Corset and body – an ancient invention of mankind. The purpose of a corset is to give the figure a sexy hourglass shape. Waist tightened to the limit, to accentuate the hips and create a feminine silhouette. However, since then, the corset has experienced a series of metamorphoses: it is not only fashionable, but also comfortable, it combines original design, beauty and comfort in wearing. On the one hand, the corset became the sexual object of a womans closet that can be underwear, erotic and intimate, or independent thing. It can be merged with the dress (often a wedding or formal, ceremonial), or to be worn separately as a top or a blouse. Corset - a thing universal, it can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans, creating a romantic or elegant casual style. On the other hand, it is a functional assistant of adjustment underwear, which is worn under clothing. To buy in the store Corsets, Corsages, grace, Corsetti for search queries: .

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Stylish corset under bust
Black fishnet corset with clasps at the front
Exquisite white corset
Corset black Gothic under the chest without gloves
Corset under the breast
Red leather set
Corset covered with lace
Black shiny corset
Corset zipper buckles
Corset under breast black
Corset with skirt skirt in faux leather
White laced corset with clasps at the front
Flora corset with g-string
Leather corset belt.
Strict corset under the chest with panties in set
Corset with lace
Elegant purple corset
A daring corset
Jakadofsky corset for waist shaping
Leather corset with skin-Baring cutouts
Green corset with bow
Corset with fine lace and bows
Corset cabaret with imitation belt
Sexy corset with skirt
Erotic corset with lips
Charming corset
Delicate white corset
Charming corset under the breast
Corset under breast white
Glitter corset with lace
Burlesque corset with lace
The Antoinette Corset
Lace set red
Long green corset with lace
Festive corset with print pink
Charming corset
Elegant corset
Marine corset with bows
Elegant corset
Corset with floral print dark
Luxury shnurovoy corset pattern
Satin corset with red vertical strips
Fishnet corset black
Black-and-white Polish corset
Elegant green corset with lace
Corset with camouflage print
Sexy pink corset
Stylish corset
Corset with skirt black
Corset red with zipper
Red polka dot corset with bows
Passionate black strapless corset
Red corset with wiseway and bows
Short corset with straps
Spring corset
Sexy corset
Exclusive corset in the steampunk style
Black corset for waist shaping
Corset - Military
Corset - Cherry
Corset - Skull
There is an elegant green corset with lace
Elegant corset brown
Elegant corset lace
Sexy corset with flower print
Elegant corset in black color
SALE! Corset with leopard print
Black classic polka dot corset with lace and ribbon
SALE! Corset pink
Inframammary corset
Gorgeous set with spikes
Fashion corset
Black polka dot corset is decorated with black satin ruffle
Corset with skirt in retro style
Amazing corset under the breast
Blue corset with skirt
Corset drape
Sexy black and white corset
Black corset with red elements
Classic nylon corset
A daring corset
Excellent corset blue
Stylish corset
Erotic corset
Golden corset
Elegant suit
Sexy top white
Corset with black and white pattern
Bright blue corset
White women corset pattern in black polka dot
Short leopard print corset
White classic corset with lace trim
Elegant satin corset
Black waist corset with trim
Classic luxury blue corset
Luxurious corset flag of Britain.
Green corset with fashion stash.
Corset with skirt
Sexy green corset with wet
Stylish corset under jeans with floral print
Blue corset with embroidery
Glamorous silver corset zipper
Black corset spaghetti strap
Inframammary corset lace-up and side zipper
Cream corset under the breast, slimming figure
A wonderful corset with buckles
Lace corset with black accents
Red Kors leopard print
Leather corset with Chicks
SALE! Luxurious corset with big bow
Classic corset
Negligee Dream
Erotic corset
Charming yellow corset
Stunning corset
Erotic corset
Classic corset
Corset grey Snake
Amazing corset
Sexy corset
Amazing corset blue
Beautiful pink corset
Pale pink corset
Delicious corset
Sexy corset on the castle
Corset Blue Flowers
Elegant black and green corset
Black corset with pink flowers
Corset black

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Sexy Floral Printed Women Corset
hot Power Slim Belts Fever Corset Waist Cincher Red
Shimmering corset
Red lace corset with garters
Black corset with large leopard print
Corset costume light pink
Sexy corset
XS-6XL Fashion Underbust Cordet
Black and red corset
Black polka dot corset
Sexy leather croset on wet
Sexy corset
Glamorous corset with pink skirt
Corset belt with silver pattern
Corset costume with red skirt
white lace up corset
12 Steel Bones Chic Rivet Trim Corset with Thong
XS-6XL Black Underbust with Zipper
Black corset with stripes with cute bows
Glamorous corset with black skirt
Corset embroidered with peacock feathers
Shimmering corset
Luxurious overbust corset made of vinyl.
Black and white corset with lace ruffles
Superior corset
Stunning corset
Erotic corset
Black 12 Steel Bone Brocade Vested Corset
Elegant red corset
Sexy black corset with purple ribbon
Corset - Red angel
Sexy corset
Blue burlesque corset with panties in set
Shiny purple corset with bows
A daring corset
Lace corset
Sexy corset with garters for stockings
Red and black corset
White luxurious corset with lace-up closure.
Corset large size
Stylish suit
Sexy set
Sexy Corsets
XS-3XL Sexy Women Corset
Steel bone Corsets
Blue corset
White polka dot corset with black skirt
Corset - Valentine
Sexy corset
Flirty set, decorated with lace
Sexy corset
Polish blue satin corset
Pretty corset with skirt
Salatnitsey blue polka dot corset
Sexy corset
S-2XL Fashion Underbust Elegant Corset
Purple Leopard Print 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer
Inframammary corset
Sexy Corsets
Black corset with white polka dots
Sexy corset
Bright red corset with reinforced base
XS-6XL Plus Size Women Corset
Purple corset with jacquard pattern
Sexy corset
Cute corset
Inframammary corset
Seductive corset with bows
Corset costume polka dot
Elegant corset
Gorgeous blue corset
Sexy corset with lace inserts
 Blue corset with stripes with cute bows
Seductive corset with black skirt
Corset costume with black skirt
Cream strapless corset
Leather corset with zippers mini skirt
Shimmering corset
S-6XL Sexy halter Underbust Corset
Gorgeous corset
Cute corset
Stunning corset
Black 9 Steel Bone Breathable Rubber Waist Cincher
Purple corset with chiffon panels
Satin red corset
Corset costume light pink
Sexy Corsets
Shimmering corset
Corset - Goddess
White corset with blue print
Cream corset with Leopardovy print
Elegant corset
Short corset with a cute belt
Sexy corset dress with ruffles and bows
Sexy set
Blue corset with bows and mini skirt
Red corset
S-2XL Sexy Women Corset
With made of leather corset with a wet mini-skirt
Luxurious corset with flower pattern
Stylish leopard print corset
A daring corset
Floral corset
Dark Red Strapless Brocade Bridal Corset S-6XL
Short blue corset Evelina
Apricot 4 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset
Original classic corset
Sexy set
Shnurovoy corset with floral print
S-2XL Fashion Underbust Elegant Corset
Purple ruffle corset
Sexy corset
White Jacquard Underbust Corset with 24 Steel Bones
Elegant pink corset
Sexy Corsets pink
Corset costume polka dot
XS-3XL Sexy Women Corset
Black and purple corset on wet
Stylish corset with a fluffy skirt
Elegant corset
Neoprene Corsets(XS-6XL)
Sexy red corset
Classic corset
Leopard corset
Slimming corset with green satin decor
Passionate corset with bows
Elegant corset
Red corset Evelina
Alice corset with panties in set
Stunning corset
Elegant corset
Classic shnurovoy luxurious corset.
Yellow Leopard Print 9 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer
Inframammary corset
Beautiful corset
Sexy corset
Inframammary corset
XS-2XL Sexy Women Corset
Black and white corset under the breast
Candid corset
Stylish corset with gold pattern
Betty Corset
Leather corset with buckles punk rock
Silver shiny corset with bows
Sexy corset Marilyn Monroe.
Black Real Leather Steel Boned Tight Sexy Waist Cincher
Sexy Corsets
Corset silver metallic
Sexy corset with bows
Black corset with bow
Stylish corset
Corset under bust
Black corset with pattern and bow
Corset - Rose
Blue corset with a fluffy mini skirt
Sexy corset with pink decor
Beautiful Golden corset
Pink corset
Lace Up Boned Gothic Underbust Corset Top Waist Cincher
Red corset with a fluffy skirt
Erotic corset
Black corset dress with rhinestones
Corset - Strawberry
Leather corset
Black corset - Diva burlesque
White Steel Bone Brocade Steampunk Corset Set
Black, vinyl corset
Corset Punk
Sexy purple polka dot corset
Black corset with pink deor
Sexy corset
Elegant corset
Stylish ruffle corset
Embroidered corset with lace
Elegant corset
A spectacular black corset with straps
Punk Buckled Detail Straps Full Zipper Black Leather Corset
Sexy corset with a fluffy skirt
Elegant set
Black and white corset
S-2XL Fashion Underbust Elegant Corset
Erotic corset
Inframammary corset
Black Lace Women Underbust Corset
Floral corset
XS-3XL Sexy Women Corset
Red party corset with bows
hot Power Slim Belts Fever Corset Waist Cincher Black
Sexy corset
Black Underbust Corset
Elegant corset
Seductive corset dress with pink decor
White polka dot corset with mini skirt
Pink corset with flower print
Unique ruffle corset
Greek sexy corset
Corset - Coffee
Inframammary corset
Corset - Coquette
Charming corset
The original corset
S-6XL Plus Size Underbust Corset
Satin corset
Sexy red corset with garter
Floral corset
Erotic corset
Purple corset
Leather corset with skirt
Sexy set of corset with skirt
Red satin corset
Grey tall corset
Red corset with pattern
Luxury polka dot corset with bow
Black and yellow corset wet
Floral corset
A Set Of Corset Peacock
Leather corset
Pink polka dot corset with mini skirt
Sexy corset under the breast
Gorgeous corset
White-blue corset embroidered with crystals
Orange 4 Steel Bones Latex Under Bust Corset
Stylish corset
White corset dress with bows
Corset - Tale
Sexy Women Corset
Stylish corset
Exclusive corset
XS-6XL Plus Size Women Corset
Stylish corset
Black corset
Apricot Grid Underbust Corset
Sexy corset
Corset Fiery passion
Sexy corset decorated with flowers.
Corset costume black-red
Blue polka dot corset with bows
Red corset with embroidery
Sexy set of 3 items
White corset with black print
2PCS Black Steampunk Leather Look Underbust Corset
Festive corset
Corset with collar
Stylish black and white corset
Seductive corycory
Corset - Playful kitty
Leather corset with wet miniskirt
Gothic corset Cincher
Corset with flower print
Erotic set

Tatiana: Hello. What would You recommend for bisexual oriented girls? Which songs effectively used to arouse sexual interest and attraction from women(straight) to female? As for the gays You have products. Maybe we should think about the compositions for bi and lesbians... What do You recommend?!


Hello Tatiana, we would recommend to use

Tatiana: Did you return on 12/12/2013 and still waiting for a refund. Now not suit not money( __


Ask, why didnt you tell managers about the return ? the order number, the parcel number ?

Vladislav: Wow, even cheaper than the market and with cool inscription ))) / Article: IXI0102

Oksana: The order came almost a week after the deadline, otherwise all is well. Thank you.


There are sometimes glitches in the mail, but we send all parcels the same day.

Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775


In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Natasha: when the courier brings me my order (dress), I can try, and then give money? and if it isnt working for me I can not pay for it, but simply to give?


Hello, You can refuse the goods at the time of delivery but will be charged the full cost of delivery is 40 UAH.

Lily: another good day! I ordered this lo, but at a different price? I receive it in the promised time and at last price? expect to 25x the numbers this month... before the New year to get? / Article: IXI12332


Hello, the cost of the goods will remain that at which you placed the order. Delivery expected from 27 to 29 Dec.

Anonymous: what is the melting point? / Article: IXI15871


The melting temperature of ~50 В°C.

vitaliy: Dear administration of shop I would like to know how long to wait for the order 22582. If not please inform and not be silent .


Your order was sent with a delay of a few days, expect delivery of the goods.

Para_Frankovsk: Just received the order, everything quickly and competently. In the absence of the goods, the girl wisely advised another, thank you very much. We were satisfied. Reasonable prices, all honestly, and confidentially. Will do orders in the future and recommend to others. Thanks for for Your work.


Thank You. Youre welcome.

And: Tell me what is the diameter at the handle and novania moruo her to wear under her clothes? / Article: DEL281


Diameter 5 cm, If You get then why not.

LTX: How is the lightning? / Article: IXI15506


Front to the groin area.

Natalia: Good day! Please tell me what material the dress is and whether it is short when height is 170cm? / Article: IXI11241


Hello, Material : Acrylic Spandex. Your growth will not be short.

Oksana: Thank you for your order!All quickly and accurately!

qwe: Tell me what is their diameter? Noticeable when they are inside? / Article: DEL4150


Diameter 2 cm.

Andrew: Actually, its not stockings, and socks, hardly closed knees, I relied on length as in the photo... / Article: IXI12852


Please specify the growth of the girls.

zni: If I order 2-4 inexpensive products, with Express shipping Ill pay 15 UAH or more.


The charge for courier delivery is fixed and does not depend on the number of items in the order.

Ninv: do you have shipping in Georgia / Article: IXI29137


Free mail delivery to all countries of Europe and CIS.

m3dfan: Dont know bought myself a head, I think its not good, especially if the member in diameter big. Nozzle sliset. :( But I use found, put on one thing he now, as a vibrator, for girls:) / Article: DEL95

kristina: can I order this jumpsuit how much it will cost? how to transfer money? Im in Kirovohrad region / Article: IXI860232


Prices on the website current, shipping, page, SHIPPING and PAYMENT.

Name: Why delete the order ? / Article: IXI15844


The product is no longer available.

Peter: I ordered the tracker, took it without checking, because it really check, you need to activate it by sending SMS command with password, I suspect that the password is changed and not the default (123456) or bought a working machine - the product can not use, Cam can be contacted to help in this matter. / Article: IXI24973


Hello, added user guide: manual 1 | instruction 2

Julia: Hello!__I want my photo on the poster.How to do it?


On the page

Sergey: When payaetsya product? / Article: IXI24196


after 2-3 weeks

Julia: Please accrue benefits for orders:57878,55143,55079,53766.My username sacha12345.Received a letter on email that these orders 22.06.13. attached to аккаунтveil,but no bonuses.


Bonuses accrued on the login sacha12345

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