Category Bracelets combines the right accessories for beautiful women. High-quality bracelets in our shop please the buyer for its rich choice. Different themes and style bracelets will help you choose each bracelet under a certain image. Beautiful and glamorous , decorated with bright stones will make you a bright person. Exquisite bracelets are perfectly combined with evening dresses. No doubt there are bracelets not only for secular outputs. but for everyday use as a talisman. There are also bracelets which can be used not only on the wrist and a sweet and graceful legs, making her sexier and more interesting. The variety of forms gives a choice for different tastes and focusing not only on appearance and on price. The variety of the assortment make you long to choose. To buy in the store Bracelets, Wrist jewelry, bracelets for search queries: Pandora bracelet, bracelets out of rubber bands, womens bracelets, silver bracelets, leather bracelets.

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SALE! Red thread fish, lucky bracelet, 10 PCs
Shimmering bracelet
Wavy bracelet on the wrist
Outdoor shimmering bracelet with a Scorpion
Bracelet with hearts
Lace bracelet
Charming bracelet with pearl beads
Bracelet gold color with rhinestones
Quartz ladies stylish watch
Retro bracelet with rhinestones and flowers
Bracelet of thorns
Braided bracelet with stones
Twinkling bracelet with rhinestones
Woven bracelet with beads and rhinestones
Red bracelet with metallic sequins
A stunning Golden bangle with beads (brown)
SALE! Golden bracelet
SALE! Silver bracelet on the arm
Braided bracelet with cross
Two-tone bracelet with metal clasp, black / orange
Stylish wide bracelet
Silver Anchor charm bracelet
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping copper
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping silver
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping gold
SALE! Xuping fashion bangle with silver stones
Metal open bangle with flowers
Woven bracelet with cross
SALE! Fashion bracelet Xuping
Double bracelet with stones raclet
White bracelet with rivets
Bracelet with purple acrylic stones
SALE! Beaded bracelet Xuping
Delicate womens watch with flowers
Antique bracelet
Colorful watch with braided strap
Woven bracelet
Woven bracelet Pearl
A miniature watch with strap and studs
Bracelet with beads and cross
Braided bracelet with pyramid studs light green
Bracelet with strap and sequins
Fashion braided bracelet Wings
Colored bracelet with stones
Striking bracelet with colored stones
Golden bracelet with colorful woven
Charming bracelet with bow
Stylish bracelet made of beads and rhinestones
Rope bracelet with cat
Rope bracelet with ladybug
Bracelet with beads
Womens bracelet charm
Charming bracelet made of beads
Bracelet Charm gold
Bracelet with a geometric print
Bracelet with rectangular links
Womens bracelet - mother of Pearl
Wide retro bracelet
A solid bracelet with a shimmering coating
Leather bracelet - Anchor
Silver bracelet
Colorful bracelets
Black bracelet with skull
Stylish bracelet with hearts
Chain bracelet with skull
Bracelet Zmeinaya skin
Bracelet - Golden butterfly
Bracelet - Melody
Womens bracelet with pendant
Bracelet with pearl beads
A classic bracelet with a pendant
Black and gold bracelet
Braided bracelet with pyramids
Bracelet - Sea breeze
Classic bracelet - Anchor
Bracelet - Paris
Stunning bracelet with stones
Gold bracelet charm
Stylish silver bracelet
Bracelet Charm
Stylish womens bracelet
Trendy cross bracelet
Original braided bracelet
Fashion bracelet - Sea breeze
Stylish bracelet Zipper
SALE! Bracelet black
SALE! Original bracelet with beads

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!

Victor.In: Thanks for the goods !!! Shipping is super, just like on schedule. Product such as seen on the website. My wife is very happy!! Will be ordering more!!!!!


We are glad to see among our regular customers

Taras: How long can you wait for the order No. 20187 for more than 10 days have passed. Received parcels from Kiev came after 4 days and from you in 10 nemone wait.


Your order has long been processed and shipped, please contact post office. In the future, please leave contact information in the order.

Natalia: How many pieces per pack? / Article: IXI42832


1 piece

MUR: Ordered night the next day in the evening already brought ) the price is good and quality standards. a discount card given )) already think to buy .

Andrey2003: Hello, please write the size IXI46742 / Article: IXI46742


Length - 22 cm, diameter 4 cm

Alexander: 1. Is it possible to pick up goods yourself(pickup)? The price of delivery so increases the price of condoms, which are cheaper to buy in the pharmacy. 2. When you are in the presence of condoms masculan? Thank you.


If You are in Kiev, You can the operator to specify the time and place of pickup. About condoms Masculan specific information is not available for a long time their has not and most likely will be soon.

want: I have a problem cumming quickly sometimes in less than 1 min! Tell me how to fix it. Can drugs have?


Recommend MIL37.

Daria: I chose a swimsuit IXI29491 how to order?


BUY button near the product! Or fill out the form to the notification if it is not available.

apache: Was dissatisfied, acquired the item more expensive 600 UAH, asked to pack without their brand of Scotch. Finally arrived parcel painted branding. When paying with WebMoney they charged me the money for shipping, the carrier also paid. Left a very unpleasant feeling, more there I will not fly...


Hello, we have charged You on 630 UAH is the cost of the item excluding shipping, this is for the shipping You paid 1 time when you receive the item. For the Scotch apologize, packers request accidentally ignored.

Agentnikita: Please specify that kimono consists of two parts. And it came as a surprise to instead of her robe skirt and jacket. Ordering 74316. __And describe Bathrobe-kimono 22574, there is also two parts, not counting the belt?


Yes, kimono IXI22574 consists of 2 parts a belt.

Eugene: Large selection, reasonable prices,prompt service.


Thank you, I try :)

1878: The figure corresponds to the item? / Article: IXI16439


Yes, all the pictures correspond to the products submitted.

Sergey: This service is not in every store, which is a pity ((... It would be nice to add photos of the product in a gift box.


Thank you, soon we will share.

Anton: What the price on this grease you have unreasonably high because the competition for 199грн, but if you search and 150grn. And thats without the discount cards of 10%. Скажbте, buy from them... and so they did. / Article: DEL2425


The recommended retail price of the manufacturer 271 UAH.

Para_Frankovsk: Just received the order, everything quickly and competently. In the absence of the goods, the girl wisely advised another, thank you very much. We were satisfied. Reasonable prices, all honestly, and confidentially. Will do orders in the future and recommend to others. Thanks for for Your work.


Thank You. Youre welcome.

Anahit: And do you ship to Armenia?


Hello, while working only in Ukraine but are looking for transport service for sending CIS, if there are options, offer, consider...

Alexander: Hello.kaheh size stimulator prostate 47603 thank you. / Article: IXI47603


Total length 23 cm Length of the insertion part 13 cm Diameter 2.5-4.5 cm

Vika: I also love the squirts of the soul, but Butterfly I really liked it :-) Especially my young man like to indulge the console. / Article: DEL4674

Anonymous: On the website you have this toy in stock - ? / Article: IXI12979


Hello, no.

Irina: I want to order the perfume of Gabanna Dolce fragrance light blue in the original, I really like it.Tell me how the perfume like aroma to your original? And how are they persistent?? Thank you!!


Hello, 99% durability and aroma.

Valera: Two Dildo is very similar! DEL965 and DEL908-how they differ and whether the last use with the Vac-U-Lock it is visually more I like it.


They are totally different, the only difference is that DEL965 for Vac-U-Lock, and DEL908 ordinary Dildo suction Cup.

Tarek: I just signed up on the website. How do I enroll bonuses for a previous order ?


The system automatically within 24 hours will do it.

Irisha: Hello,I ordered the product,but a few days later,I received a letter that I was not able to contact to confirm the order,and I had either to call or to answer an email,I replied, but still wanted to clarify my order No. 16509 adopted and I should just order it???


Hello, Your order is confirmed, the expected arrival of the goods in the coming days, the parcel will be sent.

Stranger: Want to order but in the order no column size. Tell me how to order a dress the right size


All additional information on sizes, colors, etc. specified when ordering in the field - review.

vasiliy78: Hello.How do I bonuses tied to my account ? register after purchase.Received an SMS about the bonus - order # 55730


Ready, orders attached to the account automatically within one day after registration.

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