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Vaginas, masturbators / Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN

Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN. : IXI40248

32 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
: IXI40248
Brand: Lovetoy
Weight: 0.3 kg
Diameter: 3-4 cm
Length: 16 cm
Material: cyber-skin
Appointment: vaginal
Production: China
Color: corporal
Compact hand masturbator vagina in the form of enhanced sensitivity from the process due to the special topography of the internal channel. The ergonomic shape and outer texture allow you to conveniently and securely place the toy in his hand. Complete lu

Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN. : IXI40248Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN. : IXI40248Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN. : IXI40248Masturbator-vagina SEX IN A CAN. : IXI40248

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Vaginas and masturbators is a convenient and practical sexual plaything for every man, especially when he is not able to meet their needs with a woman. In the modern world this kind of intimate product is very popular and in demand. In our online store offers a wide range of vaginas and masturbators for every taste. This product is fairly realistic and fully resembles a womans genitals. Vaginas are divided into the following types: vibrating motor, pumps for suction, vibration. Therefore the vagina which are equipped with additional stimulants can easily bring a man to orgasm and to deliver unforgettable pleasure. Vaginas and masturbators it is necessary to use antiseptic. To buy in the store for search queries: vagina with a vibrator, pocket pussy, head Masturbation, the masturbator for men, Masturbator Pussy, masturbator-anus, .


: The site easy. Only product that my husband Zack was not, and told us to call back the next day, promising to look in the warehouse. But the next day no one picked up. More here book will not (it will not be the desired article). Product spetsificheski because, as they say good spoon for dinner. __But otherwise the picture is good. And articles describing what is and what is super cool!
→ Assortment of erotic goods is huge, often not all items are in stock.

³: And when will I receive the parcel at the post office, workers are able to visually identify as something that might be in the package??? I just have a mother-in-law in the mail!!!!!
→ No, since the goods are Packed in a box. And the parcel is issued only on the passport.

³: Thank you! your order is received. Thought that the deceived was all good. I think I will continue to use the services ( ixi ). I advise everyone!

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