One of the most popular types of jewelry for women are earrings, because they, like a magnet, attract the attention of a male. Various types and models of earrings make it easy to change the image for a necessary night. Earrings are made in pairs and must be identical to one another. They are used with materials such as metals, silver, gold, alloys, plastic. In appearance and the clasp of the earrings can be divided into earrings, Hoop earrings, clip earrings, earrings with pendants and cuffs (the earring on the length of the ear). Kaffa is a new, increasingly popular form of earrings, which is designed for the ear. They can dress up yourself without a hole in the earlobe. In todays world there is a great variety of models of earrings. So what kind of design to choose, only You can decide. To buy in the store Earrings, Earrings, Seragaki for search queries: .

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Necklace and earrings
Cuff to the ear in the form of a dragon
Steel earring clip with curls
Star earrings
Beautiful set: sparkling earrings and necklace
Square earrings with retro pattern
Earrings bee with rhinestones
Earring-hook.Gold spikes.
Golden earrings with mother of pearl inserts
Charming earrings in petal
Steel earring clip with flowers
Fashion stainless steel earrings
Stylish earrings with blue stones
Long earrings with butterflies
Two-tone earrings in the shape of a heart
Steel earrings with rhinestones
Decoration - Lizard
Elegant earring with rhinestones and flourishes
Earring hooks Sunflower with black stones
Golden earrings with a heart
Earrings snake with rhinestones
Earrings with rhinestones and stone
Earring clip punk style silver
Stylish earrings in the form of a snake
12 pairs of earrings
Earrings in the form of a palm with rhinestones and tassels
SALE! Fashion earring Xuping gold gold
Charming earrings with stones, red
Earring - Pegasus
New stylish summer earrings
Earrings - best seller
Cute earrings - Frog
Mens earring clip
Earring clip punk style rock
SALE! Zircon earrings Xuping
Silver earrings with purple stones
Stylish earrings in punk style
Golden earrings with rhinestones
Silver earrings with purple stone
Silver butterfly earrings
Silver earrings with red stones
Earrings with orange round stones
Purple earring clip with curls, 5 pieces
SALE! Fashion earring Xuping silver
SALE! Fashion earring Xuping
Feather earrings are triangular in shape
The decoration on the ears
Delightful earrings
Charming earrings with stones
Beautiful celebrita earring
Earrings in the shape of bones
Long earrings with pendants
Earrings with red stones in the shape of a cross
New stylish earrings
Striking earrings with a flower ornament
Earrings - Petals
Set of earrings and rings Pyramid
Stylish earrings - Retro
Silver earrings 925
Womens stylish earrings
Bohemian earrings with rhinestones
Multi-colored earrings
Blue evening earrings
Elegant earrings with stones
Earrings - Princess
Elegant Golden earrings with blue stones
Delicate earrings in retro style
Aristocratic Bohemian earrings
Massive earrings
Earrings - European style
Earrings European style
Shimmering earrings
Earrings - Blue rose
Earrings green color
Elegant solid earrings
Bright earrings with petals
Earrings with geometric rivets
Earrings - Family tree
Exclusive earrings - Bronze
Earrings - Crystals
Golden earrings with chains
Earrings Sweet fresh
Stud earrings geometric
Earrings - Sweet butterfly
Earrings - Gold flowers
Earrings in retro style
Earrings - Golden leopard
Zolotistye earrings - Bows
Elegant earrings oval shape
Earrings - Five petal
Earrings with flowers and stone
Elegant earrings - Beads
Purple earrings
Colorful earrings with stones
Evening earrings with mother of pearl
Earrings - Golden fan
Round metal earrings
Elegant Butterfly earrings
Earrings American style
Classic earrings with beads
Earrings diamond shape
Compact earrings - ladybug
Earring cuff silver color
Earring clip pendant
Curved earring with pendant
Cuffs on the ear of the dragon
Silver earring with octopus
New stylish earring for all ear
Set of 12 pairs of earrings
Golden earring-cuff
All earring ear
Long silver earring
Earring-cuff with skull
Earring punk style
Silver earrings - Flowers
Stylish earrings - Flower
Earrings with hearts
Original earrings with poppies
Set of four earrings
Original summer earrings - Film
Fashion earring - Film
Original earrings - Film
Crystal earrings - Elephants
Earrings - Dragon
Earring-clip - Dragon
Earring - the Firebird
Earrings in the form of a crouching leopard
Earring in vintage style
Earring ear - Fox
Unique earring on a chain
To the ear clip punk style
Earrings in the shape of twigs
Earrings with petals
Earring with petals
Triangular earrings with rhinestones
Earrings - Constellation
Beautiful earring with butterfly
Exclusive clip Spiders
Cuffs in retro style
Earring in retro style
Earring - gold snake
Silver-tone ear clips in punk style
Cuffs - Golden eagle
Earrings with large stones
Earrings - Fish cute
Cute earrings - Shaman
Earrings - Fish
Earrings - Oriental tale
Fashionable earrings with butterflies
Earring - Golden wave
Earring in the shape of a Pegasus
Kaffa - the Golden skull
Vintage earring-cuff
Gold ring clip
Golden earring - Wings
Earring clip punk style
Earrings with stones
Decoration Diamond Lizard

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Earrings in the shape of a dragon
Earrings in the shape of flowers
Earrings-petals with chain
New Arrival Fashion Korean hot Sale Unique Design Alloy Diamond Glass Earrings
Kaffa - Christmas deer
Clip earrings with stars
Earring-clip - Snake
Cute earrings in the form of owls pendants
Triangular earrings with skulls
White earrings-petals with butterflies
European and American wild exaggeration crucified button earrings
Earrings-cuffs - Snake
Round earrings
Earrings-ear cuffs with rhinestones
Sterling silver earrings
Elegant earrings - Elite
Earring Rainbow
Earrings - Dragonfly
Earrings-cross with blue stones
Silver earrings with white flower
Set of earrings and rings Pyramid
Elegant earrings
European And American Fashion Simple Double Pearl Stud Earring
Earrings with shimmering leaves
Trendy earrings
Tri-color earrings
Black and white earrings
Earrings - Golden dinosaur
Earring-cuff shaped like a snake
Earring-cuff with rhinestones
Silver earrings with beads
Black earrings - Snake
925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings - Korean Beautiful Rose Shape Shells Stones Earring
Kaffa - the Golden dragon
Stylish Onyx earrings
Earrings Kaffa - Snake
Earring in the shape of a dragon
New Alchemy Gothic Dragons Lure Cuff Pewter Earring,dragon form Earring
Earrings Metalic
Kaffa - the Snake and butterfly
Retro earrings Eardrop
Fashion earrings triple of the form
Earrings square shape
Earrings with rhinestones and flower design
925 Sterling Silver Earrings has Ivory Shell Bowknot Shapes Stud Earring
Cute earrings with flowers
Silver earrings with blue stones
Fashion Multicolor Bohemia Style Party Female Tassel Chandelier Earrings
Set of colorful earrings of various shapes
Kaffa - the Fiery serpent
Cuffs with skulls
White surround earrings with butterflies

Alexander: please list the bonuses with my order (69334) to the user login (shout)


bonuses accrued !

Anastasia: Hello. Lost your discount card. Is there a way to restore it?


The number of Your discount card ****.

Sambuca: what breast size is targeted? / Article: IXI13028


Up to 100 cm.

Alex: Than you can handle toys for sex (especially anal beads) before using them. Immediately after the purchase.


We recommend to wash the product with water and intimate gel or soap.

Irina: Good afternoon.Excuse me,may I ask who is the manufacturer?or do You sew? it is exactly the same as the photo? thank you / Article: IXI17712


Made in China, the swimsuit is fully consistent with the image

Michael: Hello, I am 16 th made the order, No. 18261, but with me, nobody contacted, when I wait for him? Thank you.


Hello, You were sent a letter asking confirmation of order, please leave a contact number or call us.

Lily: another good day! I ordered this lo, but at a different price? I receive it in the promised time and at last price? expect to 25x the numbers this month... before the New year to get? / Article: IXI12332


Hello, the cost of the goods will remain that at which you placed the order. Delivery expected from 27 to 29 Dec.

Julia: Good evening! Chotila to return the ordered dress under order No. 67847. The dress does not fit either in size or style. The fabric is just horrible, thesenike and not quality.The product was shipped and received on 13.12.2013 for New mail . On 14.12.2013. taking the package home and tried it on and just awful. please tell me how can I return the item ????


Hello 67847! The product matches the quality and description specified on the site. You will be contacted by the Manager.

pavlentiu: thank you for the parcel.came on time...

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This stimulator is designed for temporary stimulation.

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We are ready to give them out for free, might soon launch a campaign. If you wish I can deliver for free provided that You send us a photo our frame on Your car.

Inna: ordered a swimsuit, sent is very different. I ordered the product article IXI17710 and sent the goods with the article IXI17710. What to do?


Hello, please specify the article.

Vadim: such a brilliant costume as in the picture? or a dull color ? / Article: IXI16452


All products are made of vinyl has a shiny look.

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Hello! Thank you for your attention to our service. Launching a new project IXI.UA were not positioning it as a sex shop, so on-brand product is not specified anywhere anything concerning sex products. In a short time under the brand of IXI will be sold a large group of items that are not associated with sex, so if You are our customer, this does not mean that You need complete privacy. If You are against, can in the subsequent orders indicate that we sent the package in the usual way.

Andrey2003: Hello, have you got the correct description of the goods IXI47911 / Article: IXI47911


Thanks, fixed

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please complete the form near the product AVAILABILITY notification

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Hello, You can on the website to place a new order on this product and to tell the operator that you want to exchange an already purchased item in connection with marriage.

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The average concentration should be 10 drops per 100 ml of the drink.

Tostanoski Vladimir: The order was received. Thank you for the good work.

Oksana: Thank you.____Leggings are of good quality and size fit.

Oksana: I did not like. Made the order on Sunday, called back Wednesday and was sent on Friday. It is not punctual.

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Unfortunately the rules mail be obliged to present a passport upon delivery.

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Added description

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