Belts are one of the oldest types of accessories. They differ only in that the straps have buckles or studs to which it is fastened, and the belt is usually fastened. There are zone wide, medium, narrow and corset belts. On the form you can pick up a classic straight waist, curved strap on the figure, the notched belt of unusual shape, wide and soft belt that wrapped around the waist several times. There is also a belt and lace leather, cloth, braided rope, tie a knot. There is a composite belt and a belt from individual segments. You can choose a rigid, semi-rigid or soft belt. Belt made of genuine leather, artificial leather, fabric, metal, plastic and shoelaces. In our online store You can pick up this accessory for every taste. To buy in the store Belts, Straps and belts, Straps for search queries: .

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Black stracey m

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Yellow high heeled Shoes
Stylish metal strap

Name: Thank you for the prompt delivery, but shortages ixi 15734 (vinyl panties included)


please specify the order number and phone number.

Adeksandr: By order No. 99065 just, 16:48 11.05.17 G. Translated 435 UAH. to card via Privat24 on behalf Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich. The recipient of the order in the Dnieper, in the order form Gel Miroslav.

Alena: Hello!Please tell me, my husband and I have made a few orders, but not recorded,now we pleased with the quality. and delivery times! Can You add our orders to our database, in our office, we are already registered and want to continue to purchase in Your store. Thank you!


Hi, after check all Your previous orders are automatically added to the account for the past 2 days, thank you for your cooperation.

Natalia: Set very much! It looks great! Especially nice that it has acquired for the bonuses. This bonus system really makes the purchase doubly enjoyable. Thank you!

hdd2: 41544 / Article: IXI13302


Within 3-5 working days this product is out of stock.

Alexander: Thank you for the prompt resolution of the claim!

Ira-P: Tell the goods by mail, delivered in an opaque package? Want to order but worried about privacy.


Hello, all the goods are Packed in a cardboard box, open it, You will need to after its delivery.

Tatiana: What specific metal chains? Art IXI46818 / Article: IXI46818


stainless steel

Micah: Hello!You can buy a model of handcuffs clejuso13?


All products presented on the site.

Vadim: it is there a zipper and how it goes . / Article: IXI16452


Zipper from chest to neck and back.

Alex: this stretch vinyl or just vinyl? There are two Blanka? / Article: IXI15720


Vinyl, but has little ability to stretch. Runner 2.

Vic: How to stretch the ring,which in the testicles and the barrel??? / Article: IXI14431

Anonymous: Thank you very much for the order.

Andrew: Tell ixi48853 suitable for constant wear? And what kind of lubricant need for socks? / Article: IXI48853


This stimulator is designed for temporary stimulation.

Dmitry: What is the maximum length of the extender? / Article: IXI11648


the maximum length 14.5 cm

Alex: Please enroll bonuses with order 67507. Thank you!



Yuri: Please tell me what is indicated on the parcel in the name of the product, when ordering, payment on delivery.


When sending parcels to Ukraine, UkrPoshta does not require the inventory of the Luggage, according to the contents of the package, the postal workers dont know.

Anonymous: Thank you for the prompt delivery. Not very clear with the bonuses, on the phone the Text came that the bonus credited in your account bonus not visible.


Attached Your order to the new account.

Oksana: order number 68709


You will receive all three items. Wait for a text with the number of the waybill of the parcel.

borusik: Thank you for taken order for the purchase of goods. I really want to get a discount.

And: Tell me what is the diameter at the handle and novania moruo her to wear under her clothes? / Article: DEL281


Diameter 5 cm, If You get then why not.

Andrew : Tell me where you can see certificates of quality strapon del4164 del4167? thank you


You can leave us Your email address and we will send the certificates.

Veronica: Hello,I would like to confirm the order No. 69032.__Another question:I dont quite understand how to pay the order.In the field of payment noted Privat24. The money will be transferred or do I have to do something?__


Hello! You need to pay money to the card Privat Bank which has been messaged to You via SMS text message. This can be done through the terminal Private Bank or Internet-Bank Privat 24.

Lyudmila: ordering 66854, sizes are not true, / Article: IXI15844

Ilya: Please pull up a bonuses with order 64876 custom 68890... Thanks...happy new year! All the best!


Bonuses are credited !

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