BDSM psychosexual subculture based on the erotic exchange of power and other forms of sexual relations involving role play in domination and submission. BDSM-relationship - is, in fact, social role playing game that revolves around the element of power. Power in turn is an integral part of any human interaction. Collar — used for tying a partner, physical or moral limitations to its freedom. Also worn (and sometimes outside the BDSM-session), as a symbol of the subordinate position of partner, or the desire to obey. Most often leather, less likely to use latex and other materials. Decorated with chains, metal spikes of different lengths and sizes, rings of different diameters. Able to emphasize the fragility as a helpless slave, and the greatness of a strict mistress. Immerse yourself in the colorful and full of feelings the world of BDSM, where pain borders on pleasure and desire burning flesh. To buy in the store Collars, Clamps neck Jewelry for her for search queries: .

★ Available → Collars

Black collar for men and women
Black studded collar
Modern steel collar
Black leather collar
Modern black leather collar with a blue stone in the shape of a heart
Black leather collar with ring
Modern pink collar
Two-tone collar - unisex
Beautiful metal collar female
Black sexy collar
wide leather dog collar
Collar with nose hooks
Slave Collar
Two tone leather collar
Sexy studded collar
Leather collar
Collar for men and women steel
Black sexy collar of ecology
Black wide leather collar
Steel collar for men and women
SALE! Code collar
White mens collar
Metal collar for men
SALE! Red leather collar
Dog collar crocodile
Unique studded collar
A wide black leather collar
Black leather collar with metal chains
Black collar with metal chains
Luxury BDSM collar
Red collar
Steel dog collar with spikes - unisex
Premium circular collar
White leather collar with metal sequins
Red leather collar with chains
Modern black leather collar
Black leather set-lock
Leather collar with metal chain
Universal stainless steel collar
Collar for men and women
The collar in gold color Steel Neck Collar Adjustable
Noble leather collar
Noble leather collar pink
Red collar crocodile
Noble black leather collar
SALE! White wide collar.
Red nylon dog collar
Green collar
Blue leather dog collar
Unique leather soft dog collar
Black leather collar
Black wide collar
White leather dog collar
Black collar with a lace frill
red collar with leash
White leather dog collar
Modern stylish red leather collar
Modern red leather collar
Red leather collar
Studded leather retainer
Collar Udovolstviya
Unisex original collar
Black-red medical corset for neck Deluxe Padded
Collar with studs and ring
Collar stainless steel
Collar stainless steel big size pink
Collar stainless steel large size - white
In a collar with metal chain
Womens plastic collar
Collar BDSM chain
Classic collar with rivets
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Stainless Steel Neck Collar Adjustable LARGE SIZE BLUE
stainless steel new lock collar
Metal collar
Black collar-corset
Unisex Red Leather Neck Collar With Nipple Clamp
Unisex Pink Leather Neck Collar With Nipple Clamp
Unisex Black Leather Neck Collar With Nipple Clamp
BK collar Sili
Black collar with fur lining
Unisex heart-Shaped Leather Collars With Traction Chain
Unisex Luxury Stainless Steel heavy Duty Collar with Japanese Clover Clamps
Unisex Padded Strict White Leather Premium Locking Collars With Traction Chain
Locking Stainless Steel Slave Collars with 4 steel D-Rings
Female Luxury Stainless Steel heavy Duty Collar with Brass Lock Joints
Unisex Padded Strict Black Leather Premium Locking Collars With Traction Chain
Le Fesselset that O
Unisex Padded Strict Leather Premium Locking Collars With Traction Chain
Unisex Adjustable Stainless Steel and Rubber Sub Collar Posture BDSM Collars SMALL SIZE

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Dog collar crocodile
Collar Udovolstviya
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