This section presents a wide range of different fixtures and fittings for paintings, photos, posters and canvases. Also in our online store You can purchase information menu, frames, stands, stretch, clips, pictures and posters, profiles, teh subframes, office supplies: rivets, tape, tubes for packing of posters, etc. In modern world the design of apartments and offices has achieved great development, so people solve the problem of hanging pictures, photos, posters and posters with the help of suspension systems for them. All fasteners and consumables are made from durable and quality materials. Using these devices, You will be able to freely move the picture along the wall, do not damage the surface. There is also the possibility of creating a multi-level exposure. Pofantaziruyte and make the original their homes. To buy in the store Fasteners and consumables, Fasteners wall Fasteners posters for search queries: .

★ Available → Fasteners and consumables

Button to fasten (color), 10 PCs.
Button to fasten (copper), 10 PCs
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 62 cm, 50 PCs
Button stud for mounting, 10 PCs.
Double sided tape white 2m.
Button to fasten (copper), 10 PCs.
Checkboxes for mounting, 10 PCs.
Chips for cartridges Epson Stylus Pro 4880 7880 9880
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 92 cm, 50 PCs
A stretcher for canvas paintings / A3 30х42см
A stretcher for canvas paintings / 40x50cm
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 62 cm, 100 PCs.
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 108 cm, 50 PCs
A stretcher for canvas paintings / A1 59х84см
A stretcher for canvas paintings / 60х90см
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 92 cm, 100 PCs.
A stretcher for canvas paintings / 40x60cm
A stretcher for canvas paintings / A2 42х59см
Tubes gilt cardboard for packaging, posters / 108 cm, 100 PCs.
A stretcher for canvas paintings / A4 21х30см
A stretcher for canvas paintings / 50х70см
Profile for sub-frame side 54 meters
Profile for subframe with a side of wide, 54 meters

★ out of stock / on order → Fasteners and consumables

, 2-3 !
Hook for pictures under a loop
Kit, 29 x 67mm
Retainer for pictures large, 25 x 75 mm
The striker, 19 x 72mm
Hook for pictures rope
Mount posters and photos
Mounts for poster, 61cm (black)
Mounting for posters, 50 cm
Mounting for posters, 60 cm (white)
Mounting for posters, 92 cm (black)
Mounting for posters, 61 cm (transparent)

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