To diversify your look and everyday things of silk, knitted fabrics and lace, You can try to surprise your man with sexy clothes from latex and vinyl. In this outfit You will feel more relaxed and sexier. This kind of lingerie is only for erotic games. The range of such clothing, including corsets, tops, skirts, dresses, bras, stockings, leggings, shorts and jumpsuits. Clothes from latex and vinyl, completely hugs the body and accentuates every line and curve shapes. It is therefore necessary to carefully choose the style for your body type. Dare to wear a tight leather dress or latex lingerie, and in any case You will pleasantly surprise and excite your loved one. A man will definitely appreciate this change in your manner and You certainly will not remain without attention. To buy in the store Clothing (latex, vinyl), Vinyl clothing, Duds (vinyl) for search queries: .

★ Available → Clothing (latex, vinyl)

Vinyl jumpsuit with zipper front long sleeve
Vinyl stockings black
Vinyl catsuit with long sleeves
Vinyl jumpsuit with zipper front and collar strap
Sexy vinyl catsuit
Black suit for men and women
Black vinyl dress
Shnurovoy jumpsuit with a zipper.
Costume - sassy cat
Luxury vinyl dress with zipper and lace-up
Long black vinyl bodycon dress
A fitted piece of underwear
Sexy vinyl costume with zipper
Costume cat Woman
Sexy leopard costume
Vinyl lace-up Romper
Erotic dress-mini with cutout under the bust
Sexy vinyl Romper with inserts
Vinyl sleeveless jumpsuit
Vinyl red stockings
Black platanenallee
Mini dress with accent neckline
Gothic mini dress
Vinyl bodysuit with gloves
Black jumpsuit vinyl
Vinyl mens jumpsuit
Incendiary mini dress in lace
Black suit for men and women closed completely
Sexy body suit strapless
Black long gloves
Topless vinyl jumpsuit with geprofile inserts
Long corset dress latex
Shnurovoy playsuit with daring cutouts.
Black jumpsuit with open chest.
Long vinyl dress
Vinyl jumpsuit black
Black suit for men and women with open eyes
Classic vinyl costume with zipper front
Vinyl dress with plunging neckline
Sexy dress vinyl
Sexy vinyl jumpsuit black
Shimmering vinyl dress
Frank black suit
Vinyl mini dress
Stunning vinyl dress
Black bodysuit long sleeve
Vinyl costume
One-piece vinyl costume
Vinyl breeches
Black suit for women
Black suit for men and women indoor
Frank vinyl jumpsuit
Mens long gloves
Vinyl jumpsuit with zipper back
Slinky black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.
Sexy lacquer jumpsuit with bright lacing
Vinyl dress with panty color gold
Frank vinyl costume
Leopard costume with leopard shut
Vinyl costume
Frank vinyl dress
Vinyl mini dress
Slinky sexy costume
Sexy costume with long sleeves
Vinyl costume
Vinyl dress with panty
Silver skintight suit
Vinyl mini dress
Robe - Vinyl
Black jumpsuit
SALE! Vinyl mini dress in black
Sexy tight-fitting vinyl jumpsuit
Black vinyl costume
Vinyl costume
Sexy girl with cleavage
Stunning sexy jumpsuit
Leather club dress lace-up
Classic suit under the skin
Golden stylish leggings
Mini dress with zip high neck
Silver stockings
Black slinky jumpsuit
Shikarnoe black leather dress
Gold suit
Vinyl dress with lacing front and back
Vinyl male set
Vinyl spaghetti strap leopard print
Blue mini dress with vyrezami
Sexy mini dress with Hoboken neck.
Carnival costume Queen of cats
SALE! Vinyl jumpsuit shiny blue
Sexy jumpsuit with a deep neckline on the breast
Vinyl jumpsuit
Vinyl jumpsuit
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Disco dress vinyl
SALE! Erotic vinyl dress
Vinyl mini dress with gloves
Black leather dress
Vinyl jumpsuit
Jumpsuit Crocodile
Gold jumpsuit
SALE! Grey jumpsuit
SALE! The red jumpsuit
Atixo black suit
Erotic vinyl jumpsuit
Vinyl suit - wild pussy
Sexy vinyl jumpsuit silver
Sexy vinyl jumpsuit gold
Black bodysuit long sleeve
Sexy black costume
Stimulating jumpsuit with a zipper.
Sexy dress from black vinyl
Black latex suit
Sexy costume, playful kitties
Slinky sexy jumpsuit women rockabilly
Leather suit with slits on the chest
Bodycon club jumpsuit
Club catsuit
Vinyl dress with spikes
Vinyl jumpsuit
Dress Metallic
Short vinyl mini dress
Jumpsuit - Mermaid
SALE! Jumpsuit khaki
SALE! Golden-blue jumpsuit
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid

★ out of stock / on order → Clothing (latex, vinyl)

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Sexy Leggings
Vinyl long gloves
Lace-up Faux Leather Lingerie
Modest vinyl dress
Erotic dress
Black Vinyl Sexy Women Skirt
Vinly Lingerie
Sexy hollow Out Vinyl Lingerie
Erotic jumpsuit
Mini dress
Corset costume black vinyl
Vinyl dress
Disco dress
Vinyl dress
Vinyl dress
Vinyl dress with spikes
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Vinyl Romper with lace-up back
Black jumpsuit
Vinyl dress
Sexy vinyl corset
Black long stockings
Vinyl jumpsuit
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Classic vinyl costume
Vinyl dress with spikes
Red Faux Leather Back Adjustable Lace-up Sexy Leg Wear Fetish Stockings
Sexy Women Vinyl Dress
Webbed hero Sexy Costume
Fashion Women Sexy Backless Vinyl Dress
Stylish jumpsuit
Black Sexy Wetlook Close-Fitting Zipped Pant
Sexy halter Black Gown
On Sale Leggings
Calling a black body shirt also
Sexy vinyl costume
Sexy 2 Piece Wetlook Clubwear
Vinyl mini dress with straps that cross in the back
Jumpsuit fetish
Vinyl mini dress with lowered shoulders
Vinyl dress with zip front
Vinyl Lingerie
Black Vinyl Women Long Sleeve Dress
Charming dress
Mini dress made of vinyl with zipper
Black Queen Wetlook halter Mini Dress
Sexy halter White Gown
Stockings vinyl. Black.
Hot vinyl outfit pink
Black dress - Punk
Black Sexy Women Leather Midi Dress
Vinyl jumpsuit Leopard
Disco dress - black vinyl
Jumpsuit Fugia
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Sexy dress
Black Sexy Women Vinyl Dress
Vinyl dress with spikes
Sexy vinyl costume
Sexy Faux Leather Catwoman Costume
Sexy Leggings
Sexy Wetlook Dress
Mini Wetlook Dress With Transparent Tulle
Seductive shnurovoy jumpsuit with gloves.
Black Vinyl Leather Catwoman Costume
Fantastic vinyl dress
Vinyl jumpsuit
Sexy Wet Look Club Dress
Black Wetlook high Waist Skirt
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Long Wetlook Dress Tulle
Vinyl jumpsuit
Sexy Wetlook Off Shoulder Dress
Sexy Black Wetlook Mini Dress
Black Long Sleeve Lace Vinyl Lingerie
Red dress with g-string
Sexy Wetlook Long Sleeve Dress
Sexy Wetlook Dress With Tulle
Vinyl mini dress
Erotic body
Jumpsuit Crocodile
Sexy Gothic Black Wet Look Metallic Catsuit
Black vinyl jumpsuit
Vinyl Lingerie
Sexy corset with leggings
Stunning corset with leggings
Sexy Women Vinyl Dress
Sexy Steampunk Lingerie Sets
The red jumpsuit.
Sexy Wetlook Catwoman Costume
Dark Sorceress Costume
Silver mini dress with vyrezami
Vinyl catsuit with cutouts
Vinyl costume
Vinyl dress with lace-up and zipper front
Sexy Wetlook Shape Body Catsuit
Sexy halter Vinyl Babydoll
Black vinyl combipres
Black vinyl jumpsuit
Sexy Women Vinyl Lingerie Set
Vinyl leopard costume
Sexy Black Leather Leggings Stocking
Black Sexy Vinyl Lingerie Set
Stylish jumpsuit
Stylish jumpsuit
Black Vinyl Lingerie Sets
Vinyl dress
Sexy vinyl costume
Sexy Vinyl Dress
Wetlook Clubwear Mini Dress
Black Exotic Vinyl Lingerie
Black Sexy Lace Up Pencil Skirt
Black Vinyl Women Sleeveless Dress
Faux Leather Mini Dress
Vinyl jumpsuit
Mesh Wetlook and Silver Chains Mini Dress
Vinyl lingerie
Sexy Wetlook Strapless Dress
Revealing dress
Mini dress black vinyl
Corset dress
Sexy vinyl outfit
Gothic Black Wetlook Vinyl Dress
Vinyl robe
Black vinyl dress.
Cheeky vinyl dress
- Fitting vinyl suit
Sexy Pvc Dress
A daring corset
Sexy black vinyl jumpsuit
Sexy 2 Piece Wetlook Clubwear
Costume wild cat
Sexy Black Wetlook Bodycon Dress
Elegant corset with leggings
Sexy Black Wetlook Club Dress
Black Vinyl Leather Catwoman Costume
Sexy Wetlook Lace Up Leggings
Mini dress with lacing
Back Mini Dress
Fashion Vinyl Leggings
Sexy Black Vinyl Leather Dress Backless
Sexy Mermaid Mesh Dress
The costume is a caring nurse
Jumpsuit Fetish
Vinyl min-dress
Erotic corset
Frank vinyl jumpsuit spaghetti straps
Black Vinyl hollow out Lingerie
Sexy Wetlook Mesh Club Dress
Vinyl jumpsuit blue
Jumpsuit Crocodile
Sexy Black Bodysuits With Sleeve
Black Vinyl Women Dress
Vinyl dress gloves
Jumpsuit - The Little Mermaid
Black Faux Leather Dress
Femmes Sexy Pvc Leggings
Black Leathery Wet Look Peplum Dress
Vinyl jumpsuit
Red Queen Wetlook halter Mini Dress
Stylish jumpsuit
Long Wetlook Dress With Cape
Vinyl jumpsuit with fully open cups
Sexy body
Long corset dress
Vinyl costume
Sexy Wetlook Dress With Tulle
Sexy Vinyl Dress
Vinyl gloves long
Chiffon Dress Wetlook
Sexy Vinyl Mesh Lingerie
Sexy Leggings
Stylish jumpsuit

andry: instead of ordering IXI12175, its not clear what. Such sales is not on the site.


Hello, please tell us Your order number and detail will be amazed what product You received.

Anonymous: A question about Male chastity belt CB-6000S (SKU: IXI15116) is the original one from CB-X, or the copy? / Article: IXI15116


Hello, cb-x is the same retailer the same Chinese factory as we are.

hanna: and theres a gag inside? / Article: IXI13677



Andrew: Tell me what is the difference drops Love-drops from the Drop-sex?(except prices of course) and which ones are faster?


In principle, anything a little different in different organisms they function better or worse.

Marina: necklace article ixi33371 color: transparent, blue, pink and multi-colored stones / Article: IXI33371


The order is accepted.

Eva: What is the total length of the dress ? Is it possible to order a size L? / Article: IXI22065


To place an order as soon as You send an SMS message.

Vitaly: How many capsules in a Bank? What is the term enough? / Article: DEL2815


Dosage: 2 capsules per day, in a jar of 60 capsules. Enough for 1 month of the application.

Nadia: Thank you for your promptness! all came and on time. The husband was happy)


Thank you.

Julia: Please accrue benefits for orders:57878,55143,55079,53766.My username sacha12345.Received a letter on email that these orders 22.06.13. attached to аккаунтveil,but no bonuses.


Bonuses accrued on the login sacha12345

Daniel: And have rings? what the clips then fasten? / Article: IXI14116


Rings are available.

denis: I like this extender / Article: DEL278

skandal: Hello, do you have strap-ons for women from cybercore?


Now there is nothing available.

Anonymous: if the size L , if the exhaust gas 100, 78, 98?? how long to wait for an order? is there padding in a swimsuit, so Breasts do not show through?? / Article: IXI12236


Yes, Your size L, unlined but not x-rayed.

Anonymous: Thank you so much!! The service is super!! Operativnenko! And most importantly - confidentially - goods delivered in a bag D


Thank you for your confidence in our online store. I try :)

Oleg: Thank you for the toy, I liked everything


Please. Always welcome.

Tamarochka: Hello, I place an order, but your response to me did not come...


We have Sent You the details for payment. Sending parcels to Russia only on 100% prepayment.

crazy: I have a question: stockings of vanilla stretch? Where length stockings (mid thigh or upper thigh) and some panties in the kit? / Article: IXI15718


Vinyl material is stretched by 5-10% Thong panties.

Andrei: and the Pope just seamless or seam is not visible? / Article: IXI35575


they are not available, they are on the priest without a seam

Victoria: Hello. Did not fit the size of the bodice of the swimsuit IXI122162. Can I change to some other product?


You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

Antonina: Thanks-already purchased this corset is no longer needed / Article: IXI12921


Delete Your application.

Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775


In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Oleg: Its good stuff!!! Very happy!!! / Article: IXI14081

Jura: Good day! How provide data confidentiality?


We do not disclose information about goods and activity, but personal information such as name, when sending mail we cant specify.

Enver: In thickness it increases? / Article: Andro-P


No, only in length.

Diazify: A deal to them... / Article: IXI15716


When placing the order for UAH 450. You get a 10% discount on subsequent orders.

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Waist 61-78 61-74 69-79 57-61
Hip 89-100 89-100 95-104 83-89
  S М L XL
Chest 80-85 85-92 92-101 101-108
Waist 61-68 68-74 74-79 79-86
Hip 89-95 95-100 100-104 104-112
Chest 108-112 112-117 117-122 122-130
Waist 87-94 94-102 102-110 110-120
Hip 112-119 119-127 127-135 135-150

* The parameters listed in centimeters
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping gold
SALE! Anal Love beads String, rose
SALE! Luxurious corset with big bow
SALE! Blue long vinyl gloves
SALE! Mini vibrator Fairy Tail 13.5 cm
SALE! Catheter for the urethra with swelling
SALE! Vibratory massage.for husband/vagina with fingers
SALE! Steel chastity belt
SALE! Discovery: Love lab (DVD)
SALE! Erotic costume girl nurse
Sexy dress from black vinyl
Sexy vinyl jumpsuit gold
Atixo black suit
Black latex suit
Sexy vinyl jumpsuit silver
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