Well, when the skin is soft and silky, it at times require care, and then because stpaul various creams, balms and scrubs. Different smells, different skin, all collected in this section. Pick yourself the means to care for the body, and get pleasure from your beautiful skin. Every contemporary jensina dreams of beautiful hands, delicate and smooth skin, well-groomed and healthy nails. Modern beauty salons offer a wide range of services associated with beauty and health. But if you care for your hands, careful to treat them, effects like the salon, you can easily achieve on their own. In our online shop presented a large range of products. Pick a high quality cream, masks and lotions for your skin type. Be always young, whodini and beautiful! To buy in the store Body care, Lotions, oils and creams, Cosmetics for body for search queries: .

★ Available → Body care

SALE! Stretch Mark Erase cream from stretch marks and scars
SALE! Cream Smoking Smokers Skin Repair

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Massage oil WILD DANCE with pheromones, citrus-cinnamon, 250 ml.
Gentle body cream Wild Dance coconut-almond 250ml
Massage oil WILD DANCE ylang-ylang, 250 ml.
Velvet body butter Wild Dance vanilla-orange 150 ml.
Body lotion Wild Dance of ice-mint with cooling effect, 150 ml.
Body milk Wild Dance with pheromones, 250 ml.
Tampons JoyDivision Soft-Tampons Normal - 10 pieces
Body balm Wild Dance ylang-Yang with specks of gold, 150 ml.

lola: tell me, is it possible to order on demand post office. dont want the message about the delivery came to the house.


Hello, we can send the parcel to any post office in Ukraine on demand.

Myrk to: Where are the fasteners? There are in promezhnost? / Article: IXI12332


Fasteners no.

vova: You can order anal lubricant with antiseptic Anal Lube Natural?


Yes, of course. This product is now in stock.

maximusmxs: People, mark this, how soon will deliver the order IXI11633,promised in June!!!!!


Hello, within a month consumables should be available, we will contact You.

Svetlana: IXI21850 Tova sold with skirt and what is the total glenaladale


Only the corset!

Dmitry: Very beautiful lingerie, the wife loved it!)) Thank you!) / Article: IXI13748

Aida: I write the answer ? I confirmed the order 59934 and when do I reap?


Your reservation is confirmed and on Monday will be sent.

Marina: Tell me is this dress (SKU: IXI44478) 42 size. And if there are additional photos of the dresses? / Article: IXI44478


Added 4 pics in stock size 44

Irina: Got my goods fast! Quality of service and product very happy! Recommend!

Max: Funny thing.... all who asking me for saying that, and then I remain...with round eyes... the opposition on the hand is unambiguous, twist a minute at full speed is VERY I think to buy even so the counter.. / Article: IXI132133

Andriy: Confirm, good service, observance of secrecy =) and privacy. Still used couriers after hours to supply, but more active icq activity to organize - it would all gorgeous. Although this lack kompensiruet the flexibility of couriers. And so, for toys thanks.


Good afternoon. Thanks for the feedback. Flaws taken into account, corrected :)

Marina: Quickly took the order and delivered))) Thank you very much.


Thank you that you are our customer !)

Anonymous: Received in 1 day! Like everything. Gently yaleglobal. Im happy)))

Stranger: Want to order but in the order no column size. Tell me how to order a dress the right size


All additional information on sizes, colors, etc. specified when ordering in the field - review.

Basil: please list the bonuses with order 69872 on the login hammi


Dear customers, the bonuses are credited automatically, no need to inform us about it.

Elena: Thank you for the ball, ordered yesterday, came today in Kiev. Been looking for something to give her husband on Valentines day. Valentina was Today in shock from a gift, for several hours in his hand - not let go. I want to thank you for the excellent service. All quickly and at the highest level. By the way the price you have is great! We have stores these models are much more expensive. / Article: IXI10004

Anonim: Whats the diameter ? / Article: IXI0018


Its diameter is 3.5-4 cm.

Helen: Please pull-UPS with my orders order Number: No. 68265 order Number: 68265__Login Ellen emay


Bonuses activated !

Elena: IXI15542 one size (S/M) please Tell me I would not do this model,EXHAUST gas FROM ABOUT 74cm 96cm 98cm / Article: IXI15542


Is too small, You need size L, and this model in one universal size.

Denis: Thank you, all clearly and efficiently. What else do you need?


Thank you for the positive feedback.

kievbdsm: Super! thank you) me and my Lady love)) I wear for three days - when the morning erection a little uncomfortable but quite wearable! Made very high quality! p.s. Waiting for the promised updates on the assortment of gags with dildos. / Article: IXI13300


Assortment of gags updated. Maybe this gag will interest You

Alexander: I would like to know the status of the order, but do not know the order number


Your order

Anonymous: I want to say a big thank you! Today I received a parcel by courier. All very quickly, conveniently and without hassle. With respect to You, Tatiana.

Anton: What the price on this grease you have unreasonably high because the competition for 199грн, but if you search and 150grn. And thats without the discount cards of 10%. Скажbте, buy from them... and so they did. / Article: DEL2425


The recommended retail price of the manufacturer 271 UAH.

Eugene : to me very important, the exact INTERNAL diameter of the ring. because 4 cm - it can be outer diameter, then the inner will be slightly less (half a centimeter). in this case my penis into a hole barely passes. You have the ability to measure the exact inner diameter, up to mm? Thanks in advance! / Article: IXI13654


Inner diameter 4 cm 0 ml.

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