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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
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Yuri: Good day! Please answer: 1. What is the difference between PeniMaster and functional Andro-Penis? 2. Why such a big difference in price? P. S. the Previous order received, satisfied, thank you. Just great.


Hello. Describe the difference makes no sense as the Peni-Master for over a year not made and will not be made.

Catherine: Hello!very happy with purchase!Great quality,dostavka very fast!I will in the future You skuplyatsya !Thank You for what You have!))))

Name: Thank you for the prompt delivery, but shortages ixi 15734 (vinyl panties included)


please specify the order number and phone number.

Galina : Today I received a order No. 62052, atrical IXI19078, Express delivery. payment by cash on delivery only checked the appearance of the product. When fitting: the size does not fit (TOO BIG, your table sizes you need to make bugfixes for jumpsuits, because when my s-ke he is great size for two) on the inside THREADS STICKING out at the seams. How to refund?


Please contact us during working hours at: (044) 353-55-33

Oksana: The first time used the services of your shop, tell me, please, yesterday when I generate the order and this morning the order status all 3 positions were in stock today after order confirmation, the order status shows that only one position is available , the other under the order. This means that there will be 3 items in one package or just one item and pay for 3 ,then the rest will chamber the next round without paying for shipping? Or your answer?


Hello! Please specify the order number.

Olga: Is it possible the product to see/feel?


Unfortunately, only on delivery.

Elena: one size (S/M) for a ring is what size


The size is adjustable.



Hello ! Of course. Will be glad to order from You.

Alexander: Order received... happy with their new stikine and red swimsuit))) thanks))


Thank You for being our client ! As a bonus, the next order will get a card of VIP client with a discount of -10%. Have a nice shopping!

Gregory: what is the cost of this Preparata and where to buy it? / Article: DEL2815


454 UAH but at the moment it is not available.

Vitaly: Hello, I have lost your discount card, you can send her number.



Andrew: Good day. Order No. 66677.__This purchase was a disaster so much that its hard to imagine worse. With me its never happened yet in any store. Of such negligence, had not even heard.____First. Lets start with the delivery:__We have agreed on courier delivery to 5ту hour. In 4 hours I get a call the courier and says that he is near and can deliver the goods now. As well as following its delivery at the other end of the city -- very asked to be in place. Said suit within 15 minutes. I was in a meeting, but close to the house -- I agreed hoping that hed actually come in for 15 minutes. Me on my appointment waited an hour via your courier. For he has delivered the package to the 5th hours, as agreed from the beginning. By this time my meeting would have ended(!!!). Samco that your courier also did not have change, so I have paid extra somewhere for 10 UAH more. Additional mnusic in your direction.__Of course in this situation the rights I dont have time to check everything-waiting for me.____And when I came home I was waiting for further surprises. Continue.____The Second: Package.__I bought the item for a gift. For the action item. And you brought me a product with absolutely no marketable packaging. And Im supposed to give? The packaging looks like on it first chougule sandpaper, and then another pililis year in the warehouse. With bad derdim price tag.__You HAVE to warn about is not commodity packaging on the phone, not in there to sell this under protest. In normal stores do. I write markdown for marriage: a marriage or a markdown due to bad/missing packaging. And this... this is just awful.____Think: okay, we need to check the product itself. But the surprises did not end there. So...____ Third: the battery compartment.__In the cassette for batteries these batteries barely fit. And when fit is one of the transfer plates, the current is shifting. And there are 2 options: either to straighten the plate (to make efforts), or closes the battery compartment in the product. __Beauty.____Fourth: the lack of firmware. __There are 2 motor. One of the engines cannot be disabled through marriage in the firmware. Another smooth can be translated into off mode.____I demand replacement of the goods to another delivery at your expense and refund the difference in price. What that would be at this time with the appropriate delivery, and not as it was today. __And if this happens again, youre losing loyalty, which I am. And I wanted to spit at a discount of 10 percent, which you handed me.

Ber: IXI48879 is definitely crocodile natural leather, or imitation? / Article: IXI48879


This product is made of eco-leather.

Tatiana: Hello. My order No. 45088 was sent 05.05.2012 g. still no email! Tracking it is still in Kiev and not talking!


Hello, the tracking indicated that it left the Kiev post office, its further fate is still unknown.

Mila: very impressive sitting. just super sex / Article: IXI14169

Andrey2003: Please tell me the dimensions IXI48177, IXI48136, IXI47654 / Article: IXI48177


Work characteristics is conducted around the clock, within 2 weeks the goods will be fully described.

Andrew: Hello.Why in the description of the item was free shipping, and the post office told me you 21РіСЂРЅ.Whats the matter?


Hello, most likely operator error New Mail, the shipping fee all items paid by our company.

Natalia: My order number is 22685. You can find out if I can get it and when?


Tomorrow morning, You will be contacted by the operator, and You will specify a convenient delivery time.

Andrew: Tell ixi48853 suitable for constant wear? And what kind of lubricant need for socks? / Article: IXI48853


This stimulator is designed for temporary stimulation.

Vitaly: specify the amps, and stuff! and that photo is not of high quality and it is difficult to judge! / Article: IXI13608


Vinyl material is rubberized fabric.

Alex: But if the field is not noted what type of delivery I send the product?! Me will call and clarify??


With You in any case will contact you to clarify all the data.

Vitaly: where are my bonuses? and why my page has disappeared from your site?


Inform Your login.

kurt: tell me the truth. bonuses will not be exchanged for goods?


Hello, in September will begin work new bonus system all bonuses are saved.

Christina: Enroll, please bonuses with order No. 69385 on the login kristinass27. And thank you for the prompt delivery and good service!


Bonuses are credited !

Nel: and the skirt in the kit? / Article: IXI14784


Yes, the skirt is included.

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