All to translate into a carnival party can be found here. Bright wings of feathers can make you a real angel or to feel like a model from Victorias secret and to show your loved one the catwalk in sexy lingerie. I think it will be great delight. There are also different accessories - such as hats for a costume, for example. Or, you can incarnate into a sexy Bunny with Playboy magazine, and accessory you can buy rabbit ears on headband with chipurnoi tissue. The main thing to complete the image enhancement, which are available in our Department in large quantity. All that is needed to satisfy different tastes, with a variety of colors and a huge number of goods. Choose what you like according to taste and possibilities. To buy in the store Carnival accessory, Products for carnival, Carnival accesswrite for search queries: .

★ Available → Carnival accessory

Pen brush maid
Feather angel wings
Angel wings red
Mask of black lace
Santa Hat
Black mask
Warm fancy hat - lion
Black lace mask for role-playing games
Accessory-a sword for the carnival
Stethoscope for nurse costume for role-playing games
Feather ornament on the head
The original black mask
Overhead fingers with black nails
Santa Hat
Accessory for Halloween: fingers with black nails
Beanie rabbit
Cap mikimaus
Axe brave Viking
An axe warrior with an interesting totem
Mask Bat
Lace mask Butterfly
Charming mask
Elegant mask on the face
Lace the mask on your face
Mask Fishnet passion
Colored ears Bunny
Garter 3078
The Mask Of The Seductress
Venetian mask Paramour
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★ out of stock / on order → Carnival accessory

Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Sexy set
Stylish set of jewelry silver - peace signs
Stethoscope for nurse costume
Gothic party mask
Accessories - White angel
Elegant mask - Kitty
Angel wings
White Pirate Costume hat with Cloak

Karina: Please tell me when it will be, I really want this dress!!!)) / Article: IXI14591


Within 2 weeks from date of order.

Olga: When the boundary size, for example, I have extreme border M and the initial L, waist - 74, chest: 92 what size should take?


Depends on the group of goods, if the corset is better than L.

SERGE: I thank all the employees of your company on the good work and good attitude to customers, I am especially pleased to see how conscientiously the guys are working, got the gift, very unexpected and very nice, heartfelt thank You. Sincerely Sergei.


Sergey thank you very much for such a nice review, for us is very important the opinion of customers. We will be glad to continue to delight You with our goods, products and services.

Victoria: Hello. Did not fit the size of the bodice of the swimsuit IXI122162. Can I change to some other product?


You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

Oksana: Good and fast arrangement and delivery.

Anonymous: I received a order number: 19418, but no one contacted me. You can check my order or need to repeat it?


Hello, we unsuccessfully tried several times to contact You. Unfortunately this position is not available, You can choose other items, at the moment Your order is suspended and is awaiting the product, after which we again with You will communicate.

Tostanoski Vladimir: The order was received. Thank you for the good work.

m3dfan: Dont know bought myself a head, I think its not good, especially if the member in diameter big. Nozzle sliset. :( But I use found, put on one thing he now, as a vibrator, for girls:) / Article: DEL95

Vova: tell me why the order has been paid, and bonuses are not accrued?


Hello, bonuses nachinautsa after the accounts Department confirms the payment, it takes up to 2 weeks.

Anna: Thank you for the timely delivery of the order! Product (from an assortment of creams) excellent, noticeable results. I only wish that there was another, faster, method of payment. With respect.


Thank you, You can order delivery of Autolux, in this case, the payment and delivery takes up to 2 days.

Peter: Where and how can I exchange the points if all goods worth price alone ?


Make sure that You have enough bonuses for purchasing specific products.

Julia: Good evening! Chotila to return the ordered dress under order No. 67847. The dress does not fit either in size or style. The fabric is just horrible, thesenike and not quality.The product was shipped and received on 13.12.2013 for New mail . On 14.12.2013. taking the package home and tried it on and just awful. please tell me how can I return the item ????


Hello 67847! The product matches the quality and description specified on the site. You will be contacted by the Manager.

Natalia: What form immersed panties from behind and bodice Cup? / Article: IXI13264


Normal panties, Cup is.

Lily: It is possible to order IXI22613 ? / Article: IXI22613


at the moment the goods IXI22613 not available

Cavalier: How to open a zipper... from the crotch to the back...from the back down to the crotch... or in two directions...? / Article: IXI15715


In 2 directions.

Natalia: Thank you order received very happy. Happy New year!!!

Michael: To use the shop not for the first time and always satisfied with the store employees, goods and of course efficiency !!! This is the best store that Ive met in the net !


Thank you very much for the nice words.

Para_Frankovsk: Just received the order, everything quickly and competently. In the absence of the goods, the girl wisely advised another, thank you very much. We were satisfied. Reasonable prices, all honestly, and confidentially. Will do orders in the future and recommend to others. Thanks for for Your work.


Thank You. Youre welcome.

mr.M: S/M - more M, height 170-175 (160-165 will be collected). Tailoring - China. Composition: polyester - 35% cotton - 65% / Article: IXI19077


Thanks for the detailed information. Thank you for being our client!

Lyudmila: The prices are not much, but lower than in other store. The efficiency and politeness of staff are always highly valued by me. Conveniently designed website with a fairly wide range. What like best is the ease of ordering. Filled evening form, confirmed this morning I have already called and sent an order.

Basil: is there a zipper in the crotch in article IXI15729 / Article: IXI15729


Sorry cant clarify, since this product is no longer available.

Alexxx: Congratulations to all the beautiful half of the team IXI.UA on the 8th of March!Happiness,success and good mood!


Thank you, same to you.

Natalia: Kiev, Boryspil 6, kV 151 / Article: IXI12681


order accepted, thank you

Olesya: Hello. Today I received a package article ixi12306. He came in without panties as shown in the picture(there is no configuration) and pale blue-not this color as in the picture. Can I exchange it for a kit article ixi12249 with pay the difference of cost. The kit was not worn. Thank you


Hello, since November 1, 2011 we decided to follow the law and cancel the possibility of return/exchange of goods from the category underwear.

Alexander: Its very convenient, fast service is just super! Many thanks to the Manager Eugene for good advice. Website all suggest. Thank you!


Thank You for the nice review.

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