All to translate into a carnival party can be found here. Bright wings of feathers can make you a real angel or to feel like a model from Victorias secret and to show your loved one the catwalk in sexy lingerie. I think it will be great delight. There are also different accessories - such as hats for a costume, for example. Or, you can incarnate into a sexy Bunny with Playboy magazine, and accessory you can buy rabbit ears on headband with chipurnoi tissue. The main thing to complete the image enhancement, which are available in our Department in large quantity. All that is needed to satisfy different tastes, with a variety of colors and a huge number of goods. Choose what you like according to taste and possibilities. To buy in the store Carnival accessory, Products for carnival, Carnival accesswrite for search queries: .

★ Available → Carnival accessory

Pen brush maid
Feather angel wings
Angel wings red
Mask of black lace
Santa Hat
Black mask
Warm fancy hat - lion
Black lace mask for role-playing games
Accessory-a sword for the carnival
Stethoscope for nurse costume for role-playing games
Feather ornament on the head
The original black mask
Overhead fingers with black nails
SALE! Santa Hat
Accessory for Halloween: fingers with black nails
Beanie rabbit
Cap mikimaus
Axe brave Viking
An axe warrior with an interesting totem
Mask Bat
Lace mask Butterfly
Charming mask
Elegant mask on the face
Lace the mask on your face
Mask Fishnet passion
Colored ears Bunny
Garter 3078
The Mask Of The Seductress
Venetian mask Paramour
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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Elegant mask - Kitty
Sexy set
Angel wings
Accessories - White angel
Stethoscope for nurse costume
Stylish set of jewelry silver - peace signs
Gothic party mask
White Pirate Costume hat with Cloak

Anonymous: Parcel received. by the way, thank you very much))) all happy!

Natalia: On the back you can? panties or Thong? / Article: IXI17111



Daniil145: Already 2 times I order from you. Everything is fine no complaints. The store is always towards the buyer(ie me). I would like to see in the future, the Ability to upload pictures for users to goods(since the real product is better than the kind from the manufacturer). And I would like to see a series of the most powerful vibrating bullets California Novels Sterling Collection. Thats all, thank you for good service)


Thanks for the useful information.

LOL: it is true that their weight more than 30 kg ????????? / Article: IXI16012


Hello, 50pcs order all 5kg.

Angelica: Tell me how long that would it come from? / Article: IXI19856


15-20 days after pre-order on the website.

Max: Ordered tower... was told to wait 1-3 weeks .......its been 6 weeks and nothing....


item (two positions), that wondering will be in stock in late October (30.10)

Victoria: On the settings 87-64-92 fit or big? / Article: IXI21904

serj: Good day, interested in:__1. Whether your office in Odessa __2. Do you cooperate with Moldova, how is delivered a product


Hello, we are based in Kiev but mail from the us CIS. Shipping cost about 15$ timing - a few weeks.

Sema: Please enroll bonuses with order No. 69154 Login SemaSTALKER


bonuses are credited !

Vitaly: Order No. 99392 paid 30.05.2017 at 17.42 from Vitaly Pilipenko

kotenok2000: Hello! Please tell me the goods from the section of underwear should be exchanged? I do not fit size(((


Hello. Exchange is possible, but we have in the office.

Alexander: Hello zakazli wife chastity belt mind if one is large then the ring m will be able to return the item.


Hello, unfortunately Erotic products, without exception, not subject to return and exchange.

Alexander: Thank you! Im happy! good store. after 1 day already got your package!

Eugene: Hello, the order number No. 21939 came to the e-mail that is sent. The mail has not yet reached!!!


Maybe You just do not received a notice from the post office, they are very often lost, it is recommended to apply with a passport at Your post office.

Vova: Very carefully, especially bright sexy encyclopedia-for example,I learned many new and interesting, be sure to let you read your partner))

Michael: Thank you,order received.All OK.


We are glad to cooperate with You. Thank You for being our client !

MUR: Ordered night the next day in the evening already brought ) the price is good and quality standards. a discount card given )) already think to buy .

korkin: Hello! Please enroll my bonuses in the amount of 5 194 order No. 74304

Light: Good stuff crazy. / Article: DEL908

Basil: please list the bonuses with order 69872 on the login hammi


Dear customers, the bonuses are credited automatically, no need to inform us about it.

Elena: This dress is not made of vinyl and spandex. I continue to ask employees of the store to take more responsibility for the description of the goods, if you cant distinguish between vinyl and spandex to find someone who can. I bought this dress and declare that the material is not vinyl. Although previously purchased goods correspond to the declared description. If you do not want to lose customers asking very clearly relate to this issue. / Article: IXI15732


Spandex - polyurethane fiber and not the fabric ! with high elongation, trade name spandex, lycra and so on. The kind of vinyl about 5 species. Specify upon order any vinyl you need or upon the acquisition and does not meet Your subspecies vinyl.

Anonymous: Cant figure out how to make a legal order.


Start ordering, then everything will be intuitive.

Andrey2003: Hello, can I get the front IXI19553 / Article: IXI19553


added second photo

SS: Large and iskrenee appreciation from all the visitors of our portal! IXI.UA one of the small popular shops womens clothing on our website. We regularly receive positive feedback with gratitude are addressed to you! And all this thanks to the large assortment, affordable prices and incomparable quality. And consumer confidence means not enough). With best wishes, an Aggregator of womens clothing.

denis: I like this extender / Article: DEL278

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SALE! Delicate kimono
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The Mask Of The Seductress
Venetian mask Paramour
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