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Color: black Material: polyester spandex For: women Weight: 0.1 kg

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Black stracey belt
in stock
Belts are one of the oldest types of accessories. They differ only in that the straps have buckles or studs to which it is fastened, and the belt is usually fastened. There are zone wide, medium, narrow and corset belts. On the form you can pick up a classic straight waist, curved strap on the figure, the notched belt of unusual shape, wide and soft belt that wrapped around the waist several times. There is also a belt and lace leather, cloth, braided rope, tie a knot. There is a composite belt and a belt from individual segments. You can choose a rigid, semi-rigid or soft belt. Belt made of genuine leather, artificial leather, fabric, metal, plastic and shoelaces. In our online store You can pick up this accessory for every taste. Buy in stores Belts, Straps and belts, Straps for search queries: belt buckle, braided belt, slim strap at the waist, gjzc, htvtijr.


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