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Color: white bronze blue gold red pink silver color black Material: metal alloy Size: one size (S/M) For: women Weight: 0.05 kg

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Brooches are a striking addition image, beautiful evening dress. Beautiful brooch in Baroque style is able to decorate even the a variety of dresses and even suits. A large selection of brooches in the shapes of animals and different birds will enchant you with its appearance. Lovely decoration for your neck will beautify any open neckline, giving you tenderness and charm. Different pendants, beads, or threads will give you Sharma. Pendants layered chains from the neck to the waist can be used with sexy underwear or no bra will look great in both cases. A variety of combinations at the waist will make your figure look curvy and it will attract the attention of your beloved. There are also a variety of chains for dainty feet. that will make your foot visually slimmer and petite. To buy in the store Jewelry and brooches, body Jewelry, Jewelry, bradecki for search queries: .


pavlentiu: thank you for the parcel.came on time...

Mila: very impressive sitting. just super sex

Igor: Which the inner diameter?
→ 35mm

Vladislav: Wow, even cheaper than the market and with cool inscription )))

Julia: today I received a bathing suit..the color absolutely does not correspond to what was in the directory ..what does that mean?ordered peach came a bright orange...not the same thing.why didnt you warn.
→ Hello, please tell us Your order number.

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