desired size? / Article: IXI12351


Hello, in comments to the order or the call Manager.

Alex: Please charge bonuses with the order No. 71388 Login alekseyvs


Bonuses accrued !

Oleg: and when you activate the bonuses on the order 68584


Bonuses are only activated after New Mail we will send and deduct your payment!

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