Handcuffs – an indispensable attribute of bdsm games. Handcuffs in BDSM are used more as entourage. They emphasize the dependence of a servant, which gives bdsm – the game more natural. These vibrant cuffs are designed for people who like aggressiveness, for those who just do not have enough adrenaline in the blood. Limit my slave putting on his cuffs and fixing in the right position for You. Also handcuffs can be used with a normal sex for example girl can wear the cuffs on your partner and to bring to the state of extreme excitement. In any case, the cuffs is a fun, unusual, not boring and interesting. You can choose the cuffs to your liking with fur borocay or without, different colors – each model has its own personality, which may be of interest to You. To buy in the store handcuffs, Locks his wrists, Fetters for the hands for search queries: .

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Handcuffs Love Cuffs Pink Plush
Handcuffs black FURRY FUN CUFFS, brutal black
Black leather handcuffs
Black leather cuff from high quality faux leather
Black leather cuffs with fur
Crane sexy handcuffs
The FURRY FUN cuffs red CUFFS, red redemption
Black leather cuffs with metal locks
Female steel handcuffs
Mens steel cuffs steel
Leather handcuffs
Handcuffs blue FURRY FUN CUFFS, bondage blue
Black leather cuff genuine leather
Red cuffs with 3-in-1
Leopard comfortable handcuffs
Irish handcuffs
Metal handcuffs Fetish
White leather cuffs leather
Unisex shackles for the hands - S
Female handcuffs stainless steel
Black faux leather gloves-handcuffs
Pink handcuffs
Metal handcuffs
Limited edition handcuffs
Metal cuffs - L
Universal leather cuffs leather
Fetish handcuffs with diamonds
The black cuffs with Velcro and clips
Metal cuffs - S
Polymethyl methacrylate cuffs / adjustable cuffs with thumb
Black leather handcuffs - d
Lovely silver handcuffs
Fluffy handcuffs for Udovolstviya
Handcuffs Love Cuffs black
Handcuffs purple
Steel shackles for hands women
Metal handcuffs with soft plush covers
Black handcuffs made of crocodile skin
The gold metal cuffs
Handcuffs black
Black leather cuff leather
Black sequin narozniki
SALE! Metal bondage handcuffs
Silicone cuffs black
Silicone cuffs purple
Black leather locking pin for secure mounting of hand
Leather studded cuff, a pair 2 PCs
Universal leather handcuffs
Unisex steel shackles for hands - M
Steel shackles for hands for men
Black and red cuffs
Black and red cuffs for men and women
Leopard handcuffs
Black handcuffs with fur lining
Unique cuff-gloves
Black leather gloves-handcuffs
Pink leather cuffs with fur
Pink handcuffs leather
Womens transparent handcuffs
Womens stainless steel bracelets
Pink adjustable handcuffs
Handcuffs, leather-crocodile - red
Bondage BDSM black universal
Bondage BDSM pink universal
Handcuff mens stainless steel
Handcuffs, female stainless steel
Female handcuffs with silicone lining
The cuffs silicone
Pink handcuffs on a chain
Wide black cuffs with red rims
Handcuffs for fetish on suckers
Black handcuffs with red leather straps
Glamorous pink handcuffs with fur
Glamorous red handcuffs with fur
Glamorous black handcuffs with fur

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Male Steel Bondage Fist Mitts
Handcuffs Rhinestone
Unisex Luxury Stainless Steel Irish 8 handcuffs Stainless Steel Gourd wrist restraints
Black narozniki
Disposable multipurpose Bound hand band / Bound ankle band - black
Allen-8 Darby Style Stainless Steel Single hinge Bondage handcuffs With Allen Driver
BK hand cuffs Sili
Female handcuffs stainless steel
Leather handcuffs black
100% handmade Combination Lock Number Lock Unisex handcuffs (S/M Size)
White leather cuff
Black leather cuff from eco-leather large
Steel handcuffs for women and men
Mens elipsoobraznoj handcuffs
Black handcuffs
Steel handcuffs elliptical shape for men and women
Steel studded cuffs
Mens steel handcuffs
Stainless steel bolt lock handcuffs
Womens elipsoobraznoj handcuffs
Gentle cuffs
Disposable multipurpose Bound hand band / Bound ankle band - black
Unisex steel shackles for hands - L
Steel oval cuffs for men and women
Stainless Steel Cross Fixed Bondage handcuffs With Allen Driver
High quality handcuffs
Retainer for wrists
Black leather wide cuff
Black leather handcuffs made of high quality leather
Sensual handcuffs
Stainless Steel Cross Fixed Bondage handcuffs With Allen Driver
Unisex Adjustable Thigh Restraint Thigh Bands Thigh Cuffs BLACK
Cute handcuffs
Steel narozniki
Latest Design Unisex Stainless Steel handcuffs
The charming cuffs

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