all Sorts of little things from the world of BDSM are waiting for You in this section. Masks, gags, collars, belts, and much more will not leave You and Your partner indifferent. You know that these toys will definitely add passion and fire in Your relationship. Choose BDSM toys that have it, and You get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. All the various love of fantasy your world you can make a reality and get heavenly pleasure with a variety of toys from the Department bundles, and Kits. Look just do not overdo it with so called pleasure. Because pain and pleasure are so close and the line between them is so easy to step over. To buy in the store Kits and sets, BDSM kits, BDSM Kits for search queries: .

★ Available → Kits and sets

Erotic kit bdsm atributiki
Sexy kit pink
Red and black set for sex games
Erotic set - Suite
Unlimited fantasy kit
Set for sex games black
Set of BDSM paraphernalia (natural leather)
Black female set clips
Erotic set for exciting flirting
Bdsm - set of 6 pieces
Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Bondage set red
Bdsm set of 4 items
Intimate toy PU LEAThER fetish set
Red set for the thrill
Cuffs for love
A set of steel shackles
Luxury set for erotic games and bondage
Luxury kit of erotic games
The kit of erotic games
A set of devices for BDSM games: mask, ball gag, handcuffs
Set for sex games black
Set for binding
DELUXE SM Bondage Kit - Set for light bdsm
Bdsm set of 3 items
Set a Playful leopard
Bdsm leather set of 5 pieces
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
A set of devices for BDSM games
Sexy kit BDSM
Kit clips Kit Purple Cheetah Bondaqe
Black leather bondage with 2 chains
Black leather bondage of sturdy leather
A set of clamps for a beginner
Набор Ultimate Fantasy Kit
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
Set for erotic games
The kit of erotic games DELUXE SM Bondage Kit
A set of erotic accessories: mask, powder puff and handcuffs
Set for sex games
A set of clamps Nurse
BDSM-set for light bdsm
Bdsm set
Bdsm set of 3 items
BDSM-set for intimate life
Bdsm set of 5 elements
Erotic set for excitation
Bdsm set of 3 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 7 pieces purple
Black handcuffs 2 pairs
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★ out of stock / on order → Kits and sets

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
BK Bondage Set
Set for light bdsm
Bdsm black set of 7 items
Bondage Set
Bdsm set of 5 items
Bdsm set of 9 items
BK Red Giant
BK bondage set wide
BK hand-/Fu
Bdsm set of 3 items
Bdsm set of 9 items red
Bdsm set of 8 items
BK Bondage Set Ulti
Bdsm set of 6 items
Bdsm set of 9 items black
Bdsm set of 9 items in pink
Bdsm set of 7 items
BK Bondage Kit
Erotic kit
Sexy kit BDSM games
The daring set
Recruitment for games - Kamasutra
Handcuffs red
BK Bondage Set

Pasha: not profitable to order novoapostol still need to pay for something that would be new money for the goods sent.why is it so???


Cash on delivery (Navapache, postal service or any other transport company) is always a high fee for money transfer. Purchasing prepaid exempt from the fee for cash on delivery.

Valery: Disappointed - I ordered the oil with pheromones and sent the bullshit - a tube of flavoured oil and etxernal manual and all this for RS 300 - one word, DIVORCE! PS. I would be surprised if my comments are not removed)


Hello, please tell us what perfume You ordered.

katya: into such hryvnia?


The Ukrainian national currency, 5 UAH = 1usd

Natalia: Set very much! It looks great! Especially nice that it has acquired for the bonuses. This bonus system really makes the purchase doubly enjoyable. Thank you!

Spartacus: Tell me, doll vagina round or not?


What do you mean?

Marina: Please, how and where when buying to specify the desired size? / Article: IXI12351


Hello, in comments to the order or the call Manager.

Svetlana: Good day! __Wanted to know where is the lightning in this model:the front or the back too? __On the growth of 170 cm? __Thanks in advance)) / Article: IXI37418


Hello. In front and to the coccyx. At the height of 170 will fit.

Alex: Do you have available Dahan Penis Extender Device ? What is included in the complex? What is yevo the real price? Is it possible to order via the Night Express? / Article: IXI11724


Hello. This model we always have in stock. Full size photo Price - 960 UAH, send in any convenient way for You.

Vitaly: where are my bonuses? and why my page has disappeared from your site?


Inform Your login.

Anonymous: Thank you so much!! The service is super!! Operativnenko! And most importantly - confidentially - goods delivered in a bag D


Thank you for your confidence in our online store. I try :)

Lyudmila: How can I order and how long to wait / Article: IXI15844


You can apply for notification of any goods under the order. For about 1-2 weeks.

Vlad: Hello what is the configuration x of the tender? what nyom maximum tensile strength ? whats Nevo max length ?as in nyom Metal rod ? and how it differs from the Extender ProExtender ? / Article: IXI10380


Equipment as in the photo. The difference in the mounting to the penis.

Artem: Tell me You cant fulfill the order Hemp ropes (SKU: IXI15934), to get another one? It ends 2nd month as you promised, that will I not wait? / Article: IXI15934


Hello, the goods are already in Ukraine, tomorrow will be able to send. We apologize at the factory was detained for a month our order.

Yuri: Hello! Very disappointed in your store, ordered one, and its the devil knows what!!! As it turns out, the Manager with whom I talked, or rather she is, and who sent me the order whether blind, whether deaf whether armless, so I communicate it proved to me that her article product number matched so everything is in order, although I came a very different product???!!! And why your store does not want to take the item back or exchange it according to the law of Ukraine “On protection of consumer rights”, Ill be on You every time, I have all invoices on hand, the number of my order # 64339. Thank you for your attention.


Hello, please sign in the situation, which product You ordered and what is received, Moslem, will exchange, no problem, the Manager will be punished.

Ira: Hello. I am interested in carnival costume Marine confedertion: IXI12253. Size: one size. I have a European size 32-34, will suit for me? Whose production? What is the material? Thank you


Hello. If You have a size XS it will be too big on You. Made In China.

Jura: Question to administrator: How to unsubscribe?


In the letters from the bottom there is a link to unsubscribe.

Irina: Order received! Thank you very much! The perfume is simply super! Im really glad I got the smell:) / Article: FECQUE8W

Andrey2003: Hello, tell me that there is a built-in vibrator IXI30538 / Article: IXI30538


Error in the description

stas: how to make a postal transfer from Minsk?


For this you need to contact the nearest post office and to execute the wire transfer for our account details. 140 Kiev, 02140 andI 35

Sasha: Good evening. On Saturday I ordered this dress,delivered very quickly - on Monday.But I did not got the size right :))). Is it possible to exchange for a size bigger or failing otherwise?Thank you. / Article: IXI23865


Hello ! Please confirm Your order number?

Vadim: enroll, please bonuses..ordering 70607 on the login vadym2012..thank you for the service)

Agentnikita: Please tell me, when you see the prices in the bonuses? And will it be possible to pay for the goods partially local, partially bonuses?


Hello ! Soon edit bonuses. The product can be bought either in bonuses or in UAH.

Natalia: Body very much. The quality is excellent and looks simply gorgeous! / Article: IXI15756

Irina: please charge bonuses for ordering 71577.Thanks in advance))__


for bonuses you need to register, then give your username to the accruing of bonuses.

Anonymous: order No. 43686 confirm


Thank you, once vnalichii we will contact you.

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SALE! Mega realistic sex doll (140cm) D-Cup
SALE! Pink g-string decorated with sequins
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SALE! Perfumowana water with pheromone MetaliQUE, 100 ml.
SALE! Sexy open bodysuit-swimsuit
SALE! Club silver linen set
SALE! Casual style jumpsuit
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Earrings - Sweet butterfly
Silver earrings with purple stone
Erotic set for excitation
Bdsm - set of 6 pieces
Erotic set for exciting flirting
Red set for the thrill
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