Brooches are a striking addition image, beautiful evening dress. Beautiful brooch in Baroque style is able to decorate even the a variety of dresses and even suits. A large selection of brooches in the shapes of animals and different birds will enchant you with its appearance. Lovely decoration for your neck will beautify any open neckline, giving you tenderness and charm. Different pendants, beads, or threads will give you Sharma. Pendants layered chains from the neck to the waist can be used with sexy underwear or no bra will look great in both cases. A variety of combinations at the waist will make your figure look curvy and it will attract the attention of your beloved. There are also a variety of chains for dainty feet. that will make your foot visually slimmer and petite. To buy in the store Jewelry and brooches, body Jewelry, Jewelry, bradecki for search queries: .

★ Available → Jewelry and brooches

Delicate decoration for the waist
Crystal jewelry
Sexy underwear jewelry
Decoration for waist
Shimmering belt
Shimmering embellishment to the waist
Decoration on the foot
Crystal decoration
Shimmering embellishment to the waist silver
Decoration on the body
Sexy decoration to waist
Decoration for waist Babes
Shimmering waist chain
Golden brooch in the shape of a butterfly
Chic lace necklace
Silver decoration in the form of dragonflies
Decoration red rhinestones
Gothic necklace black
Belt - rock Star
Golden brooch in the shape of strawberries
The decoration on the thighs
A shimmering belt
A shimmering belt - Princess
Sexy belt
Decoration - Snowflake
Golden brooch Lady
Golden brooch
Butterfly Brooch
Butterfly brooch with a flower
Brooch - mother of Pearl flower
Brooch - Golden Dolphin
Brooch with pearl stones
Charming brooch
Brooch - the Firebird
The brooch Cobra
Brooch - Dolphin
Chain with Cobra
Elegant necklace with rock crystal
Pink necklace
Brooch - zodiac Sign
Golden brooch in the shape of a turtle
Shimmering brooch - Cobra
Brooch - Spiders
Brooch - Golden butterfly
Brooch - Cobra
Brooch - two-headed snake with stones
Brooch - two-headed snake
Brooch - Gold crocodile
Brooch - Red crab
Brooch - Flower meadow
Brooch - Butterfly on flower
Brooch - White Apple
Brooch - Flower
Wedding brooch
The set - Bright colors

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Golden decoration of the four rings
Silver brooch with stones mother of pearl c
Long pendant at the neck and waist
Fashion Blue Flower Sweater Chains
Stylish brooch for evening dresses
Silver brooch with stones mother of pearl c
Waist chain
Elegant decoration with large stones
Long pendant at the neck and waist
Brooch in the shape of a peacock with rhinestone
Brooch - gold Firebird
Silver brooch with rhinestones
Silver brooch in the shape of a flower
Pearl brooch
Fashion brooch with pearl
Fishnet Rhinestone Wedding Bracelet Jewelry
Charming brooch with hearts

Oleg: I want to buy a sex machine machine gun article IXI13496. You can ask for more photos of this machine, pics and sizes of nozzles. Is it possible to install other attachments if those that are included will not fit. / Article: IXI13496


Hello, added at Your request, a few pictures additionally. Supplied with 2 nozzles to choose from.

Dmitry: When you can pick up the order No. 38432? And you can do it from the warehouse vul. Krichevskogo, 19 ?


Hello. Your order has been shipped to the warehouse of Nova poshta street. Krichevskogo, 19. Date of arrival 17.09.2011

Olga: Thank You so much! Order was processed immediately and delivered to me the same day courier! It was nice to chat with both the Manager and courier - all just great guys! All the advice! my order No. 23127

Novel: Paid. Check payment

pegasus: the maximum discount you what? interesting / Article: Andro-P


Read more about discounts visit promotions & discounts.

Hope: Tell me what size? / Article: IXI12719



Irina: Im 14-but the number has received an order 66413 and Paid for it,today is the 16th, and the bonus is not credited???why?


Hello, we have not received payment for Your order, cash on delivery we receive in 3-5 days.

And: Tell me what is the diameter at the handle and novania moruo her to wear under her clothes? / Article: DEL281


Diameter 5 cm, If You get then why not.

mazzo: I would like to ask why you have so few products, and Id like to order the strap-it is made of cyber skin large size length 20 cm circumference 6 or 7 cm.


Hello, we have the largest range among online stores, about 5 thousand products. But unfortunately from cyber skin large size we have not met yet.

korkin: Hello! Please enroll my bonuses in the amount of 5 194 order No. 74304

Alex: I received in the mail an order on November 30, January 5 received a notice of refund for your item,because apparently that was uncalled for strange citeasca it turns out.......what?


Hello, this is so great our email, we will write the application for compensation, thank you for the post.

Vika: I also love the squirts of the soul, but Butterfly I really liked it :-) Especially my young man like to indulge the console. / Article: DEL4674

Anonymous: Received in 1 day! Like everything. Gently yaleglobal. Im happy)))

Vlad: what is better Extender or ProExtender Penis Enlargement Extender


Hello, recommend Extender ProExtender.

111: prompt for men weight 68 kg height 170? and maetrial to touch what? / Article: IXI15877


Hello, Yes the size should fit, the feel is smooth, rubberized fabric.

Angelina: When will I receive my order No. 42682 from 02.02.2012???


Your order was sent on February 5, in principle, should be at Your post office.

Natalie: Super and ass does not hurt.. / Article: DEL2422

Daria: Hello,I would like to know how soon will come the order No. 66645??

Natalie: Please tell me, what year is this swimsuit model??__This is the last of the 2011 models?? / Article: IXI11897


Hello, 2010.

Aida: I write the answer ? I confirmed the order 59934 and when do I reap?


Your reservation is confirmed and on Monday will be sent.

Lada: what sizes do they ( the working part and near the crystal) ? / Article: IXI13302


Width at thickest part 2.5 cm.

ulya: Hello!15.03.2013 received my order No. 56611,size S, fully rossolovsky corset did not agree on 7 on my settings 90/70/90/. Asking to break the contract and return the money because the exchange I see is not relevant,your table does not match the actual size and I can not for the provided data to determine your size.


Hello, in our dimension table You need M size

Valera: Two Dildo is very similar! DEL965 and DEL908-how they differ and whether the last use with the Vac-U-Lock it is visually more I like it.


They are totally different, the only difference is that DEL965 for Vac-U-Lock, and DEL908 ordinary Dildo suction Cup.

Lada: 27.03.12 made the order, today received, everything quickly and efficiently. thank you for your cooperation.

fifib: fiftyfive

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