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Doll Black Doll
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SALE! PVC inflatable sheep Inflatable Sheep
Doll American Beauty
SALE! Kelly Doll Fire Fox
SALE! Sex doll black woman.
SALE! Inflatable PVC Inflatable pig Piggie
Inflatable cow PVC inflatable Blow up Cow
TPE Sex Dolls / Thermoelastoplasticity sex doll, super-realistichnaya
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SALE! Doll Paris
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Tiffany Doll Elina
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Black mini sex doll, Miss Dusky Diva
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Kimberly Lovedoll
SANHUI 145cm With C Cup Love Doll Sakura Yamamoto
Chest Choker
Sex doll Fantasia
Inflatable Lifesize Doll
Alluring Shyan
Bridget BigBoob Doll
SANhUI Mini-size 88cm Nancy 2
SANhUI Mini-size 88cm Nancy 1
SANHUAN Mini-size 92cm Miki
Puppe Fire
Luxury sex doll
SANHUI 145cm With C Cup Love Doll Bridgette
SANHUI 125cm Love Doll Sarah
Kelly Carmell
Life Size Inflatable Doll
Angelo Love Doll
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Gorgeous Gavin Doll
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Sex doll aniston, megaregulation
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SANHUI 165 Love Doll Miyuki
SANHUI 165 Love Doll Aiko
Sex Kulka Judy, megaregulation
SANhUI mini-size 3 65cm Linda
Кукла TopCop Chicago Sheila
Svetlana SANHUI love doll 160cm
SANhUI Mini-size 88cm Nancy 3
Sex Kulka Jennifer, megaregulation
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Puppe Earth
Sex Kulka Catherine, megaregulation
Sanhuan Anime 92cm haruka
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Silicone Sex Dolls / Silicone sex doll, super-realistichnaya
SANHUI 145cm With C Cup Love Doll Tessa
SANHUI 160cm Love Doll Severine
SANHUI 165 Love Doll Addeline
Silicone Sex Dolls / Silicone sex doll, super-realistichnaya
Naughty housewife
Sex Kulka Lorena, megaregulation

Eugene: I want the picture on canvas,but on their this possible? tel. t 0951050044

Yes, You can download it on the page

Marina: how do I activate the points?I accrued points,but before that I was not registered.and now I have a tipo 0 points write after registration

Points will be credited automatically within 24 hours.

Bogdan: One of the best shops in this thread. You are using the service for many years. Orders sent quickly. Good bonus discounts. Good support.

Thank you.

Ira: Suit like, suggest. Like the picture, color is dark blue. The material does not stretch, in my size 86/67/93 too big, the size L will be too small. / Article: IXI12253

Julia: Hello , my username on Your website is Luciano, I checked in on February 13 , the day before I received the order and paid for New mail , I would like the system to see their bonuses , thank you )))

Bonuses are awarded within 5 days after the payment order by the customer.

Ann: And I have one... funny thing... Shine brightly and the size is super... but a little harsh and the lid came loose - when washing, little water falls :)__ / Article: DEL90

svetf: wow buy in order to pay you to advertise? free give away! / Article: IXI0102

We are ready to give them out for free, might soon launch a campaign. If you wish I can deliver for free provided that You send us a photo our frame on Your car.

Anonymous: Tell me,what is better penimax,mr. big penis or xl?What they otlichayutsya.How to take them?How many times a day. / Article: DEL2776

Anonymous: 59000248199781 Route: Kiev - Kiev delivery Address: Office No. 54 (up to 30 kg): Prospekt Akademika Palladina, 25A (m. Akademgorodok) Current location: Administration received 01.04.2017 15:37:26.

Closing of orders occurs within 10 days of receipt of payment.

Svetlana: Good day! Received the order, thank you very much, excellent quality, completed quickly! )) / Article: IXI12343

Thank you, this makes us very happy :)

Sergey: thank you, order delivered promptly, bonuses accrued for three days, very happy with the service

Dmitry: can I return the order. No. 56336 is not suitable large size

You can send the parcel to the return address without cod.

Jura: All right! Compliance ordered received 100%. New mail is really annoying (delivered quickly 1 day) service only there is very low! I hope my friend will like it, Im a sailor, and she had...

And we service Novaspace like, perhaps in the regions of their bad staff.

Vic: What is the diameter of the ring???Malco chrome??? / Article: IXI14377

The diameter of the biggest ring is 6 cm small 5 cm Ring chrome.

Natalia: Hello, I would like to know do I get a discount card, if the amount of my paid orders is more than 1000 UAH? And if so, how do you get it?

Hello, when the next order we put a discount card.

Alena: whats the address? / Article: IXI44478

Delivery is possible only for New Mail.

Dmitry: Hello, I would like to know the order 20915 sent?????

Hello, Your order status is not confirmed. We have repeatedly sent You emails and called the contact phone number. You are ready to confirm the order?

Antonina: I ordered a latex top, but did not specify the size, how can I specify that b sent me the right size L ?

We call each client to confirm and clarify the order, but in principle when ordering in note You can specify the size, color...

Vyacheslav: How can I order!?

Please add the item to your cart and complete the order form.

vlad: Payment(68793) was performed before registration( login vladet).Still, please enroll bonuses.

Bonuses order 68793 enrolled !

Elena: Good afternoon.Interested in this dress.Wanted to buy it,but the experience of buying such dresses know that theres such a thin fabric that go in it not really as the fabric glows,almost like a in this dress? / Article: IXI17921

In this model dresses tight fabric.

sebas: Registration on site not possible You have not entered a username, password or mail

Please tell us what data You create an account, we will check the system.

M: I bought the tail IXI40382. No problems with delivery, goods identical pictures. The strength has not yet been tested.

Sergey: ooh

Name: Growth very small child. Navel exactly in the cutout is not seen, the cut ends under the breast. Width - on the contrary, in XXL size. The skirt is not sewn as in the picture - frilling only 1 layer. Not returned just because the kind of sex the product is not refundable. / Article: IXI12527

Hello ! We apologize for the defected product, we suggest you to make exchange for any other commodity is not below cost. Send marriage, you can address: __Kyiv, New Mail warehouse No. 12, Kordybach, 0931514822 WITHOUT cod. Inform the Manager code invoice after dispatch. Thank you

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