The handbag is the flawless accessory in every womans wardrobe for many years. The versatility and practicality allows you to use bags in everyday and evening out. But the bags are not only women but also men , such as briefcases, which gives the opportunity to use them in business style combined with a strong suit, and also bags for belts are essential to keep money and documents more free-styles. For true fashionistas there are clutches that go well as evening and summer light dresses. There is also the possibility to purchase as the cosmetic bags of different sizes and configurations and organizers for clothes and travel bags. The variety will make you choose long. Quality materials it will please you. A rich selection of bags for the various taste of women. To buy in the store Clutches, handbags, Bags, handbags, Purses for search queries: .

★ Available → Clutches, handbags

Stylish clutch
Black and white clutch
Clutch, punk style

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Black Women Backpack
Luxurious Yellow Sequins Women handbag
Blue Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Pink Women Fashion Bag
Men Orange Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Buckle Fix Portable Navy Laundry Storage Bag
Light Blue Ladies Fashion handbag
Shirt Packing Folder Tote Green Travel Organizer Bags
Green Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Acid Blue 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Purple Women Fashion Bag
Light Blue Women Backpack
Red 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Dark Blue Ladies Fashion handbag
Purple Ladies Fashion handbag
Blue Women Backpack
Orange Women Backpack
Green 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Orange Women Fashion Bag
Red Fashion hangbags
Flower Black Women Backpack
Pink Fashion Women handbag
Light Blue Women Backpack
Purple Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Fashion Women Brown Shoulder Bag
Green Women Fashion handbag
Pink Women Backpack
Dark Blue Women Backpack
Blue Fashion hangbags
Pink Ladies Fashion handbag
Luxurious White Sequins Women handbag
Green Travel Washing Cosmetics Collect Bag
Luxurious Wine Red Sequins Women handbag
Blue Women Fashion Shoulder Bag
Black Fashion hangbags
Pink Women Backpack
Purple Women Backpack
Brown Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag
high Quality Black Printed Bag
Fashion Black Printed handbag
Purple Women Backpack
Dark BlueFashion Women handbag
Black Women Fashion Shoulder Bag
Black Women Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag
Fashion Women Blue Bag
Feather Black Women Backpack
Road chemodanchik for clothes
Black Women Backpack
Purple Fashion Women handbag
Navy 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Gray 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Green Ladies Fashion handbag
Fashion Black Printed Women Bag
Black Solid Women Fashion Bag
Luxurious Red Sequins Women handbag
Dark Blue Women Fashion Bag
Light Blue Fashion handbag
Light Blue Women Fashion Bag
Luxurious Blue Women handbag
Rose Ladies Fashion handbag
Buckle Fix Portable Black Laundry Storage Bag
Black Ladies Fashion handbag
Pink Fashion Women Bags
Purple Fashion Women Bags
Green Fashion Women handbag
Black Luxurious Sequins Women handbag
Fashion Black Printed Women Bag
Light Blue Fashion Women handbag
Black Fashion Women handbag
Green Women Backpack
Red Ladies Fashion handbag
Buckle Fix Portable Gray Laundry Storage Bag
Black 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Pink Women Fashion Bag
Grey Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Khaki Ladies Fashion handbag
Black Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag

Vik: Ring soudani? / Article: IXI14431



Name: happy 8th of March!!!thank you that you are!!!


Thank You. Always welcome.

Peter: order number 60624 and bonuses no


For bonuses You must have an account in our store, please sign up.

Andrei: and the Pope just seamless or seam is not visible? / Article: IXI35575


they are not available, they are on the priest without a seam

SS: Large and iskrenee appreciation from all the visitors of our portal! IXI.UA one of the small popular shops womens clothing on our website. We regularly receive positive feedback with gratitude are addressed to you! And all this thanks to the large assortment, affordable prices and incomparable quality. And consumer confidence means not enough). With best wishes, an Aggregator of womens clothing.

Alexander: 1. Is it possible to pick up goods yourself(pickup)? The price of delivery so increases the price of condoms, which are cheaper to buy in the pharmacy. 2. When you are in the presence of condoms masculan? Thank you.


If You are in Kiev, You can the operator to specify the time and place of pickup. About condoms Masculan specific information is not available for a long time their has not and most likely will be soon.

Daria: Hello,what is the fate of the order в„–66645???????77


at the moment zatirka at customs, if the item in a week not coming, then discontinued.

Alex: Please charge bonuses with the order No. 71388 Login alekseyvs


Bonuses accrued !

Name: Please charge bonuses ordering 73830

Anton: Good day! Ordering 99332 Paid 27.05.2017 at 11:49! The amount of UAH 172.!

Alex: Please enroll bonuses with order 67507. Thank you!



Alex: Than you can handle toys for sex (especially anal beads) before using them. Immediately after the purchase.


We recommend to wash the product with water and intimate gel or soap.

Anastasia: in which currencies can accept payments for Russia?


In rubles.

Andrew: Thank you very much! All quickly and accurately. Well done.


And thank You for the kind review.

m3dfan: Dont know bought myself a head, I think its not good, especially if the member in diameter big. Nozzle sliset. :( But I use found, put on one thing he now, as a vibrator, for girls:) / Article: DEL95

Eugene Stepanenko: My order No. 21395 were made 3 days ago and still havent called what happened to him and like him.


Communication with clients from Russia, we are only using electronic means of communication. Contact, unfortunately, You were not.

Name: The form filled out just dont delete the order / Article: IXI15844

Alex: But if the field is not noted what type of delivery I send the product?! Me will call and clarify??


With You in any case will contact you to clarify all the data.

Yuri: Hello! Very disappointed in your store, ordered one, and its the devil knows what!!! As it turns out, the Manager with whom I talked, or rather she is, and who sent me the order whether blind, whether deaf whether armless, so I communicate it proved to me that her article product number matched so everything is in order, although I came a very different product???!!! And why your store does not want to take the item back or exchange it according to the law of Ukraine “On protection of consumer rights”, Ill be on You every time, I have all invoices on hand, the number of my order # 64339. Thank you for your attention.


Hello, please sign in the situation, which product You ordered and what is received, Moslem, will exchange, no problem, the Manager will be punished.

Natalie: Want to buy this vacuum massager for Breasts.I already had this, but gave her friend, now Im without it: -(((( / Article: DEL976

Bob: and the diameter also increases or will a thin but long piece of spaghetti? / Article: Andro-P


And the length and thickness and elasticity.

Oksana: Good and fast arrangement and delivery.

MONI: As that wore his when he was tired, that she forgot. Ecstasy , almost break the toy... And the smell of it in two years even very appetites. / Article: DEL7548

Anna: Thank you for the timely delivery of the order! Product (from an assortment of creams) excellent, noticeable results. I only wish that there was another, faster, method of payment. With respect.


Thank you, You can order delivery of Autolux, in this case, the payment and delivery takes up to 2 days.

Alena: Please tell me where you can find these leggings? / Article: IXI15392


Leg warmers sold only in set with the costume.

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