Anklet can look quite elegant on a young woman or girl. This accessory gives the feet an elegant harmony in accordance with the appropriate style of clothing. The secret of seduction consists in the proper choice of bracelet for legs, and the ability to wear it. Selection of anklet bracelet to taste the particular woman will be an individual matter. The owners of broad ankles can recommend massive crochet toe ring barefoot sandals. Slim ankle you can decorate both the broad and narrow uncletom, focusing on elegance or grace. Girls from Eastern countries wore jewelry from both legs, the sound of links of the flexible bracelet or attached to a solid uncletom bells, they performed accompanied by dance. Its safe to say that today ankley do not carry ideological content and are a common ornament completes the look. To buy in the store Anklet, Anklette On legs for search queries: .

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The bracelet on the leg
Crochet toe ring barefoot sandals in Roman style
Diamond ornament crochet toe ring barefoot sandals
Anklet orange knitted

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Вы можете оставить предзаказ без предоплаты на любой товар, и мы очень постараемся поставить его в течении 2-3 недель!
Shimmering embellishment on ankle
Decoration on the foot heart

Oksana: The view from the back / Article: IXI31549


Image only those represented on the website, additional pictures.

Music: I want to try with a girl, strap on(double) help in the selection.


The quality of all strap-ons are almost identical, see for yourself, here it is for external shapes and sizes which will attract more members, specifically to You, and worth taking.

olpy: Suit SS1908 SS1912 awesome! very pleased and husband loved it))

Anya: Latex lingerie is very sexy!

aneli: please enroll bonuses for ordering 73586


bonuses accrued !

XXXL: Hello, actually, please advise me a tool to initiate and enhance erection i.e. suitable for men and women... preferably of the drop.


RUF106 - generic drug.

Anonymous: I cant pay in PrivatBank and any other Bank?


Yes, You can pay at any Bank.

Ann: And I have one... funny thing... Shine brightly and the size is super... but a little harsh and the lid came loose - when washing, little water falls :)__ / Article: DEL90

Toljan: My wife and I bought a toy, lunch was ordered, the next morning, the parcel was taken to the office near the house. Information on the status of the order comes immediately to e-mails and on mobile. __A huge thank you!__The goods completely correspond to the description, we are very happy. Especially the wife)

Name: The form filled out just dont delete the order / Article: IXI15844

Vik: Ring soudani? / Article: IXI14431



Name: Order No. 66854, not the three xs, maksisum two or even one x, the dimensions do not correspond to the writing, / Article: IXI15844

Anastasia: Hello. Lost your discount card. Is there a way to restore it?


The number of Your discount card ****.

LazyLoneLion: Will credit me, please, 2499 bonuses for order No. 74767

Oleg: Great store!!! Pleases a large selection of goods! Keep it up!!!


Thank you, daily adding new products.

apache: Was dissatisfied, acquired the item more expensive 600 UAH, asked to pack without their brand of Scotch. Finally arrived parcel painted branding. When paying with WebMoney they charged me the money for shipping, the carrier also paid. Left a very unpleasant feeling, more there I will not fly...


Hello, we have charged You on 630 UAH is the cost of the item excluding shipping, this is for the shipping You paid 1 time when you receive the item. For the Scotch apologize, packers request accidentally ignored.

Stas: Made the order 08.04, the next day received a parcel in the Department of New Mail. Quality product, prompt delivery. Thank you. / Article: TOY9144



Alina: I bought perfume oil-based and do not regret it, cheap and very pleasant smell, waiting for the result!


The result will not keep itself waiting

Svetlana: IXI21850 Tova sold with skirt and what is the total glenaladale


Only the corset!

Oksana: Twice I ordered the overalls.Came different quality.called asked how to find out what will happen this time.The girl does not know what sells!The answer SHINY as in the picture.but nothing in the picture is latex?


Hello ! Latex we have in the store is not for sale and never sold. Please specify the order number?

ky: Good day! tell me all vaginalanal expanders tube for inflating the air located in the butt? is there a model for invisible wearing under clothes?


Hello, unfortunately all the presented models, the handset is in the end product.

Oleg: I want to buy a sex machine machine gun article IXI13496. You can ask for more photos of this machine, pics and sizes of nozzles. Is it possible to install other attachments if those that are included will not fit. / Article: IXI13496


Hello, added at Your request, a few pictures additionally. Supplied with 2 nozzles to choose from.

Olga: Thank you very much ! Everything came in safe and sound ) join the range and will definitely continue to cooperate with you ! P. S. but the speed still improve

Tatiana: Have used one time services like prompt delivery and festive packaging :) Left a good impression.

Natalie: Want to buy this vacuum massager for Breasts.I already had this, but gave her friend, now Im without it: -(((( / Article: DEL976

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