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Dildos / Real Extreme Dildo

Real Extreme Dildo. : IXI40295

35 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
: IXI40295
Brand: Lovetoy
Weight: 0.5 kg
Diameter: 3-4 cm
Material: silicone
Production: China
Color: black
We offer a variety of high quality products for intimate use. Because of its natural shape, this sex toy will fit women that prefer a real shape. Faloimitator large size with a strong head of your cock, the veins in the trunk and scrotum at the base, will make your sex game than not distinguishable from real sex. And the presence of a phallus sucker will enable you to do without hands, even closer feel Masturbation to real sex. Simulator phallus has a water-repellent coating (suitable for use in the bath or shower)/ With our delicate toys You will understand the power of fun and learning that will continue as long as You wish. You will be able to improve the quality of sexual life.

Real Extreme Dildo. : IXI40295

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The female body is more complex and sometimes quite difficult to bring your beloved to orgasm. Therefore, in the modern world, thanks to the dildos, a woman can easily study your body and learn where her most erogenous and sensitive spots. Dildos are very similar to the male penis, and in appearance and in feeling. In our online store presents the most diverse range of sexual toys. Therefore, every woman will be pleased and satisfied. There is a range of realistic dildos, Nude, fully, to the smallest reliefs that resemble the male penis. If You prefer a more varied sex, for yourself can find dildos of different colors and unusual shapes. There are also double dildos that increase stimulation through double penetration or clitoral stimulation. To buy in the store for search queries: double Dildo, simulator phallus, lbklj, afkkjc, afkkjbvbnfnjh, cfvjnsr, dildo, dildos, phallus with testicles, long Dildo, self-gratification, naturalistic phallus, .


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→ Hello 67847! The product matches the quality and description specified on the site. You will be contacted by the Manager.

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→ The dimension table on page

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