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Return policy goods

In carrying out our activities we are guided by solely by the law. You have the right to exchange the goods proper quality within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase. Exchange be a good quality product, if it is not used as intended and its trade dress. The list of goods of proper quality cannot be exchanged or returned:

  • Sex products
  • underwear
  • Cosmetics and perfumes

If You wish to return an item?

We consider the request of the buyer for exchange of goods and within 5 days we produce and exchange goods or give a reasoned refusal, in case the exchange impossible. Goods which have become unusable as a result of improper use of exchange and is not refundable.

When the courier check the goods on the spot! In the case of malfunction or inadequate quality of goods, You have the right to cancel the order without paying for shipping.


Володимир: I use the Andro Penis. Can say, speed up the cream from Mega Penis lengthening of the penis and in how much time?
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Валера: Two Dildo is very similar! DEL965 and DEL908-how they differ and whether the last use with the Vac-U-Lock it is visually more I like it.
→ They are totally different, the only difference is that DEL965 for Vac-U-Lock, and DEL908 ordinary Dildo suction Cup.

ГД: working email will know whats in the package or not
→ No, they know it will not.

SALE! White With g-string is decorated with shiny sequins
14 USD
in stock
SALE! Case cover colorful Zebra for iPhone 5
in stock
SALE! Vinyl sticker - Photo tree
12 USD
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SALE! Poster Song Book
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Earrings - Oriental tale
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SALE! Game table Crystal Drinking TIC-TAC-TOE
18 USD
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SALE! Blue-and-gold costume
56 USD
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Original summer earrings - Film
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SALE! Blonde wig in the style of mods
44 USD
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SALE! Case for iphone 8 plus/iphone 7 plus lace black
22 USD
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The Red Riding Hood Costume
92 USD
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Classic black gun
18 USD
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Sex machine Caesar 3.0 Love Machine
1236 USD
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Sport swimsuit blue
32 USD
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Super-realistic doll Fanny 155 cm
2352 USD
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