Funny and erotic strings for friends and loved ones, of very high quality. Manufacture: Italy. A practical gift for corporate and group holidays. Funny aprons for men and women will help you diversify your life. Original aprons are as always welcome. So you had the mood to cook, and after coming home, immediately went to the kitchen, our online store offers you to buy the original apron. You can buy an apron that will fit and appeal to you. It diversifies the process of cooking your beloved dishes, and will give you lots of positive and fun. If you happy and cheerful person with humor, and you are surrounded by the same people, your work colleagues, friends, loved ones, relatives, you can feel free to buy them an apron as a gift, hed cheer up, and you will always be remembered looking at him with a smile. To give an apron, absolutely for any occasion, February 14, February 23, March 8, birthday, the apron thing is universal and will fit both men and women. The apron is a very useful element in your kitchen Arsenal, it not only adds a little spice to your image, but also help to protect your clothes from dirt and various stains. Wash it, also is quite easy, the main thing, its not very hot water, in opposite cases, your apron will lose their appearance and deteriorate. To buy in the store Aprons and strings, epic strings, Aprons with funny for search queries: .

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SALE! Erotic apron - the Bodyguard / Bodyguard
SALE! Erotic apron - sex Salad / Tomato and basil woman
SALE! Erotic apron - Sex bomb / Sex Bomb
SALE! Erotic apron In a wet t-shirt Miss Wet T-Shirt
SALE! Erotic apron - a Girl spy / Spy Girl
SALE! Funny apron - Man with a carrot / Sexy man Boteros style
SALE! Erotic apron - New Golf club / Golf apron
SALE! Erotic apron Mini man Mini man
SALE! Erotic apron - married 2 / Just Married Domestic Works Woman
SALE! Erotic apron - Girl with guitar / Sex drugs
SALE! Funny apron - its Time to act / Time to make love
SALE! Erotic apron - Apron with a surprise female / Single little love
SALE! Funny apron - Skeleton / Skeleton
SALE! Erotic apron - Leonardo / Leonardo da Vinci
SALE! Erotic apron - Baseball / Baseball
SALE! Erotic apron - do not Pass / Do not enter
SALE! Erotic apron - Jelaniya / Personalizable White Board Man
SALE! Erotic apron - Jelaniya / Personalizable White Board Woman

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!

Olga: Is it possible the product to see/feel?


Unfortunately, only on delivery.

ya: check / Article: DEL4257

Alena: Tell me,please, if I order this swimsuit, during which time he will be back in stock? / Article: IXI11870


In the next 2 weeks.

Oleg: I want to buy a sex machine machine gun article IXI13496. You can ask for more photos of this machine, pics and sizes of nozzles. Is it possible to install other attachments if those that are included will not fit. / Article: IXI13496


Hello, added at Your request, a few pictures additionally. Supplied with 2 nozzles to choose from.

Jura: Question to administrator: How to unsubscribe?


In the letters from the bottom there is a link to unsubscribe.

23: enable the photo gallery due to this, the website is useless - and why should I each time opens a new window.


Thank you for your comment, we have long wanted to improve this function.

Victoria: whether it will be for growth 175 / Article: IXI122455


Yeah, thatll work.

Oleg: Ordered, very quickly delivered. Tried - liked it. And most importantly the wife is now very happy! (He immediately took away all the keys and spatula) :-))) / Article: IXI13973

Yuri: Please tell me what is indicated on the parcel in the name of the product, when ordering, payment on delivery.


When sending parcels to Ukraine, UkrPoshta does not require the inventory of the Luggage, according to the contents of the package, the postal workers dont know.

Antonina: Thanks-already purchased this corset is no longer needed / Article: IXI12921


Delete Your application.

arni: Cool thing, drop fat really. / Article: DEL4549

Dmitry: whats the fit?what is the length on the outer and inner seam? IXI12773 / Article: IXI12773

alex: SKU: IXI11647 and they really help? there are instructions / Article: IXI11647

Anonymous: how many batteries in 44775 / Article: IXI44775


In this model, the battery and the power supply 220.

Michael: Hello, I pointed out instead of home. demand, this option is suitable?


You can instead specify a demand but provided a postal code.

Elena: Do you have decoration REN200508? Courier delivery in Kyiv is open on Saturdays?


Unfortunately they are not in stock, Saturday delivery is available upon request on Friday and the fare is slightly higher - 30 UAH.

Sergey: You really increase the member and how much? / Article: DEL2815

Marina: Managers are going to meet. Signalled the arrival on the stock of missing items from the order, held at the warehouse of already paid goods, combined into one several of my orders. In the end, I fell under the share, free shipping cost discount card with 10% discount in gift. Seriously, cherish every customer. Recommend.


We are glad to have brought You the pleasure of working with our store, thank You for being our client !

Alla: The product is slightly different in appearance from that on the picture. Ordered through a friend vibrator Man Size - sent White Bombastic, and in the photo the difference is noticeable. Even in color.__And so it is very convenient to order and pay, plus very prompt shipping! All the advice!


Most likely this position was not available and Your friend operator offered a replacement, thanks for the feedback about the service.

Andrey2003: Hello, could you tell me the dimensions IXI48342 / Article: IXI48342


Length 8, diameter 3

Irina: Why to remove? Cant do my normal job..


Hello Irina, not one opinion of our visitors has not yet been removed.

Alexander: Thank you! Im happy! good store. after 1 day already got your package!

Olga: Very happy, pleased with price and promptness in delivery, would recommend... Thanks!


We made it a rule to send the goods the day of order.

Karina: Please tell me when it will be, I really want this dress!!!)) / Article: IXI14591


Within 2 weeks from date of order.

Peter: I ordered the tracker, took it without checking, because it really check, you need to activate it by sending SMS command with password, I suspect that the password is changed and not the default (123456) or bought a working machine - the product can not use, Cam can be contacted to help in this matter. / Article: IXI24973


Hello, added user guide: manual 1 | instruction 2

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