all Sorts of little things from the world of BDSM are waiting for You in this section. Masks, gags, collars, belts, and much more will not leave You and Your partner indifferent. You know that these toys will definitely add passion and fire in Your relationship. Choose BDSM toys that have it, and You get the maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. All the various love of fantasy your world you can make a reality and get heavenly pleasure with a variety of toys from the Department bundles, and Kits. Look just do not overdo it with so called pleasure. Because pain and pleasure are so close and the line between them is so easy to step over. To buy in the store Kits and sets, BDSM kits, BDSM Kits for search queries: .

★ Available → Kits and sets

Sexy kit BDSM games
Recruitment for games - Kamasutra
Erotic kit bdsm atributiki
Sexy kit pink
Red and black set for sex games
Handcuffs red
Erotic set - Suite
Unlimited fantasy kit
Set for sex games black
Set of BDSM paraphernalia (natural leather)
Black female set clips
Erotic set for exciting flirting
Bdsm - set of 6 pieces
Bondage set red
Intimate toy PU LEAThER fetish set
Red set for the thrill
Cuffs for love
A set of steel shackles
Luxury set for erotic games and bondage
Luxury kit of erotic games
The kit of erotic games
A set of devices for BDSM games: mask, ball gag, handcuffs
Set for sex games black
Set for binding
DELUXE SM Bondage Kit - Set for light bdsm
Bdsm set of 9 items black
Bdsm set of 3 items
Bdsm set of 9 items
Set a Playful leopard
Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Bdsm leather set of 5 pieces
Bdsm set of 5 items
Bdsm set of 4 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
A set of devices for BDSM games
Sexy kit BDSM
Kit clips Kit Purple Cheetah Bondaqe
Black leather bondage with 2 chains
Black leather bondage of sturdy leather
A set of clamps for a beginner
Набор Ultimate Fantasy Kit
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
Set for erotic games
The kit of erotic games DELUXE SM Bondage Kit
A set of erotic accessories: mask, powder puff and handcuffs
Set for sex games
A set of clamps Nurse
BDSM-set for light bdsm
Bdsm set
Bdsm set of 3 items
BDSM-set for intimate life
Bdsm set of 5 elements
Erotic set for excitation
Bdsm set of 3 items
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
Bdsm set of 8 items
Bdsm set of 7 pieces purple
Black handcuffs 2 pairs
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★ out of stock / on order → Kits and sets

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
BK Bondage Set Ulti
Bdsm set of 6 items
BK hand-/Fu
Bdsm black set of 7 items
The daring set
Set for light bdsm
BK Bondage Kit
Erotic kit
Bondage Set
BK Red Giant
BK Bondage Set
BK bondage set wide
Bdsm set of 3 items
Bdsm set of 7 items
BK Bondage Set

Lily: just ordered this lot, I forgot to specify that I need a size one size!)) / Article: IXI12332


This product in one universal size - one size.

Andrew: The store in which send the goods not corresponding to order, while promising to fix its shortcomings and deceive. We did not wait obescheniya product


Please, describe the essence of the question at All the promises we keep.

Vitaly: How many capsules in a Bank? What is the term enough? / Article: DEL2815


Dosage: 2 capsules per day, in a jar of 60 capsules. Enough for 1 month of the application.

Lily: Hello! I did the order but I have lost the number of the Declaration. how would you know?


Hello, the number of the Declaration 56021000750595

Dmitry: Good afternoon. Order No. 99010 paid screenshot in the attachment

Natalia: Note the name of the product Jumpsuit / Article: IXI30845


Thanks corrected

Andrey2003: Hello, could you tell me the dimensions IXI43737 / Article: IXI43737


Length 20, diameter 5

Nadia: Thank you for your promptness! all came and on time. The husband was happy)


Thank you.

Natalie: I want this perfume / Article: FE062C4


Can satisfy Your desire

Arifov Bekir: yesterday I signed up when I get bonuses for my order 67036 paid SMS came that accrued 15820 bonuses when they appear on my page?

Kate: Hello and it is possible only by Internet order or phone too?

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL186


Diameter 2 cm.

Anton: Hello! Which tool can You recommend to a super erection and the penis was hard as a rock? Preferably cheto in the drops...But in tablets too! -)__


I think INV142 You.

LOL: called on the firm to you today - said that the weight of 32 kg as well? / Article: IXI16012


This is an approximate weight .__Once again we repeat, we donT measure and the carrier ! __This is not a piece of paper and a tight tube for transportation of fragile articles, paintings and other things.

v1nchester2: Can specify the exact sizes of all three rings? / Article: IXI14431


Two rings of 5 cm, the third 6 cm.

Michael: Hello, I am 16 th made the order, No. 18261, but with me, nobody contacted, when I wait for him? Thank you.


Hello, You were sent a letter asking confirmation of order, please leave a contact number or call us.

Artem: Tell this model ixi13073 underwire and whether there are models of babydolls underwire? / Article: IXI13073


Model IXI13073 seedless. Cups IXI13086 and IXI130887

Sergey: Yeah if I was a girl =) / Article: DEL7473

Svetlana: All fast and punctual,thank you!Going to drop by)))


Thank you.

Chernikovich : 0950315144

Natalia: You sent the return package No. 59000030220567. Sorry, for my height too big. Sincerely, Your customer. / Article: IXI15542


Please specify the order number or the phone number on which it was issued ?

Andrey2003: Hello, please write the size IXI46742 / Article: IXI46742


Length - 22 cm, diameter 4 cm

Eugene: A disadvantage of the cream is that its use is impossible to hide from girlfriends, unlike the prolonged Pills or Condoms. Plus - quite effective. / Article: INV148

pegasus: the maximum discount you what? interesting / Article: Andro-P


Read more about discounts visit promotions & discounts.

Anonymous: Thank you so much!! The service is super!! Operativnenko! And most importantly - confidentially - goods delivered in a bag D


Thank you for your confidence in our online store. I try :)

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Bdsm - set of 5 items with leopard print
Black handcuffs 2 pairs
Black bandage handcuffs and blindfold
BDSM-set for intimate life
Bdsm set of 5 pieces black
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