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Dildos / Dual layer silicone Dildo

Dual layer silicone Dildo. Артикул: IXI48915

65 USD
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Characteristics: Description:
Артикул: IXI48915
Brand: Lovetoy
Weight: 0.5 kg
Diameter: 3-4 cm
Length: 18 cm
Material: silicone
Production: China
Color: brown
Dual layer silicone Dildo - realistic simulates a real human body both visually and to the touch.The base has a suction Cup that enables to mount it on any hard and smooth surface, vertical or horizontal.

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The female body is more complex and sometimes quite difficult to bring your beloved to orgasm. Therefore, in the modern world, thanks to the dildos, a woman can easily study your body and learn where her most erogenous and sensitive spots. Dildos are very similar to the male penis, and in appearance and in feeling. In our online store presents the most diverse range of sexual toys. Therefore, every woman will be pleased and satisfied. There is a range of realistic dildos, Nude, fully, to the smallest reliefs that resemble the male penis. If You prefer a more varied sex, for yourself can find dildos of different colors and unusual shapes. There are also double dildos that increase stimulation through double penetration or clitoral stimulation. To buy in the store for search queries: double Dildo, simulator phallus, lbklj, afkkjc, afkkjbvbnfnjh, cfvjnsr, dildo, dildos, phallus with testicles, long Dildo, self-gratification, naturalistic phallus, .


Настя: Thanks for the quick turnaround, all clearly and quickly, happy with item.

Анонімний: I am very disappointed , bought from You and fragrance smell-good pheromones 10%, and then bought oil - 50% of the pheromone - rezultate 0 . even in your checked - nothing.

Anonym: You ordered the black male chastity belt CB-6000, yesterday, wore, want to thank you for the awesome experience! Thank you!

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