Well, when the skin is soft and silky, it at times require care, and then because stpaul various creams, balms and scrubs. Different smells, different skin, all collected in this section. Pick yourself the means to care for the body, and get pleasure from your beautiful skin. Every contemporary jensina dreams of beautiful hands, delicate and smooth skin, well-groomed and healthy nails. Modern beauty salons offer a wide range of services associated with beauty and health. But if you care for your hands, careful to treat them, effects like the salon, you can easily achieve on their own. In our online shop presented a large range of products. Pick a high quality cream, masks and lotions for your skin type. Be always young, whodini and beautiful! To buy in the store Body care, Lotions, oils and creams, Cosmetics for body for search queries: .

★ Available → Body care

SALE! Stretch Mark Erase cream from stretch marks and scars
SALE! Cream Smoking Smokers Skin Repair
Tampons JoyDivision Soft-Tampons Normal - 10 pieces

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Massage oil WILD DANCE with pheromones, citrus-cinnamon, 250 ml.
Body lotion Wild Dance of ice-mint with cooling effect, 150 ml.
Body balm Wild Dance ylang-Yang with specks of gold, 150 ml.
Massage oil WILD DANCE ylang-ylang, 250 ml.
Velvet body butter Wild Dance vanilla-orange 150 ml.
Gentle body cream Wild Dance coconut-almond 250ml
Body milk Wild Dance with pheromones, 250 ml.

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144



Basil: Ordered posters. Delivery was normal, but with a slight delay. The quality of the product great) Hope for further cooperation !)


We try to do everything that depends on us, unfortunately the speed of delivery we can not influence.

Alex: A good cream. The effect that is necessary... I have soreness the second day. / Article: INV148

РІРІ75: what he is growing ? / Article: IXI19077


160-175 cm

Daria: When to be available ? ve been waiting 38 days. / Article: IXI15720


The issue in Ukraine, entry of foreign goods into the country, significantly problematic. Wait or cancel Your pre-order ?

Eugene: I want the picture on canvas,but on their this possible? tel. t 0951050044


Yes, You can download it on the page

Igor: How are things with the order No. 56052


56052 order deleted because the customer has not confirmed it with the call Manager.

Anonymous: 59000248199781 Route: Kiev - Kiev delivery Address: Office No. 54 (up to 30 kg): Prospekt Akademika Palladina, 25A (m. Akademgorodok) Current location: Administration received 01.04.2017 15:37:26.


Closing of orders occurs within 10 days of receipt of payment.

Jaroslav: Hello,order No. 75746,when do I send?Thanks in advance


Hello ! Today expect an SMS with the number of TTN

111: prompt for men weight 68 kg height 170? and maetrial to touch what? / Article: IXI15877


Hello, Yes the size should fit, the feel is smooth, rubberized fabric.

Elena: one size (S/M) for a ring is what size


The size is adjustable.

qbanan: Already made 3 orders, all excellent. Quickly. Quickly. But, the last order I was not very happy. The descent of air from the pump was not working (it is a pity to throw away more than 200 hryvnia, and how to check if not for yourself, because only when using was faulty knob is responsible for venting).

Anonymous: Good day! Please tell me whether it is possible in Kiev, somewhere to try on swimsuits? Or order several and return the ones that didnt fit? / Article: IXI11897


You can order a few suits and try them upon delivery by courier.

Paul: Thanks for the quick response, I liked the service and speed. Only one remark: it is not necessary if the client does not know the order number, to try to clarify the order, asking what is ordered, since the list is not always convenient (the client can be in a public place or at work). Thank you for the service.


Thank you, the Manager in the first place after the number of the order had to specify full name, phone number or name and not the content of the order will control the work of operators and in the future try to eliminate this situation.

Anonymous: Good afternoon. payment made, wanted to know when will be sending? Thank you


Hello, please specify the order number

Natalia: Hello, I would like to know do I get a discount card, if the amount of my paid orders is more than 1000 UAH? And if so, how do you get it?


Hello, when the next order we put a discount card.

Oksana: Thank you.____Leggings are of good quality and size fit.

troi: when there are active payments in bonuses?


Hello, the end of the month just run.

SanctuM: Really looking forward to. The desire to fulfill the dream of one person who I care about / Article: IXI30263

Alexander: what sudiya order 58158


Expect a call operator, SUNDAY - day off.

Michael: Thank you,order received.All OK.


We are glad to cooperate with You. Thank You for being our client !


Jaroslav: Ordered it all perfectly. By the way the ICQ, it was necessary to clarify the account of the order responded within 10 minutes.

Name: order number No. 66854, it clearly didnt work in xxx, a maximum of two, and sometimes even less, little magic unicorn, waiting for an order, and the size is not suitable. / Article: IXI15844

Veronica: Hello,I would like to confirm the order No. 69032.__Another question:I dont quite understand how to pay the order.In the field of payment noted Privat24. The money will be transferred or do I have to do something?__


Hello! You need to pay money to the card Privat Bank which has been messaged to You via SMS text message. This can be done through the terminal Private Bank or Internet-Bank Privat 24.

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