Funny and erotic strings for friends and loved ones, of very high quality. Manufacture: Italy. A practical gift for corporate and group holidays. Funny aprons for men and women will help you diversify your life. Original aprons are as always welcome. So you had the mood to cook, and after coming home, immediately went to the kitchen, our online store offers you to buy the original apron. You can buy an apron that will fit and appeal to you. It diversifies the process of cooking your beloved dishes, and will give you lots of positive and fun. If you happy and cheerful person with humor, and you are surrounded by the same people, your work colleagues, friends, loved ones, relatives, you can feel free to buy them an apron as a gift, hed cheer up, and you will always be remembered looking at him with a smile. To give an apron, absolutely for any occasion, February 14, February 23, March 8, birthday, the apron thing is universal and will fit both men and women. The apron is a very useful element in your kitchen Arsenal, it not only adds a little spice to your image, but also help to protect your clothes from dirt and various stains. Wash it, also is quite easy, the main thing, its not very hot water, in opposite cases, your apron will lose their appearance and deteriorate. To buy in the store Aprons and strings, epic strings, Aprons with funny for search queries: .

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SALE! Erotic apron - the Bodyguard / Bodyguard
SALE! Erotic apron - sex Salad / Tomato and basil woman
SALE! Erotic apron - Sex bomb / Sex Bomb
SALE! Erotic apron In a wet t-shirt Miss Wet T-Shirt
SALE! Erotic apron - a Girl spy / Spy Girl
SALE! Funny apron - Man with a carrot / Sexy man Boteros style
SALE! Erotic apron - New Golf club / Golf apron
SALE! Erotic apron Mini man Mini man
SALE! Erotic apron - married 2 / Just Married Domestic Works Woman
SALE! Erotic apron - Girl with guitar / Sex drugs
SALE! Funny apron - its Time to act / Time to make love
SALE! Erotic apron - Apron with a surprise female / Single little love
SALE! Funny apron - Skeleton / Skeleton
SALE! Erotic apron - Leonardo / Leonardo da Vinci
SALE! Erotic apron - Baseball / Baseball
SALE! Erotic apron - do not Pass / Do not enter
SALE! Erotic apron - Jelaniya / Personalizable White Board Man
SALE! Erotic apron - Jelaniya / Personalizable White Board Woman

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Weird Chicken over Rude Apron

Daria: Hello,I would like to know how soon will come the order No. 66645??

Les: Hello, parcel received, thank you so much for your promptness and service!

Alex: Than you can handle toys for sex (especially anal beads) before using them. Immediately after the purchase.


We recommend to wash the product with water and intimate gel or soap.

Onischuk: please list the bonuses with my заказа68957на ordering 69475


please tell us your registered username ?


sanya: And older women work? / Article: DEL2590


The drug acts on all women.

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Anonymous: How fast in Kiev, I will receive my order?


Courier delivery on the same day. Complete privacy.

Novel: Found in the store what I was looking for and, by the way, at very competitive prices. Thank you.

Irina: Im 14-but the number has received an order 66413 and Paid for it,today is the 16th, and the bonus is not credited???why?


Hello, we have not received payment for Your order, cash on delivery we receive in 3-5 days.

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Anonymous: A question about Male chastity belt CB-6000S (SKU: IXI15116) is the original one from CB-X, or the copy? / Article: IXI15116


Hello, cb-x is the same retailer the same Chinese factory as we are.

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Garlic: Funny thing) for 3 years Polous. The batteries on half a year is enough. / Article: IXI501267

Victoria: Hello. Did not fit the size of the bodice of the swimsuit IXI122162. Can I change to some other product?


You can place a new order and send the goods to the warehouse for new mail to your return address.

YURRA: tell me if I filled out my name when ordering and will accept the sister - is that a problem? and yet, if I ordered a courier delivery to your door in Odessa the payment on hands to the courier is available?__


In the case of courier delivery, no matter who gets the goods, and in all other, strictly individual.

Toljan: My wife and I bought a toy, lunch was ordered, the next morning, the parcel was taken to the office near the house. Information on the status of the order comes immediately to e-mails and on mobile. __A huge thank you!__The goods completely correspond to the description, we are very happy. Especially the wife)

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Hello, please inform order number. Option 2: any item pulled postmen or wrong sealer and put the goods in the parcel. In any case, the product we will send again.

Inna: why dont you answer telephony call?? I did return the two dresses. 29.12.2012, you had to take it 31.12.2012.. when I see your money on the card, for returned dresses that I did not come????


Hello, the mode of operation of the store from 10 to 18. Weekend 30, 31, 1. The Manager will contact You and settle Your question.

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Good day, we will call you back and inform details of goods return.

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