The handbag is the flawless accessory in every womans wardrobe for many years. The versatility and practicality allows you to use bags in everyday and evening out. But the bags are not only women but also men , such as briefcases, which gives the opportunity to use them in business style combined with a strong suit, and also bags for belts are essential to keep money and documents more free-styles. For true fashionistas there are clutches that go well as evening and summer light dresses. There is also the possibility to purchase as the cosmetic bags of different sizes and configurations and organizers for clothes and travel bags. The variety will make you choose long. Quality materials it will please you. A rich selection of bags for the various taste of women. To buy in the store Clutches, handbags, Bags, handbags, Purses for search queries: .

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Stylish clutch
Black and white clutch
Clutch, punk style

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Dark Blue Women Backpack
Blue Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Gray 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Black Solid Women Fashion Bag
Buckle Fix Portable Black Laundry Storage Bag
Black Women Backpack
Buckle Fix Portable Navy Laundry Storage Bag
Green Women Fashion handbag
Light Blue Ladies Fashion handbag
Purple Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Pink Women Backpack
Blue Fashion hangbags
Shirt Packing Folder Tote Green Travel Organizer Bags
Luxurious Blue Women handbag
Black 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Black Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag
Light Blue Women Backpack
Red Fashion hangbags
Dark BlueFashion Women handbag
Purple Women Backpack
Grey Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Green Travel Washing Cosmetics Collect Bag
Blue Women Backpack
Dark Blue Ladies Fashion handbag
high Quality Black Printed Bag
Feather Black Women Backpack
Light Blue Women Fashion Bag
Black Women Fashion Shoulder Bag
Black Women Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag
Black Ladies Fashion handbag
Green Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Purple Ladies Fashion handbag
Black Fashion hangbags
Light Blue Fashion Women handbag
Light Blue Fashion handbag
Luxurious White Sequins Women handbag
Rose Ladies Fashion handbag
Fashion Women Blue Bag
Luxurious Wine Red Sequins Women handbag
Road chemodanchik for clothes
Orange Women Fashion Bag
Light Blue Women Backpack
Fashion Black Printed handbag
Black Luxurious Sequins Women handbag
Green Fashion Women handbag
Dark Blue Women Fashion Bag
Acid Blue 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Purple Women Backpack
Men Orange Portable Travel Bag 3-PC Set
Purple Women Fashion Bag
Luxurious Yellow Sequins Women handbag
Green 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Pink Women Fashion Bag
Buckle Fix Portable Gray Laundry Storage Bag
Red Ladies Fashion handbag
Luxurious Red Sequins Women handbag
Khaki Ladies Fashion handbag
Orange Women Backpack
Blue Women Fashion Shoulder Bag
Red 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Black Women Backpack
Pink Women Backpack
Fashion Black Printed Women Bag
Pink Ladies Fashion handbag
Black Fashion Women handbag
Fashion Black Printed Women Bag
Green Women Backpack
Pink Women Fashion Bag
Fashion Women Brown Shoulder Bag
Green Ladies Fashion handbag
Purple Fashion Women handbag
Purple Fashion Women Bags
Pink Fashion Women handbag
Navy 3pcs/Set Travel Organizers Cube Packing Bag
Pink Fashion Women Bags
Brown Fashion Shoulder Bag handbag

Natalia: I would like to know about that order No. 41087 from 11.12.2011 (al gaming body)? It will be or not? / Article: IXI15756


Hello, Yes during the week should be delivery.

arni: Cool thing, drop fat really. / Article: DEL4549

Natasha: when the courier brings me my order (dress), I can try, and then give money? and if it isnt working for me I can not pay for it, but simply to give?


Hello, You can refuse the goods at the time of delivery but will be charged the full cost of delivery is 40 UAH.

Natal: Skazhyte please how can I return their bonuses on the website cannot be seen charges?


This orders You placed not after logging in.

Andrew: what inner diameter? / Article: IXI16043


Diameter 5 cm.

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Alex: Ordering from 29.10.2010 No. 22967 arrived in the city of destination Notified 15.11 15.12 mail, but today it turned out that the parcel went back. Can you send it again to include the cost of compensation for previous shipment?


Well, as soon as we receive the parcel we will forward it to You at no extra financial cost.

Sergey: I cant surescripts


Hello, what problem are You facing?

Pereverzev Yuriy Yu.: Sorry, but I refuse the order. / Article: DEL4180


On time... the product has long been sent.

Ella: it has a slimming effect? / Article: IXI12345


It has a low viscosity.

Alexander: please list the bonuses with my order (69334) to the user login (shout)


bonuses accrued !

Devushka: About erotica on disk - very sorry UAH 35 for this crap,which immediately went into the bucket. Herere adults and buy things for themselves....and do you want to see something, and not we closed because we are ashamed....


We are the only licensed erotica. And its listed on the site!

Anton: A long time are already a customer of your store, and today went to the post office to your next purchase, I was really shocked when I took out the package wrapped in duct tape brand of your shop (IXI – a nice buy, shop the new generation, are you kidding????? Where privacy guys???? Im not scolding you, just want to say that this feature is minus your store, and a waste of money to order the tape, to everything this branded bag from the shop, I have it right in the trash! I understand that some buyers place orders for gift bag in this case it is relevant, but not for those who make purchases for yourself!!! Make the option on the website, should or should not this bag, and the tape is not on my phone!!!! )))))) In General, I love your store, great, thank you for existence!!!!


Hello! Thank you for your attention to our service. Launching a new project IXI.UA were not positioning it as a sex shop, so on-brand product is not specified anywhere anything concerning sex products. In a short time under the brand of IXI will be sold a large group of items that are not associated with sex, so if You are our customer, this does not mean that You need complete privacy. If You are against, can in the subsequent orders indicate that we sent the package in the usual way.

Julia: Please accrue benefits for orders:57878,55143,55079,53766.My username sacha12345.Received a letter on email that these orders 22.06.13. attached to аккаунтveil,but no bonuses.


Bonuses accrued on the login sacha12345

Daria: Fast payment=fast shipping. All honor to honor, no complaints. Happy with the purchase. S. SW Daria


Thank You for the review.

Lena: Hello. Please enroll me in the bonuses for order No. 71049 (1533) on this account, as at the time of implementation of the order was not registered and the order was issued to the email Inbox.


Notify Your username and enter Your account contact information.

SERGE: I thank all the employees of your company on the good work and good attitude to customers, I am especially pleased to see how conscientiously the guys are working, got the gift, very unexpected and very nice, heartfelt thank You. Sincerely Sergei.


Sergey thank you very much for such a nice review, for us is very important the opinion of customers. We will be glad to continue to delight You with our goods, products and services.

Anatoly: A huge thank you as always very fast and exact product!!!



Hello ! Of course. Will be glad to order from You.

Toljan: My wife and I bought a toy, lunch was ordered, the next morning, the parcel was taken to the office near the house. Information on the status of the order comes immediately to e-mails and on mobile. __A huge thank you!__The goods completely correspond to the description, we are very happy. Especially the wife)

Name: The form filled out just dont delete the order / Article: IXI15844

Kateryna: I like to order from such a sexy girl - courier, it has to continue to order from you! The rest - everything is OK, too! Quickly. Without surprises!


Thank You for Your feedback and Your interest in our store. We will continue to delight You with a pleasant service.

Alina: Is it in stock, Panwar SKU: ixi13244? / Article: IXI13244


Hello, under the order within 10-14 days.

Michael: Hello, please tell me can I use and what are Ben WA balls after surgery on the ovaries? Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately, this information we do not own, You should turn to a specialist gynecologist.

buthet: And without a passport is possible, and Ive lost but will be back on soon.


Unfortunately the rules mail be obliged to present a passport upon delivery.

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